Wednesday, April 9, 2014

BRAND NEW Caress Fresh Collection Features Fabulista Kelly Rowland!

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Caress just launched a brand new Fresh Collection that is utterly delectable! Not only are the products themselves fabulous, but the spirit of this current campaign is uplifting, positive, and wonderfully affirming. The mission is to feel fabulous every single day, and who better to help spread this message than the gorgeous and talented Kelly Rowland. In her new partnership with Caress, the former Destiny's Child member is looking to inspire women to enjoy every day experiences in a fresh new way. For her, it starts with a beautiful fragrance. She is inviting each of us to join her in this campaign and spread the word by tagging @Caress and using #CaressMe!

The new Caress Fresh Collection helps women delight in freshness like never before-- and in a way only Caress can-- with revitalizing, fresh fine fragrances. Inspired by the world of fine fragrance, each body wash and body bar is infused with unique blends of complex floral notes, creating a delightful fragrance that delivers freshness in the shower.

The new Caress Fresh Collection wraps skin in vibrant scents. Developed by experts at the top fine fragrance houses Givuadan & Firmenich, each variant is crafted with sophisticated, multi-layered notes that linger on skin and delight the senses in revitalizing freshness.
Caress Juicy Escape Body Wash is infused with sun-kissed lily and pink grapefruit essence. Sparkling scents surprise your senses while lush, uplifting lather envelops your skin leaving it delicately scented and beautifully fresh. Uplifts the senses with a burst of Pink Grapefruit notes wrapped in a bouquet of fresh sun kissed lily notes.

Juicy Escape Body Wash is and invigorating and truly uplifting way to start the day. The intoxicating burst of Pink Grapefruit arouses the senses and envelops the spirit in the delectable scent, and it is a lovely way to get the day going.

Caress Emerald Rush is infused with lush gardenia and white tea essence. Sparkling scents surprise your senses while lush, revitalizing lather envelops your skin leaving it delicately scented and beautifully fresh. Revitalizes the senses with a multi-faceted palette of lush Gardenia and intoxicating citrus medley. Available in a Body Wash and a Beauty Bar, and both are amazing!

This fabulous rich and complex scent is utterly delicious, and frankly a bit mesmerizing in its complexity. It is luscious and calming, and delectably fresh. Emerald rush is a delightful clean scent that smells like a beautiful warm summer breeze. I absolutely love this scent!

Caress Aqua Sparkle is infused with lilac blossom and aquamarine essence. Sparkling scents surprise your senses while lush, invigorating lather envelops your skin leaving it delicately scented and beautifully fresh. Invigorates the senses with an elegant floral heart of exotic lilac blossoms, seamlessly mixed with fresh sparkling fruity notes.

Aqua Sparkle feels like a day at the beach on an exotic island get-away, and that visual certainly makes for one lovely way to start the day.

I can't pick a favorite scent since each creates a distinctively different mood, therefore I choose them according to how I am feeling at the moment. All three are fabulous!

How do you put a fresh and fabulous spin on your everyday life? 

For me, it starts with an invigorating shower that allows me to take stock of what needs to be accomplished that day. It also allows me to get centered and grounded, and serves as that little bit of "me time." It is here that I am able to reflect upon all of the things for which I am grateful while luxuriating in delectable fragrances that envelop my senses. These fragrant body washes serve as a lovely and inspiring backdrop for the beginning of each new day. Thank you, Caress-- you have taken my morning shower routine from one that had become humdrum and routine into one that is inspiring!
Overall Assessment: I'm absolutely loving this new Caress Fresh Collection!

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For more information about this campaign, click here.

