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BRAND NEW!! African Botanics Marula Résurrection Eye Crème Review & Pictures!

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As I mentioned in my new product teaser post, when African Botanics launches new products I am utterly beside myself with excitement. Recently I met founders Julia and Craig Noik for tea, and while I went exclusively for their lovely company-- I left with two more of their new products that they graciously gave me to try. I can tell you right now that they are two of the loveliest people you could ever hope to meet, and it gives me such great pleasure to love their line as much as I do. Their products are simply extraordinary.
Marula Résurrection Eye Crème would by itself be an extraordinary achievement for any company to create, but for African Botanics it is but one amazing gem in their jewel encrusted crown. I kid you not, this eye cream has utterly exceeded my every expectation. As long time readers of this blog can attest, I have a very precarious relationship with eye creams, in general. I love eye creams, but have a difficult time finding those among them that do not give me much-dreaded milia. Typically richer eye creams are the culprits, and more often than not it is the combination of ingredients that are the offenders (principally ingredients like petrolatum and mineral oil-- especially when paired together). For that reason alone I am often reticent to try many of the eye creams on the market. However, I have such great love and confidence in African Botanics that I didn't hesitate to try their brand new Résurrection Eye Crème even for a millisecond (of course it doesn't contain any of the known offenders). Was my unmitigated trust misplaced? Of course not, Julia and Craig create the most amazing products that truly perform miracles on the skin.
Résurrection Eye Crème is a luxurious, "anti-aging eye cream that increases cell renewal and deeply hydrates to plump, tighten and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Maintains youthful elasticity in the skin, while moisturizing and nourishing. Increases microcirculation to diminish puffiness and dark circles."

Résurrection Eye Crème contains, "Wild-grown South African Marula Oil, Tetrapeptides, Shea Butter, Resurrection Plant, Green Rooibos Tea extract, Arnica, Green Coffee Oil, Carrot Seed Oil and Wild flower honey."

Skin Concerns Résurrection Eye Crème Addresses:
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Stressed, dry, taut, dehydrated skin
  • Redness and inflammation
  • Dark circles and puffiness
This magical formula works so well because of the potent symphony of ingredients that were carefully selected for their efficacy and potency.

Marula Oil is an antioxidant rich oil that  nourishes the skin with Vitamin E and Omega 9 Oleic fatty acid. These ingredients heal skin tissue while simultaneously improving elasticity and firmness.

Tetrapeptides are known for their ability to boost collagen production and to promote cellular regeneration, and this powerful combination improves skin density while heightening its resilience. It likewise reduces fine lines, wrinkles and sagging.

Baobab Oil is power-packed with Omega 3, 6 & 9 Fatty Acids which hydrates the skin while aiding in the regeneration of skin cells.

Resurrection Plant, "strengthens skin cells and prevents dehydration in aggressive environmental conditions such as extreme heat and cold."

Green Rooibos Tea Extract, which is indigenous to South Africa, is wild harvested in the Cape Floral Kingdom. This powerful antioxidant rich plant is high in polyphenols and mineral rich. It contains naturally occurring Alpha Hydroxy Acids (or AHA) which simultaneously regenerate and smooth skin. Green Rooibos Tea Extract is celebrated for its ability to slow down the aging process while strengthening the out layer of the skin. It is also known for its ability to even pigmentation, reduce the appearance of sunspots and blotchiness. It also calms and soothes irritated itchy skin, sunburns, eczema and acne.

Arnica Extract is a potent healer that is known to stimulate micro-circulation, and to reduce swelling and puffiness. 

Carrot Seed Oil is a Vitamin A rich oil that is a potent antioxidant.

Wild Flower Honey is a natural humectant therefore its inclusion aids in the attraction and retention of moisture to the skin.
The texture of Résurrection Eye Crème resides somewhere between a healing balm and an eye cream thanks, in part, to the Shea Butter. However, the texture is silky smooth and ultra refined without any of the granular particles typically found in many Shea Butter based products. This glorious eye cream is healing, hydrating and restorative-- leaving the delicate eye area looking refreshed, hydrated, lifted and youthful. It is remarkably concentrated-- therefore the smallest amount delivers noteworthy results. A small spatula is provided in order to avoid contaminating the contents of the jar, but one needs only to scoop out the smallest amount for both eyes.
I warm a tiny amount of Résurrection Eye Crème between my ring fingers and then gently pat it into the delicate eye area, and apply any remaining cream to my lips. I noted an immediate difference in the texture and luminosity of my skin the very first time that I used it. My fine lines were plumped, the skin was lifted, and it boasted an unprecedented clarity and luminosity. On those days when I don't get enough sleep and wake up with dark circles, Résurrection Eye Crème works wonders on diminishing those unsightly reminders of fatigue-- not to mention that it makes short work of reducing puffiness.
If all of this wasn't enough reason to love this magical cream, it also has an indescribably delectable natural floral scent that is so intoxicating that I would happily wear it as a perfume if I could. I had an immediate visceral reaction to this scent, and often open my jar just to inhale its healing goodness! The scent does fade quickly, and does not irritate my sensitive eyes-- therefore it should pose no issue to those of you for whom sensitive eyes is an issue.
This elegant and understated eye cream can (and should) be used day and night because the results are astounding. However, it is the combination of its extraordinary efficacy, healthy potent ingredients, and its superior visceral tactile and subtle aromatherapeutic sensation that take this eye cream where none have gone before.

