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Christine Shampoo & Reconstructive Conditioner by Van Thomas Concepts: Review

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The Christine Shampoo and Reconstructive Conditioner from Van Thomas Concepts is an innovative line that is "free from harmful, irritating parabens and sulfates that can strip hair of essential natural oils." It features "Life Complex, a unique formula of keratin, silk proteins and jojoba oil to effectively restore the hair to its optimal health," and it "utilizes innovative micro-technology to actually penetrate the hair to restore and revive."

The Christine Shampoo: is a sulfate-free and paraben-free shampoo that has been meticulously formulated with the highest quality ingredients available. Together these ingredients  gently cleanse the scalp without the use of harsh chemicals that often irritate the scalp, strip essential oils, and have a drying effect on the hair and scalp. According to Van Thomas Concepts, this nourishing and cleansing formula uses "a micro lather technology combined with the Life Complex, grape seed and apricot oils" that lend themselves to a thorough cleansing while providing hair with added shine. The Christine Shampoo employs the use of black current oil and essential Omega-6 fatty acids "to promote healthy hair growth and to add a revitalizing quality. The Christine Shampoo is designed for all hair types, no matter the cut, color, or style."

My naturally curly hair really does very well with this non-stripping gentle formula. After shampooing my hair, it is left nourished, hydrated, and manageable. Furthermore, neither my hair nor my scalp are left in the least bit dried out.

The Christine Reconstructive Conditioner: is an innovative reconstructive conditioner that "is the most potent of the Christine line of products. Formulated with the highest amount of the Life Complex, the deeply penetrating conditioner also includes hemp seed oil, aloe vera extract, grape seed oil and nourishing olive fruit oil, designed to hydrate, restore and repair hair. Gentle yet luxurious, the enriching conditioner replenishes nutrients, proteins and oils vital to healthy, shiny hair. This leaves a subtle scent of citrus and primrose. It is the answer to preventing split ends, breakage and maintaining healthy hair."

The Christine Reconstructive Conditioner is just amazing! This unsuspecting bottle of pure hair goodness works miracles on my dry curly hair, and has quickly become one of my favorite conditioners. My hair is left soft, shiny, nourished and infinitely manageable. The citrus and primrose scent is delectable, but does not tend to linger for very long. I experimented with The Christine Reconstructive Conditioner by leaving it on for 30 minutes (under a towel) to see whether it could approximate the experience of a deep conditioning treatment, and it really delivered! The results were indistinguishable from the best deep conditioning products that I have used before, and I was thrilled to see how and feel how soft and manageable it left my hair.

The Life Complex and its Key Ingredients:

The Life Complex: "is a breakthrough formula developed by Van Thomas Concepts incorporating three vital ingredients to restore hair and skin to their best possible health."

Keratin Protein: "Hair and skin is made mostly of keratin, which we lose every day. Restoring this powerful protein is crucial to repairing daily damage."

Silk Protein: "Silk is used to help rebuild hair’s strength and elasticity, and lock in moisture. Known for its ability to hold thousands of times its weight in moisture, silk helps to prevent hair and skin from drying out."

Jojoba Oil: "Jojoba oil is added because it is most similar to the body’s natural oil. It conditions the skin to create a healthy scalp; and healthy hair grows from a healthy scalp." 

These three key ingredients make up the Life Complex™ and are infused into every one of our products. So with every shower, you’ll replenish the nutrients your hair and skin needs to look and feel its best.
About Van Thomas Concepts: Van Thomas Concepts LLC was founded in July 2011 by CEO Van Thomas. No stranger to hair care, Van has styled, lectured, and appeared in 36 countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia, and was honored with a nomination for the NAHA’s North American Multi-Cultural Hair Stylist of the Year award. Van’s wealth of experience comes from a storied 35-year career as both stylist and international education director for premier global beauty manufacturers. Regarded as one of the top educators and stylists across the globe, Van has spent nearly four decades perfecting his craft and educating other hair-care professionals – including some of the most celebrated stylists in the industry. Drawing inspiration from his late daughter, Christine, Van has developed a unique formula known as the Life Complex™, setting a new standard for salon-grade hair and body care.

Overall assessment: This shampoo and conditioner duo is just fantastic! The fact that it is gentle and moisturizing enough to tame my naturally curly tresses makes me very happy. The conditioner formula never weighs down my hair, but instead makes it look and feel gorgeous. I just couldn't be happier!

$45.00 for two 12 oz. bottles from Van Thomas Concepts (Unaffiliated Link).

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  1. Sounds great, how nice that you discovered such a great duo!

    1. It really is! I'm especially happy with the conditioner-- it leaves my hair so soft and moisturized!


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