Availability: March 2014 at food, drug and mass retailers nationwide.
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#CaressMe (Hashtag on Twitter)
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  1. Darling Helen,
    Me again asking a question in a nonrelated post. Do excuse me, please. I have to buy many things, since, as you know, I am modifying my whole skin care, hair care, and body care routine. Do you know if SpaceNK has any goodie bag coming any time soon? I checked and couldn't find anything so I asked you since you are wealth of knowledge!
    I hope all is well in the West coast! many hugs to you and those furry ones

    1. Good morning, wefadetogray! I think that SpaceNK is having a special By Terry GWP next month, but I am not sure whether there is a multi-brand product gift bag GWP coming up. I will have to check to see, and will let you know what I learn. What products are you considering for your huge product overhaul?

      All is well here-- the weather is getting quite lovely, and the furry ones are doing well. How is everything going in NYC? What's going on with respect to the job front? :-)

  2. My darling Helen,
    I am waiting on a postdoc resolution. I am a finalist. If all goes well, I'll write an email to you telling you the details, for now, the waiting is destroying my spirit. Cross your fingers, Helen please, and tell your furry ones to chant some feline prayer on my behalf.
    I am going to buy African botanics body oil, face oil, eye cream, Radical X moisturizer, mask, and pads (not sure about the pads because of the pad format) from Space NK and the whole Kai line for body and hair because my eczema dried out, finally!!!! The Sisley Rose Mask and as always the Tatcha rice enzime. I think I can buy all these at Barneys or Nordstrom. I am still looking for a good acid peel because I like the mask format so I am all ears Helen. Whatever has your approval, i'll go for it and also a good daily exfoliant because I am rather tired of Tatcha. Have you tried Ko Gen Doh's gommage?
    So many questions darling I am sorry. I have been doing research for a month. I won't but anything until all can be replaced. I am looking to renew and be renewed.

    1. My fingers are crossed that your postdoc happens. Congratulations on being a finalist-- not that it is a surprise to me! I can't wait to hear all of the details! The furry ones are joining me in doing a chant (and purr) to the academic committee reviewing your file!!!!!!!

      I love your product choices!! I would suggest requesting some samples of the Radical Pads, if you are unsure about the pad format. Since those are SpaceNK purchases you might want to call my girls at the SpaceNK in Sherman Oaks because they will load you up with samples-- just be sure to tell them that I send you (Sheri, Amy or anyone else for that matter). I think that the Radical exfoliating pads are more gentle than the others that I have tried, and that might be a better fit for you. I do like the REN Glycolactic Peel, but you might want to try a sample of it first. I reviewed it a while ago:

      I have felt the KGD Gommage, but haven't tried it on my face. It is supposed to be a fantastic product, but I can't speak from personal experience. I have been wanting to try it though. One of my favorite exfoliators is the Kate Sommerville Exfolikate-- the original is quite strong-- so the Gentle version will be kinder to your skin. You can easily get a sample to try from Sephora.

      I would get as many samples as possible to see how your skin reacts, and I would be careful to add in one new product at a time to make sure that you know how your skin reacts to each new thing.

      This is definitely the perfect season for renewal! Have a wonderful weekend! xoxox

    2. Darling Helen,
      Thanks for your reply as always. Can your girls at Sherman Oaks send me samples all the way up here to NYC?
      I have the REN one and it is not bad yet I am rather tired of it. I will try the exfolikate that you recommend for sure.
      Yes, renewal please! It has been all too painful this past academic year and I need a break mentally and emotionally so my skin can relax, finally.
      fingers crossed, fingers crossed, fingers crossed I'll have better news soon.

    3. They send packages all over the place! I'm not sure if they send samples alone, or if one needs to make a purchase, but they are very generous with their samples. I know that i have several readers who order from them (in New York and New Jersey).

      I know what you mean about growing tired of products that I have used for a long time. I do still really like the REN peel though. I have so many deluxe samples from various gifts with purchase that I probably won't ever need to buy another bottle of it! By then I'm sure that I will have moved on to something else!

      I hope that you are able to start unwinding and relaxing. That level of tension is so hard on the body, mind, spirit, and certainly on the skin as well! My fingers are tightly crossed, and I am doing an academic incantation!! Have a restful weekend! <3


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