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Artist Touch New York Mascara: For the Look of Falsies Without the Effort | Review

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Ordinarily I don't spend much time thinking or writing about mascaras, but when I find one that stands out it is definitely worthy of discussion. Artist Touch New York Mascara was created by a makeup artist who sought the look of luscious thick and long lashes that mimicked the appearance of false lashes without all of the time and trouble necessary to apply them. Furthermore, unlike many commercial mascaras, with their chemical-laden formulas, Artist Touch New York Mascara is filled with lots of lash-friendly conditioning ingredients that actually treat the lashes. Lashes look amazingly full, long and gorgeous! This is undoubtedly an impressive mascara that will give you cause to bat your lashes!

Not only does this mascara deliver on its claims to create beautiful long and full lashes, but it also has tremendous staying power. Once applied it stays put until you remove it, and I use a dual-phase makeup remover to to get every last bit of this resilient high performing formula. It's both catwalk and office ready!
According to Artist Touch New York,

Artist Touch New York Mascara is the ultimate secret to have the false lash look. It is designed with an innovative treatment formula, enriched with vitamins and natural ingredients that create the blackest lashes and most dramatic volume, length and curl. Its unique miracle brush thickness lifts lashes from root to tip with an instant eye opening effect. Artist Touch New York Mascara is a treatment and mascara in one. It contains major natural ingredients that enhance lash growth. Artist Touch New York mascara is the ultimate secret to have the false lash look.
Main Ingredients: Vitamin B5, Arnica Montana Flower Extract, Camellia Oleifera Leaf Extract, Ginko Biloba Leaf Extract and Algae Extract.
Ingredients (Click to enlarge):
Overall Assessment: Artist Touch New York is a very impressive mascara, and it can go from subtle to full-throttle lashes with a simple stroke of the wrist! Very well done, indeed.

$23.00 from Artist Touch New York (Unaffiliated Link).
Artist Touch on Facebook.
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  1. I love learning about new mascaras. Thanks for the intro.

    1. My pleasure, Marcia! This really gives you crazy long lashes!

  2. Thank you sooo Much to Lola Seicento for the Introduction Of Artist Touch New York Mascara
    And Loving My product
    You are the Best Beauty Blogger ever
    Beautiful Ladies Buy your Amazing False Lash Look Mascara on line Today Free Shipping
    Thank you so much

    1. Absolutely my pleasure, Nazzi! You have definitely made one seriously amazing mascara! Thank you for your very generous and kind words! <3

    2. did the website just recently launch? it seems that the links at the bottom of the website such as the faq and list of stores are not active?

    3. Hi Chia-Yi, No it's not a new website, but it was recently updated. I will get in touch with Nazzi to let her know that her webmaster didn't add the links! Thanks for catching that-- I'm sure she will appreciate it! :-)

    4. Dear Chia-Yi , Sorry for Inconvinence for techinal problem , the links on the bottom on my website is back to Normal , and its working Great Now
      Thank you so much for Catching that when it was not working , Please let us know if u need Anything else you want us to provide for you :)

    5. Hi Nazzi! Thank you! I was just about to email you to let you know! Hope to see you soon! xoxox


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