Friday, October 18, 2013

Aftelier Perfumes Organic Matcha Chai Tea- A Heavenly Elixir for the Soul!

If you love Ceremonial grade Matcha and also adore Chai Tea, then you will be utterly elated by Mandy Aftel's brilliant interpretation of their marriage. 
Our Organic Matcha Chai Tea is grown under diffused sunlight in Nishio, Japan, where the leaves are then ground into a fine vibrant emerald-green powder. I create our exceptionally delicious green Chai tea by flavoring the naturally creamy and sweet ceremonial-grade organic matcha with Aftelier Chef’s Essences: vanilla absolute from Madagascar, organic cinnamon from Vietnam, organic pimento berry from Jamaica, and organic cardamom from India. 

To make matcha: add a half-teaspoon of matcha powder to a teacup or bowl of boiling-hot water and whisk or stir rapidly until the green powder is totally dissolved with a bit of foam on the top. It is normal for a bit of the powder to remain in the bottom of your cup. 
I have long loved Matcha, and the higher the grade the better. For a time I stopped drinking coffee altogether and drank Matcha exclusively in the mornings. While I once again drink coffee in the mornings, I love nothing more than a lovely cup of Matcha in the afternoons-- slowly sipped in order to relish the taste and sensation. Mandy, in her infinite generosity, thought that I would like her newest creation- so she sent me this lovely gift.
Mandy never compromises on the quality of anything that she makes, and this is certainly true of this beautiful Matcha Chai! Mandy chose very very high quality Ceremonial grade Matcha-- and this makes a huge difference in the taste and the sensory experience of sipping this tea. Mandy's interpretation of Chai is itself a wonder, but when partnered with Matcha it is otherworldly. Chai Tea is most often filled with assertive competing spices, which when done well can be truly extraordinary. That said, few Chai teas are created with the perfect balance of flavors- while remaining subtle enough to  identify the individual spices. This is where Mandy's brilliance is truly seen- her permutation of Chai Tea is more mild in that one can readily identify the constituent elements used (vanilla absolute from Madagascar, organic cinnamon from Vietnam, organic pimento berry from Jamaica, and organic cardamom from India), and these heavenly spices pull back just enough to allow for an enigmatic comingling with the Ceremonial Grade Matcha. The end result is creamy subtly spiced Matcha that is utterly sublime.
For the purist, this Matcha Chai is so flavor-rich and delightful that it needs nothing added- it is utter perfection all by itself.
For those who adhere to traditional methods of Chai drinking- I added some milk.

I personally prefer the flavor unaccompanied by anything other than the tea itself because it is so uncompromisingly high in quality that I think something is lost if anything is added to it since it is itself perfection incarnate. Try it both ways and you will see just what I mean.  This is the perfect elixir for the soul as the weather cools down, but I believe that this treasure should be enjoyed all year long. Aftelier Perfumes Organic Matcha Chai Tea is nothing short of extraordinary, but that is true of everything that Mandy makes!

2.5 grams for $4.00 and 25 grams for $30.00 from Aftelier Perfumes (unaffiliated link). Stock photo courtesy of Aftelier Perfumes.

*This was a gift sent for my use, but it was too extraordinary not to share with you!
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  1. I love matcha powder. I bake with it and, of course, drink it. The preparation of the matcha tea is just so beautiful: the bowl, the small whisk, the powdery goodness turning frothy and milky green. Here in NYC there's a place called Cha An where they have a Japanese tea ceremony twice a month. The place itself is adorable too! Mandy's mind creates all things beautiful and I just want them all.
    Hugs to glamorous Lola and your other babies. Have a lovely weekend Helen

    1. Hi wefadetogray!! I absolutely knew that if anyone was responsive to this post- that it would be you. Frankly, I had you in mind when I posted it! How did I know- just call it a sixth sense! Cha An sounds wonderful, indeed!!!! I agree, Mandy's mind really does create all things beautiful! I just hugged Lola and Maximus for you! A big hug to you! I hope that you have a beautiful NYC weekend. <3

    2. Awww that is so sweet. It made my day. I have had a terrible month and an even more terrible week so I welcome your post and your 6th sense with much appreciation :)

    3. I'm so glad that it made your day-- I just wish that your week and month hadn't been terrible :( Hopefully that will pass soon!! Lola sends you purrs and nose licks! xoxo

    4. I believe all will be fine, eventually. Lola's love is healing :)

    5. If I lived in NYC I would take you out for tea at Cha An to try and lift your spirits! I am sending all kinds of positive energy your way! :-)

    6. That would have been perfect! You are so sweet :)

    7. It would have been just perfect! :-)

  2. What an amazing review Helen, I can’t thank you enough! Your glowing comments mean so much to me, coming from a real matcha connoisseur, and your gorgeous photos and description of the process are such a treasure, thanks again!
    xo Mandy

    1. Thank you, Mandy -- that means a great deal to me that you feel that way. Thank you for such an amazing tea-- like no other! This is a brilliant take on two very different types of teas-- it is so satisfying to drink that one always hopes that they are drinking from an ever self-replenishing bowl. I savor every single drop for the ritual and the exquisite flavor. You make magic with all of your brilliant and nuanced creations. The real treasure is you! xoxo, Helen


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