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Sunday Sun Day Volume XXII: Sundriven Age Defying UV Gloves | Review

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While the weather may be cooling, the need for sunscreen and protective clothing certainly has not waned. This fact may be more obvious in temperate climates, but it remains true for all of us. Much of the sun damage we sustain is a result of unprotected skin that is inundated by the rays of the sun while we drive, and I have learned this lesson firsthand. I have long wanted to try clothing with SPF protection, and now thanks to Sundriven I am doing just that. Their Age-Defying Gloves offer premium protection while I drive, and I am truly grateful given the amount of driving that I drive in Southern California.
 According to Sundriven,

Go anywhere, do anything with these all weather gloves. Sundriven® gloves not only protect your hands from sun damage, photo-aging and skin cancer but they also keep your hands happy and youthful looking.Prevent premature aging, collagen breakdown and dark spots.

Sundriven® gloves are made to stretch and conform to your unique hand shape and size, we guarantee they will fit and feel amazing. Have the hands you always wanted, Sundriven gloves are so lightweight and ultra comfortable it’s almost like a second skin.

Product Claims:
  • Preserves Skin’s Youthfulness, Luminosity, Smoothness and Elasticity 
  • Prevents Dark spots, Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Collagen Breakdown, Hyperpigmentation and Hypopigmentation, Dullness and Sallowness
  • Restores Elasticity, Firmness, Radiance, Clarity and evens Texture and Tone
  • Regulate: Hand temperature, keeping you cool in hot weather while absorbing 50% more moisture than cotton or synthetic fibers while releasing excess moisture into the air. 
  • UPF/SPF 50+  98% Effective Blocking UVA/UVB rays.
Year-around exposer to the sun’s UV rays causes 90% of the visible signs of aging. Sundriven® UV Wear protects against skin cancer, free-radical damage & premature aging while reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. Using Sundriven® regularly will restore your skins radiance & beauty. Scientifically advanced botanical fibers absorb excess moisture and release it into the air to regulate body temperature while keeping your skin nice and happy in any weather. Our botanical, eco-friendly & anti-bacterial fabric is ideal for sensitive skin and has an ultra-smooth luxurious feel.
Original Gloves

The fabric is silky smooth and soft, and it feels luxurious against the skin. During the warm weather skin feels comfortable and cool, but during the colder weather the gloves keep hands warm. On long drives skin remains protected from the damaging rays of excessive sun exposure, and hands remain very comfortable both in terms of temperature and the feeling of the material against the skin. 

Sundriven products are ingeniously conceived as they take into account so many aspects of modern life that require consideration. For instance, Sundriven Gloves are touchscreen optimized-- meaning that they work "on all touch screens, including your iPad and iPhone." Furthermore, they are moisture absorbing, have anti-bacterial properties, they offer temperature control, they are eco-friendly since they are made from sustainable materials, and the botanical fibers used are gentle on sensitive skin. They are soft and luxurious in feel, and are very comfortable to wear. They are, in a word, fantastic!
Color: Stone Taupe
The fit is snug and very comfortable.
Long Gloves

While the Original Gloves are well suited to shorter trips, the Long Gloves are a better choice for longer drives, and whenever more coverage is desired.
Color: Plum
Overall Assessment: These are amazing gloves, and they now permanently live in my car. I am so impressed by Sundriven that I want to try their stylish Millie Wrap and Ella Endless Scarf! This is a company well worth your attention, and if you seek UV clothing you will be delighted by Sundriven's luxurious and stylish products.

Small Gloves $34.00 and Large Gloves $38.00 available from Sundriven (Unaffiliated Links).
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Stock photographs courtesy of Sundriven.
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  1. You are right! It seems a comfortable one to wear. Will check on this one.

    1. Hi Alice! They are definitely wonderfully made and very comfortable to wear! I highly recommend them! :-)


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