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Sunday Sun Day Volume XVIII: Karin Herzog Oxygen Sun Cream | REVIEW

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Karen Herzog has a very interesting line of oxygen-based skincare products that are formulated "with stabilized active oxygen, which acts as a rocket booster, propelling essential nutrients to the collagen producing cells."

According to the company,

Our revolutionary skin care line was founded over 40 years ago in Switzerland by Nobel Institute honoree Dr. Paul Herzog. We are still run by the Herzog family today and all of our prodcuts are produced in our lab in Switzerland.

Karin Herzog Oxygen Sun Cream is one of the most interesting and novel products that I have used in quite a while, and I have to say that I am quite impressed by its efficacy! While I am not neither one to sunbathe, nor am I apt to seek out a tan at all-- sun exposure is inevitable living in Southern California. Despite my efforts to avoid tanning by slathering on sunscreen, I do end up getting darker during the warmer months of the year.

When I initially tested this product I followed the directions carefully by applying it prior to sun exposure, and of course I applied my regular sunscreen. Then I went about my day-- which included some gardening, running errands, and going for a walk. What I immediately noted was the fact that Oxygen Sun Cream left my skin incredibly moisturized, and it remained so all day long. I continued using Oxygen Sun in conjunction with my daily sunscreen for a few weeks, and after repeated exposure to the sun I noted that the tan that I did receive was very even in tone, and lasted longer than it normally would have. Of course my color didn't deepen as much as it could have because I am vigilant about protecting my skin from excessive sun exposure, and because getting a tan is something that I avoid, rather than seek out.  Therefore your experience may be far more radical than mine (if you seek a tan). Nevertheless, I am quite impressed by the efficacy of this product. I also would urge you not to use Oxygen Sun Cream in lieu of a sunscreen-- as this product is not intended to be used as a sunscreen.

According to Karin Herzog Oxgen Sun Cream is,

Deeply hydrates the skin to accelerate and maximize tanning while enhancing the benefits of sun protection creams.

It is formulated with Dr. Herzog’s patented active oxygen formula to help strengthen and protect the skin from the harmful effects of prolonged sun exposure.

Use prior to sun exposure to optimally hydrate the skin and support melanin production. When used with a regular SPF cream, the oxygen penetrates the skin, supporting a “healthy” even tan while minimizing burning, peeling and blistering. After sun exposure, the cream will rehydrate the skin preparing it for another day in the sun.

Oxygen Sun is not a sunscreen and depending on the skin type, additional UVA/ UVB protection should be used. It is a perfect after-sun product. For best results, apply with a brush in order to avoid absorption of active ingredients through the fingertips.
Ingredients: Aqua, Petrolatum, Glyceryl stearate, Paraffinum liquidum, Stearyl alcohol, Cetyl alcohol, Polysorbate 80, 1% Hydrogen peroxide, Octyl methoxycinnamate, Tocopheryl acetate, Parfum, Salicylic acid.

Overall assessment: This is a highly effective deeply moisturizing cream that leaves skin soft and supple, and it promotes a more even and long-lasting tan when used as directed with a sunscreen. I love how soft and moisturized my skin feels when I use this cream. I am also surprised that my limited sun exposure yielded a more even and longer-lasting tan after using Oxygen Sun Cream.

$55.00 for 5.2 oz. from Karin Herzog, Dermstore & Skin Care RX (Affiliate Links).

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