Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bonne Huile Wednesday: Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil Review

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I will spare you the preamble indicating just how much I love using high quality oils from head to toe, and you already know a great deal about the extent to which they are a wonderful addition to a healthy skincare routine. However, while I feature a great many luxury oils that are costly splurges-- I have likewise found a great many that are affordable indulgences of extraordinary quality.

Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil is a beautiful golden elixir that is fast absorbing and deeply nourishing and healing. The scent is best described as having a natural warm and earthy aroma, but it abates soon after it sinks into the skin. Not only does this oil leave my skin soft, smooth, supple and luminous, but it likewise heals dry skin and calms irritated skin.

According to Sibu Beauty,

Sea buckthorn seed oil has long been used as a traditional beauty treatment to preserve youthful skin tone and texture. It is a secret remedy to fight wrinkles and age spots so you may (or may not) want to share it with your friends. Our therapeutic grade seed oil will help restore damaged skin to its natural beautiful state.
  • Quick acting/readily absorbed
  • For all skin-types
  • Helps diminish wrinkles/age-spots
  • Promotes skin recovery and healing
  • 100% therapeutic-grade Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil for topical use on ailments.
  • Non-GMO
  • Cruelty-Free
Paraben-Free And Cruelty-Free. No dairy, wheat, gluten, sodium, yeast or preservatives. Our sea buckthorn is sourced through fair trade agreements with local harvesters in Tibet.
Directions For Use: After cleansing face, shake dime sized pool into hand and massage into entire face (and neck if desired) for about 20 seconds. Leave on skin. May take up to 20-30 minutes to fully absorb into skin. Best applied before bed.

I use far less than the recommended dime sized amount of oil, and warm it in my hand before massaging it into warm damp cleansed skin. By so doing, I find that it sinks in very quickly and effectively.

Ingredients: 100% therapeutic-grade Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil.
Overall assessment: Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil is a lovely high quality organic oil that is proof positive that you don't have to spend a fortune to get amazing results from luxurious quality oils.

$15.95 for 10 ml. from Sibu Beauty and (Affiliate Links)
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  1. I love the Sibu Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil! It was my "obsession" last year. I found that it really helped with my redness. I need to grab another bottle - but you know how it is, testing out so many products. I could say "when I run out of what I have" but let's be real, when is that going to happen, lol. :-)

    1. Hi Kimmy! Isn't it such a beautiful oil?! I'm so happy to hear that you love this oil! I know just what you mean about he whole "when I run out of what I have" paradigm! I was just looking at my over-stuffed cabinet filled with skincare products and thinking the same thing! :-)


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