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Deal Alert: Nuance Perfect Lips Lip Quad in Cool 215 Half Off at CVS

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I just came home from a short trip to CVS to pick up a Nuance Dual Phase Cucumber and Rosewater Makeup Remover (Currently on sale, and my favorite dual phase makeup remover! Reviewed here), and happened upon a 1/2 off sale on many of the Nuance makeup items. 
I picked up the Perfect Lips Lip Quad in Cool 215-- because at $5.00 I really couldn't go wrong. They also have a warm variant as well. Do I think it is worth at $5.00? Yes, I definitely do.
All four glosses are high shine, but two are cream shades (Merlot and Pink Berry) and two are sheer shimmer shades (Sheer Ice and Rose Shimmer). The texture isn't tacky or sticky, but also isn't terribly long lasting either.

Nuance claims,

Vitamin E conditions and nourishes. Macadamia See, Jojoba Seed, Grapeseed Oils moisturize, strengthen and protect lips.

I neither find the formula particularly moisturizing, nor do I find that it dries my lips. It's comfortable to wear, and the colors and shine are quite pretty. While I like the formula, the same cannot be said for the whimsical packaging. Yes, I agree that the pod, which resembles a closed tulip, is quite cute-- but it is woefully impractical and quite flimsy. Furthermore, the brush that is included, in my opinion, is rather useless. Notwithstanding these minor complaints, I am quite pleased with my purchase.
Left to Right: Merlot, Pink Berry, Rose Shimmer and Sheer Ice 

Merlot is a plummy wine
Pink Berry is a neutral watermelon pink
Rose Shimmer is a very sheer pale pink shimmer
Sheer Ice is a very sheer glimmering white
Paraben Free & Cruelty Free
Overall assessment: A great deal at $5.00! If you are near a CVS, then it's definitely worth taking a look at the Nuance display since there are many goodies that are currently half off. Additionally, most of the remaining Nuance products are on sale (Buy One, Get One Half Off).

$5.00 for 0.25 oz. on sale at CVS.
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  1. Oh Helen, thank you! You always point me in the right direction! I have looked at these every time that I go into CVS, but didn't feel like spending $10.00 without knowing if it was any good. I am going to go grab this one since it's half off. My coloring is much like yours-- so I think that I will grab the same one that you got. Thanks again, sweetie! xoxo, Jess :)

    1. Hi Jess, Absolutely my pleasure! I felt the same as you did-- when they were full price I didn't feel compelled to buy it, but at $5.00 I couldn't help myself from trying it! This is a great time to grab the Cucumber & Rosewater Dual Phase Makeup Remover if you need to stock up on eye makeup remover. <3

  2. I would so love to try this line, but alas I don't live near a CVS. I wish they would expand and put this line in stores that spread across the U.S. Those colors look so beautiful and at such a low price they are really a steal! The packaging looks so cute too :)

    1. Hi Victoria! I hope that you are doing well! Too bad that you don't have a CVS nearby. I have only tried this and the Cucumber & Rosewater Dual Phase Makeup Remover (which is FANTASTIC-- it never burns my sensitive eyes). I definitely wish that they would expand the line to other stores-- I wish that it was a standard line at all drugstores making it far more accessible! This was definitely a good deal at 1/2 off-- I wouldn't have risked buying it sight unseen at full price since I really didn't need any more lip glosses, and since there was no tester to swatch. The packaging is cute, but definitely pretty impractical, but I really do like the lip glosses themselves! :-) Have a lovely evening!

  3. Awwww...this is so cute! Love the unique packaging and the colors are amazing. the pink berry is a pretty one. Do they have other colors? I also love the idea that they are long lasting though they do not seem one.

    1. Hi Julie, The colors definitely are pretty. They do have a warm palette, but I don't have it and have not seen the colors swatted. The boxes are sealed-- so I'm not sure what the warm palette looks like in person.


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