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By Terry Ombre Blackstar Color-Fix Cream Eyeshadow in Bronze Moon | REVIEW

 Purchased by Me (Affiliate Links)

I love cream shadows, and I love By Terry products-- so putting these two things together into one creamy eyeshadow is the stuff that dreams are made of for this particular magpie. 
The By Terry Ombre Blackstar Color-Fix Cream Eyeshadow formula is long-lasting, budge-proof and smudge-proof the from the moment that it sets until the time that you remove it-- and that is no joke! I have to use a duo-phase makeup remover to remove it! However, if you have particularly oily lids your wear-time may vary, and you may find the need to use a primer. 

I selected Bronze Moon because this is the type of shade that I can never resist-- it is the perfect neutral and infinitely wearable bronzey taupe shade. It has gorgeous refined shimmer that brightens the eyes without over-doing it. 

The luxurious texture is creamy and buttery soft lending itself to effortlessly gliding across the eyelids without incident. That said, you do need to blend it out rather quickly since it won't budge once it sets. Unlike some long-wearing cream eyeshadows that seem to tug on the lids once they dry, an uncomfortable situation that I really dislike, By Terry Ombre Blackstar Color-Fix Cream Eyeshadows feel natural on the eyelids without any discomfort or pulling. When I apply it in the morning before leaving for work, it remains steadfastly in place without cracking, peeling, fading, transferring or smudging until I remove it. I have worn it from 7AM until Midnight before, and it looked as it did when I applied it! I find this remarkable!

The pigmentation is sensational, and is matched by the overall high quality of the product. Bronze Moon is the perfect stand alone shade that is at once elegant and perfect as a wash of color accompanied only by eyeliner and mascara. It's as close to a fuss-free swatch and go shade that I could  hope for!
According to By Terry the Ombre Blackstar offers,

A flawless, buildable, light-reflecting eye shadow that delivers instant lift and radiance.
Formulated with Tahitian Black Pearl, By Terry’s Ombre Blackstar provides luminous color for lusciously smooth lids with just a single stroke of the easy-to-use pen applicator. Its smudge and smear-free formula instantly airbrushes out skin creases, delivering light-reflecting radiance that acts as a rejuvenating lift for the eye area. Incredibly easy-to-apply, this luxuriously creamy eye shadow boasts supremely buildable coverage that’s perfect for creating a dramatic smoky eye, while adhesive polymers provide a color-fixing effect that means your makeup stays impeccably fresh all day long.
Note that the color modulates when captured by the sun.
The multi-colored shimmer gives Bronze Moon a chameleon-like quality that gives this eyeshadow greater dimensionality. Therefore, the color does seem to shift as it is captured by the sun.
The neutral shade makes this color a good one for a wide variety of complexions.
        Bronze Moon can be sheered out for the perfect wash of color, or build up to maximum opacity.
Heavier-handed application darkens the overall effect of Bronze Moon.
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Overall Assessment: Absolutely, positively stunning! The quality is exemplary, the wear-time is outstanding, and the color is utterly gorgeous! That said, the price point is quite high-- therefore I'm not likely to collect every color.

$43.00 & £28.00 for 0.04 oz./1.2 g from Space NK US, Space NK UK and Barneys New York (Affiliate Links).

Purchased by me. All views expressed are categorically my own.
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  1. I got this recently and I haven't been able to keep my hands off it! In fact, I wore it just yesterday :) I'm so glad there aren't that many shades in the line-up at all, and not many that I still want. Otherwise, my wallet will be in very big trouble!

    1. Hi Sunny! LOL-- I wore it yesterday as well-- I'm so in love with this things, and like you can barely keep my hands off of it! The cost is the only downside! I really wish that it was more affordable. Like you said it's a good thing that there aren't many colors, and that few are must-haves for me! My wallet would be in very big trouble as well! Enjoy the rest of the weekend! :-)

  2. that is very pretty, helen. oddly enough, i have been using a nars pencil in a very similar shade all summer. then again, i've come to think that there are no real coincidences in our choices -- they are quite similar. one thing to try with that color shadow is a navy liner. again, it is what i've been doing much of the summer but the reason to do so is color theory. you and i have very similar coloring -- fair skinned (although i have warm undertones), hair trending red and green eyes. the color of this shadow, paired with a navy liner (it's relative opposite on the color wheel for makeup) will complement each other and make your eyes appear to be a stunning green. it works very much the way purples/plums do to emphasize the eyes. check it out, if you have not already.

    and now you know the whys and wherefores of my desperate search for the perfect waterproof navy liner ... to pair with the nars bronze chubby pencil :) i love the combination. the navy liner trick will also work with brown shadows, but that feels a bit less exciting for summer to me.

    i hope life is treating you (and your kitties) well.

    1. Why am I not at all surprised, Cheryl! :-) I agree that a navy liner would be just stunning with this color-- I need to double check my stash, but I don' think that I have a true navy. Good point about color wheel theory! Now it makes perfect sense why you have been on a quest for the perfect waterproof navy liner! Things are going well- though I am a touch exhausted from working long hours these days. The felines and canines are doing well.I hope that you are having a wonderful summer with your family! :-)

  3. PS -- please forgive me if i am telling you something you already know. most folks know how to enhance eye color by using the complimentary color for shadow. far less know how to use the color wheel to create shadow/liner combinations to accomplish the same thing.

    1. No offense taken! I actually do know about color wheel theory-- this interestingly enough crosses into my professional life-- but I use it in reference to art and art theory rather than makeup at work :-)

  4. Ouch, says my wallet. Ooooh, says I... :-)


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