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PurseN Diva Make-Up Case Review & Pictures

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I could wax poetic about the virtues of PurseN products all day long, and how they have stylishly organized my life from short trips to the store to travel. However, I also find that some of their products  are equally efficient at organizing things are home. Chief among them is their Diva Make-Up Case that helps tame my oversized makeup stash. While it is truly extraordinary for travel, it really is a brilliant way to store makeup at home as well. The large case itself boasts a roomy interior replete with a large zipper compartment built into the lid as well as 5 separate removable cases to store anything your heart desires. I think that a whole series of Diva bags each devoted to a different type of product would be the ultimate storage solution. Can you imagine one devoted to lipsticks, another to lip glosses, blushes, eyeshadows, etc.?!
Diva Case details:
  • 5 Individual Removable Cases
  • 1 Large Carrying Case with Large Clear Pocket
  • 1 Compartment Case with 6 Pockets
  • 2 Multi Purpose Cases
  • 1 Slender Brush Case
  • 1 Small Case for Accessories
  • Ideal for Carrying shadows, lipsticks, brushes, foundations, etc.
  • Size: 12"W x 9"H x 4"D
 Style shown: Orange Medallion
I decided to fill the zipper compartment and the individual removable cases with lots of my favorite products. While I did pick many products to illustrate Diva's storage capacity, I could have easily added far more. In the lid zipper compartment you will see foundations, bronzers and illuminators. In the removable cases I chose to store a specific type of product for each. From the top left clockwise: lip balms, blushes, brushes, lipsticks & eyeshadows. For the lipsticks I chose the largest tubes that I had, namely Tom Ford and Burberry, and was able to fit a staggering 14 on end with space to spare.

The materials chosen are utterly brilliant in that the beautifully rich fabrics are protected by a vinyl covering on the interior and exterior of the Diva case. This simple solution assures that the inevitable spills won't destroy the beautiful fabric, and will preserve the beautiful Diva case for a very long time.

Styles available:
Overall assessment: I am absolutely delighted by the Diva Makeup-Case, and truth be told I use mine for at home storage more than for traveling. I eventually want to collect a few more in order to store my collection more efficiently. 

$102.00-$112.00 from PurseN,  Neiman Marcus (Aztec style, Mykonos style, Lace style) and Horchow (Affiliate Links). Stock image courtesy of PurseN.

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  1. I love that bag but my husband would have a heart attack if I paid that much for a makeup bag...LOL! May I ask you a question, I am not trying to be hateful or anything, I am a newer blogger and I am just not understanding why you and some other blogs do not want or consider it spam when a fellow beauty blogger would like to leave you the link to their beauty blog. Again, I am not asking this to try to be a smartelick, I am just wondering why?

    1. Hi Beth! The Diva bag is definitely awesome. I have seen it on sale at Neiman Marcus before, and I believe that PurseN is having a site wide discount as well. SO I would definitely say that it is worth keeping an eye on.

      The comment that I published below is aimed at SPAMMERS and Advertisers not bloggers. They do not post comments to engage with the blogging community, but instead to lead all of us to their websites. I delete all SPAM, but I always publish blogger comments whether or not they include their URL in their post, or whether it is just hyperlinked to their name/screen name. I don't want SPAMMERS to link to my blog-- since there are larger implications in terms of Spam Backlinks. I can't speak for other bloggers, only myself-- but I don't ever exclude bloggers who are trying to engage. I simply included it below as a disclosure so that everyone would know that those comments will never be published. Of course I also do it to discourage SPAMMERS, but of course they still persist. :-)


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