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Sunday Sun Day Volume III: Tanee Tan Line Concealer Pen

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Tanee Tan Line Concealer Pen is a really clever invention that can be used during those times when you plan on wearing clothing that you don't want upstaged by tan lines. Sometimes despite your best efforts to slather on sunscreen there will be some disparity between the concealed and revealed expanses of skin impacted by the sun. This is true both for those among you who sunbathe and those who avoid sunbathing like the plague, but still get more sun than you might like while gardening or taking a walk (slathered in SPF 50). While this is normally something that can be covered up, nowhere is this difference in skin-tone more obvious than those times that one is wearing strapless or spaghetti-string outfits that make one feel more like a zebra than a human.

According to the company,

Say goodbye to embarrassing tan lines instantly with Tanee the tan line corrector. Tanee will disguise unwanted tan lines until your tan naturally fades.

Tanee is a revolutionary 2-in-1 bronzer and sunless tanning liquid in a compact cosmetic pen. In just a few strokes Tanee camouflages tan lines, streaks and spots. It’s as easy as coloring in the lines!

Tanee’s precision, no-mess applicator covers tan lines perfectly and keeps your hands and fingers clean. There’s more than enough to cover even the biggest tanning blunders!
How Does Tanee Work?

Tanee is a combination of an all-natural instant bronzer and sunless tanning solution. Tanee’s long-lasting results are from its unique blend of plant derived DHA, caramel color and black walnut extract.

DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) is the most common active ingredient in sunless tanners today, and is derived from sugar beets and sugar cane. DHA works on the skin’s outer layer (epidermis) that renews itself daily by sloughing off the top layer of dead skin cells. The color from both a natural tan and the Tanee eventually fades as the skin renews and exfoliates.

Discovered to be a temporary skin-coloring agent back in the 1920’s, DHA was first sold in 1960 as an over-the-counter sunless tanning product. In the 1970’s the Food and Drug Administration added DHA to its list of approved cosmetic ingredients.

By the late 1980’s innovations in DHA’s refinement process yielded higher quality and more predictable (browner, less orange) results. Since then, DHA technology has further improved and is why the Tanee can provide flawless tan line coverage.

How to Apply: "Ensure tan line area is clean and dry.  Fill in tan line area with Tanee’s precision applicator.  Wait to dry.  Re-apply as necessary. Multiple applications will deepen the tan.  Enjoy your beautiful tan with no tan lines!"
Tanee Tan Line Concealer Pen reminds me of a felt tip marker, but one whose mission it is to eradicate unwanted tan lines. It applies to the skin very easily, but one must be very careful to draw only on the areas of the skin that one wishes to darken-- otherwise the tanned areas that one is trying to match will likewise darken. I applied a quick swatch to my arm to give an indication of how it looks once applied to the skin. The coverage is buildable, therefore additional passes will intensify the effects. This product is worth considering for those times that you want to wear a strapless dress without featuring tan lines. However, if your skin-tone is markedly different in hue than the Tanee pen, then your end result my look more artificial than natural.
Overall assessment: A very clever concept that temporarily erases tan lines.

$5.99 for 0.074 oz. from Tanee, Walgreens and (Affiliate Links).
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