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Just Organic Skincare Pure Hyaluronic Lifting Mask System Review & Pictures! 25% OFF Exclusive Discount for Lola's Readers!

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There is no denying that sheet masks have gained traction over the last few years, and with more and more companies making them there are ample to choose from at a variety of price points. I am a huge fan of them because they are so effective at hydrating and plumping the skin, and they are easy to use. Most of the sheet masks that I have used or seen are pre-soaked in serum and come individually wrapped, but the latest sheet mask that I have been using is part of a more comprehensive set that not only allows you to activate the mask by adding the perfect amount of serum, but it also comes equipped with a post-mask serum and cream to complete the at home spa experience.
Just Organic Skincare Pure Hyaluronic Lifting Mask System is not only tremendously fun to use, but this innovative set is also ultra-hydrating and nourishing to the skin. The high quality ingredients nourish the skin while performing a plethora of anti-aging miracles, and the results are so dramatic that this is the perfect mask to use for special occasions when you want glowing, luminous, lifted and hydrated skin. Of course, if you are a skincare enthusiast, as am I, you probably don't need a special occasion as the impetus for seeking amazing skin.
Each Just Organic Skincare Pure Hyaluronic Lifting Mask System includes:
  • 4 single use compressed masks (that look like little flattened pods)
  • 1 Pure Hyaluronic Lifting Mask Serum 50 ml (4 portions)
  • 1 Pure Hyaluronic Lifting Cream 15 ml
  • 1 Pure Hyaluronic Lifting Serum 15 ml
  • 1 holding container jar to moisten mask

Just Organic Skincare suggests that each kit contains a 1 month supply, but not everyone will likely need to mask every week. However, you really will see a marked difference in your skin if you do.

According to Just Organic Skincare, 

Pure Hyaluronic Lifting Set Anti-Aging System Natural Lifting Effect is an innovative anti aging system that effectively delivers organic super nutrients to your face resulting in an effective lifting, filling,  hydrating action that reduces the signs of aging including wrinkles and crows feet The result provides your skin with immediate elasticity, luminosity and smooth velvet like qualities in a natural way. Noticeable results in just 20 minutes. Use once weekly and notice dramatic sustained results over 4 weeks.
To activate the mask, you simply need the empty mask jar, a compressed mask, and the Lifting Mask Serum.
Place one of the Compressed Masks into the Mask Jar and then pour 1/4 of the Lifting Mask Serum over the Compressed Mask, and watch the metamorphosis!
As the Compressed Mask absorbs the serum it expands-- a feature that is so much fun to watch!
After the Compressed Masks absorbs the serum simply remove it from from the jar and unfold it.

Suggested Usage:
  • Place compressed single use mask flat into the holding container.
  • Open serum vile and pour onto mask in container
  • Allow mask to absorb serum for approx. 30 seconds
  • Once mask expands and is fully saturated with the serum, remove the mask and gently unfold it
  • Apply fully open mask to face lining up the eye, nose and mouth openings
  • Press mask firmly on face with fingers, removing any air pockets for full adhesion to face
  • After 20 minutes (more time will result in more dramatic results), remove mask
  • Open Pure Hyaluronic Lifting Cream - apply a generous amount (1/4 of contents) to entire face including forehead and neck (avoid contact with eyes)
  • Open Pure Hyaluronic Lifting Serum - apply a generous amount (1/4 of contents) to entire face including forehead and neck (avoid contact with eyes)
At the end of 20 minutes, or 30 minutes when I want even better results, skin is left scrumptiously soft, smooth, hydrated, lifted and radiant. 

Tip: After removing the mask from your face, I squeeze the remaining serum from the mask and massage it into my face, neck and décolleté before applying the Lifting Serum and Lifting Cream-- this gives skin an added boost of moisture and luminosity.
The Lifting Serum is a fast absorbing serum that gives skin a pronounced dewy appearance. The Lifting Cream is nourishing and fast absorbing, but as the name suggests has a lovely lifting effect on the skin. When used in conjunction with the mask, these products leave my skin unbelievably hydrated, fine lines are noticeably softened, my skin boasts unprecedented radiance, and it looks and feels soft and supple. Unlike most sheet masks, the inclusion of the specifically formulated post-mask serum and cream more closely approximates the experience (and results) of a professional facial. I find the entire system so effective and fun to use that this one has already made it to the top of my repurchase list.

Pure Hyaluronic Lifting Mask System benefits:
  • Exfoliates the skin
  • Provides exceptional hydration
  • Has a natural lifting action
  • Has a natural firming action
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines
I have to say that this product really does deliver on the claims made, and my skin looks and feels rested, more youthful, and more healthy after use. This is the perfect antidote to dull listless skin.
Bottom to Top: Lifting Serum and Lifting Cream

Key Ingredients: 
Aloe Vera Gel: hydrates & fights free radicals
Wheat Germ Oil (Vitamin E): high anti oxidants & elasticity
Hyaluronic Acid: lifting, hydrating & line filling effects
Argan Oil: anti wrinkle fighting properties, lifting action

Dermatologist tested. Cruelty-Free

Full Ingredients (click to enlarge):
Overall assessment: As good as it gets as far as I'm concerned. As a huge proponent of sheet masks, I have to say that this one offers a more comprehensive approach. The inclusion of the specially formulated serum and cream, to be used in conjunction with the mask itself, takes the sheet mask experience to a whole new level. If you love sheet masks, you will be delighted by the Pure Hyaluronic Lifting Mask System.

$89.95 CAD, but 25% OFF for Lola's Secret Beauty Blog Readers from Just Organic Skincare. Use Coupon Code: LOLA25. This code will expire on August 10, 2014 (Unaffiliated Links). Free shipping in Canada and the US for all Orders over $75.00. See shipping details here.

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About Just Organic Skincare:

Just Organic Skin Care is based out of Toronto, Canada and committed to providing our customers with the best in organic and natural skin, hair, health and home care products. We believe that everyone should have access to high quality products to enhance their natural beauty and live in the bliss of an environmentally friendly life-style.

Our products are all made in Italy using premium organic ingredients including aloe vera, olive oil, argan oil, hibiscus seeds and more.

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