The one remaining question in your minds, in all likelihood, is whether or not my long term use of Résurrection Eye Crème gave me milia, and the answer is a resounding no! This eye cream has exceeded all expectations, and is unlike anything else that I have tried-- it really is exceptional.
Overall assessment: This is a mighty mighty eye cream that is absolutely positively best in class. Résurrection Eye Crème is eye cream perfection incarnate! Bravo Julia and Craig, you have just raised the bar-- again!

$95.00 for 0.51 oz. from African Botanics and SpaceNK. (Affiliate Links).

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  1. This sounds incredibly amazing. As you know, my gorgeous Helen, I am trying to finish up my
    Tatcha eye cream which, sadly, did nothing for my eyes. I am almost done with the whole regimen and will start the marula one afterwards, thanks to your reviews and A+ assessment.
    How are the lovely ones?

    1. Hi wefadetogray!! This is a stupendous eye cream!!! I think that you will love it as much as I do! I have yet to try anything from African Botanics that hasn't blown me away! I can't wait to hear your thoughts about it! The lovely ones are still engaged in a turf war! How are you doing? What's going on with work? Relocation potentially? Have a lovely weekend! xoxox

  2. I've heard so many good things about them, i'll have to check them out more. Are you enjoying our beautiful spring weather here in LA.... thanks for a great review.

    1. Hi Lily! African Botanics is an AMAZING line-- definitely worth taking a close look at! I', loving our beautiful LA weather-- I hope that you are too! I'm glad that you found my review helpful! Have a wonderful weekend! :-)

  3. hi helen~ how fast does it absorb? have you layered makeup over it?

    1. Hi Chia-Yi! I find that it sinks in surprisingly fast. One only needs to use a tiny amount, and I warm it up between my fingers and gently pat it in. It sinks in quickly and leaves behind a lovely luminosity. I am able to use a concealer on top of it soon after application without the worry that it will slide off or crease. It is super nourishing, and the naturally occurring scent is delectable, but does not irritate my sensitive eyes. Any excess product can be used on the lips, and it does a fabulous job there as well. If you live near a SpaceNK you might want to check it out to see whether it seems like a good fit for you. I am madly in love with it, and can't imagine how it could be made any better than it is!

  4. Hi,
    Could you please tell me if this eye cream is effective for removing/reducing fine lines and crows feet? That is really my only eye concern; I don't have any issues with milia or dark circles or puffiness. Thank you!

    1. Hi there!! Yes, this eye cream hydrates and lifts the skin while plumping and softening fine lines. It is so loaded with antioxidants that it really does a great deal to improve the overall all texture of the skin. I am deliriously happy with this eye cream, and will without question purchase a replacement once I finish this jar. It is very concentrated-- so a single jar should definitely last you a good long time if you consider purchasing it. I just warm it up between my fingers and pat it in. I love using the excess on my lips. If you have a SpaceNK near you, you might want to feel it for yourself-- but it has really exceeded all of my expectations. BTW- you are really lucky that you don't get milia or dark circles! :-)

  5. I have never found an eye cream that I like and the most recent cream I purchased gave me milia around one eye. I have never had the problem before and I have been paranoid ever since to use something for fear it will aggrivate it again. I have been searching for detailed reveiws on this eye cream and I'm glad I found yours! Now I know I can try it and more than likely not have that issue again. Great reveiw!

    1. Hi Katie, I am prone to milia, and this lovely eye cream has never given me any trouble at all. You only need to use the smallest amount, and I like to warm it between my fingers first and then pat it into warm slightly damp skin for great results. Of course you an apply it your favorite way instead, but it really is a wonderful ultra high quality eye cream. African Botanics is one of my all-time favorite luxury brands! Thank you for your kind words, I am so glad that you found my review thorough and helpful! :-)


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