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Kiwi Glow Daily Skin Oil Moisturizers in Amaya, Earth and Verde Review & Pictures

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Lately I have been obsessed with body oils more than usual. I'm not really sure why what was already an obsession has somehow reached a fever pitch, but it has. Perhaps this need to luxuriate in body oils has something to do with the warm weather, or perhaps it's just that I have more body oils that I just can't keep my hands off of because they are so spectacular, and because their tantalizing scents and lovely textures beckon me.

The newest body oils to make it to my top daily picks are the Kiwi Glow Daily Skin Oil Moisturizers in Amaya, Earth and Verde. These lightweight organic oils are such an amazing find-- they are utterly delectable smelling, they sink in quickly and leave the skin lusciously hydrated, and are reasonably priced. Furthermore, my skin has never glowed so beautifully and felt so good. The generously sized 4 oz. bottles have a pump dispenser that keeps the contents protected against contamination while making them spill proof, fuss proof, and easy to carry.

According to Kiwi Glow,

We only use simple, natural ingredients to create our daily skin oil. Honestly! Pure, organic, cold-pressed sesame–known for its healing properties and skin benefits–is the foundation of this luxurious, lightweight oil. Did you know you consume four pounds of damaging toxins through your pores every year? Kiwi Glow contains antioxidants that remove these harmful contagions, leaving your skin luminous and hydrated. Kiwi Glow also has an abundance of nourishing vitamins–A, E and B complex–to rejuvenate your skin naturally for smoother, healthier-looking glow.
According to Kiwi Glow,

Kiwiglow is so close to nature there is still a slight ‘nutty smell’ within the scent. Once applied to the skin, the nutty goodness is absorbed while the fragrance just makes you smell great. Our scents are very subtle so as not to interfere with perfumes and everyday routines. 

Daily Skin Oil in Amaya is a splendid warm floral with flashes of lily of the valley. Kiwi Glow describes it as having "hints of dandelion and lily of the valley" and conjures images of "lovely subtle petals on your body." It is a delightful light floral that only leaves behind the slightest traces of scent once it sinks in. It is so light that it will in no way interfere with any other scents that you may choose to wear.

Daily Skin Oil in Earth is a deep woodsy earthy scent smells more of frankincense and less of patchouli, and while the scent is stronger and more pungent than Amaya or Verde, it quickly softens and fades once it sinks into the skin. Kiwi Glow describes it as having "hints of frankincense, patchouli and vanilla" that together become a "lovely subtle musk on your body." I was concerned that Earth would be too earthy for my taste, but it turns out to be perfectly balanced and utterly delectable once it sinks into my skin.

Daily Skin Oil in Verde is gorgeous fresh green scent offset by citrus, and it is so refreshing and uplifting that it puts a smile on my face each time that I use it. Kiwi Glow describes it as a fresh scent with a "sweet citrus aroma that is not overbearing." I agree that it isn't in the least bit overbearing, and in fact once it sinks into the skin it becomes a subtle and barely perceptible fresh scent.

Ingredients: Organic unrefined cold-pressed sesame oil, an abundance of vitamin E and natural plant-derived fragrance oils. Fully cured to ensure purity.

About the ingredients,

We start with pure, unrefined, cold-pressed, organic sesame oil is the foundation of our products. This divine oil has been derived from sesame seeds since before recorded history, and is renowned for its healing properties and benefits the body and mind. The ancient Indian practice of Ayurveda uses sesame oil to relieve stress, and continuing research shows that the antioxidants and polyunsaturated fats present in sesame oil contribute to controlling blood pressure.

Sesame oil is a natural antioxidant, as it actually removes harmful toxins from the skin as it’s absorbed. It neutralizes “oxygen radicals” which are thought to be a major factor in the aging of the skin. How fantastic is that? Sesame oil also has an abundance of natural vitamin E, B-complex and vitamin A, which helps nourish and rejuvenate skin. Along with all this, Kiwi Glow oils feel so lovely on your skin they are addictive. What more could you ask for in a natural skin moisturizer?

To read more about this amazing line, and founder Ana Robinson's philosophy and inspiration, click here.

Overall assessment: Truly amazing oils that have tantalizing smells, and they offer a luxurious sensory experience while deeply nourishing the skin. I'm in love!

$35.00 for 4 oz. from Kiwi Glow (Unaffiliated Links).
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  1. I have just about totally moved over to organic products so it is good to find a reasonably priced body oil like this. I am not real familiar with Kiwi Glow products so thanks for the tip.

    1. Hi Carol, WOW-- good for you, I am impressed! I'm quite impressed by Kiwi Glow! That it is both organic and well priced makes it well worth trying! Have a lovely weekend! :-)

  2. Verde sounds like my kind of oil! I love a fresh zesty smell :-)

    1. Verde is deliciously fresh! Kiwi Glow did a great job with all three of these oils! :-)


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