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Sunday Sun Day Volume XII: ICU Eyewear Eco-Friendly Sunglasses that are Stylish & Affordable!

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Protecting the delicate eye area, and the eyes themselves, throughout the year is of paramount importance, but during the summer months sunglasses are an essential accessory that simply should never be overlooked. You probably invest in a good eye cream and perhaps even use an eye cream with an SPF, but wearing sunglasses will go a long way to helping to keep those pesky crows feet at bay. Wearing a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses is an even better choice, and your hair and skin will thank you for doing so! One of the easiest ways to ensure that I always have sunglasses on hand is to leave a pair in the car, in my work bag and in my purse. Rather than purchasing multiples of expensive designer glasses, I instead opt to scatter affordable high quality sunglasses about so that I always have them on hand.
ICU Eyewear makes very stylish sunglasses at very affordable prices, and my personal favorite from their large catalog of frames is their Cat Eye-- a classic design that remains perfectly on trend.

According to ICU Eyewear,

Hey there beauty gals, we all know a thing or two about anti-aging creams and serums. But, who knew that sunglasses are also a huge anti-aging advocate? When you wear sunglasses not only does it prevent squinting and causing crows feet, but they block the sun from damaging the most sensitive part of your face, you eyes. Since the skin around our eyes is thinner than any other area of our face, it’s no surprise that a little sun damage goes a long way. So wearing sunglasses has a dual effect on the anti-aging process. To combat UV damage this summer, ICU Eyewear has a fabulous collection of stylish sunglasses that just might be your new anti-aging BFF!

ICU’s approach to design is refreshing, refined, global, and globe-friendly. Each pair of ICU readers is something special, inspired by the world around it, worthy of your occasions and personal style. What makes ICU readers different is not just the fashionable frames. Each pair is more than a tool to read better, it is a fashion statement that is sophisticated, fanciful, eco-friendly, affordable and just plain fun-to-wear.

Kick-start your summer style with ICU Eyewear’s sophisticated and ever-so stylish Modern Cat Eye Sunglasses...These sunglasses are true beauties because the oversized frame give you more coverage and better protection from the sun. There are a couple more reasons why these sunnies will make you bat your eyelashes; they are polarized which minimize squinting in bright sun conditions and they are 100% UVA and B protective so they’ve got your back and will protect the soft tissue around your eyes from being exposed to harmful rays. So kiss those wrinkle worries goodbye and enjoy fun under the sun in your new pair of ICU Eyewear’s sunglasses.
I am so pleased with these sunglasses because they are very comfortable on the face, they cover my eyes perfectly keeping them protected, and they are sturdy quality frames. Furthermore, if I lose a pair it won't be costly to replace them. I am also very happy that ICU Eyewear is environmentally friendly, and they have a whole range of Eco Eyewear sunglasses and reading glasses in a choice of magnifications (read more here).

Overall assessment: These are super stylish sunglasses that are not only eco-friendly, but also very affordable. If you lose a pair replacing them won't sting your wallet.

For more about ICU Eyewear click here. Find them on Facebook and Pinterest.

$21.95 each from ICU Eyewear (Unaffiliated Links)
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