Thursday, October 3, 2013

Luxurious & Stunning Stella Mc Cartney & Tom Ford Eye Candy!

I really love quality eyewear, and have long held that it is worth the investment. I tend to choose classics or modern classics so that they won't look hopelessly outdated when the next collection is released, let alone a year or two later.
I am no stranger to Tom Ford eyewear- this is my third pair in the last several years. I love the quality, the feel, and the aesthetic. My others are black- so it was time to switch to tortoise. The Stella Mc Cartney sunglasses were somewhat of an impulse buy, but the second that I tried them on it was true love and I had to have them.

Do you get excited about pretty eyewear? Do you keep your eyewear for long periods of time? Do you always lose your glasses?

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  1. I was talked into a very expensive pair of glasses ($800 frames!!!! but insurance brought it down) and regretted it. I don't like the frames. I don't think they are as flattering on me as the ones I bought at Costco which also feel better. Live and learn.

    1. OH, NO! THat is terrible that you got talked into such an expensive pair that you don't love!!! At that price you really need to love them! If it wasn't too long ago you should bring them back and say that they don't fit right and you can't wear them! The optician who helps me select glasses is very honest with me and will make faces and shake her head when she doesn't like something on me! Costco is a great resource for glasses-- I always mean to look when I am there!

  2. I love these! I am absolutely in love with the new Dior 2013 collection of sunglasses but I am far too timid to pull them off, particularly the white ones that I just adore.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. I'm so glad that you do!!! I had to keep texting pictures of them to my sister to get her approval-- she went nuts over the Stella's-- which I hadn't really intended on getting--but I just couldn't resist them! I bet you would look stunning in the white Dior sunglasses-- you should try them on again and take a picture so that you can study your face in them and then decide! I was fearful that these sunglasses would look too big on y face, but they actually fir quite nicely! Nothing like going a little out of your comfort zone to find out that ones comfort zone can effectively be expanded! You have a lovely weekend as well! <3


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