Friday, September 6, 2013

Prestige Cosmetics The Bright Glow of Fresh White for Fall Launch & Special Sale!

Press Release

The only thing that should stress you out when wearing white is stains, not the outdated idea that white is a season-specific color. Winter white is not only hot for fashion but also for your face. Check out some of our tips on how to use white cosmetics and receive 5 percent off when you send $10 or more and 10 percent off when you spend $25 or more on our site.

Extra tips:
Lips: Use white eyeliner as a highlighting lip liner. Apply the liner over the Cupid's bow to define that area, then blend into skin before applying colored lip liner and lipstick. Then, dab the white liner under the center of the bottom lip. This will make any bright lip color pop while making lips look fuller.

Face: Hide a blemish by applying white eyeliner to it first, then cover it with concealer. The whites will neutralize the red of the blemish to create perfect coverage.

Nails: Prestige Cosmetics WonderGloss Nail Lacquer in Snow ($3.95) can be used for more than just a French manicure. Use one coat of white polish under bright polish colors to eliminate the need for multiple coats. You can also use it as a base when creating nail art.

Prestige Cosmetics, established more than 30 years ago, is dedicated to being a leader in its class. The company is at the forefront of innovating makeup concepts that go beyond the norm of the competition by creating and using new cosmetic materials. Their core value is to offer superior quality products at an affordable price. To shop online, visit Prestige Cosmetics. (Unaffiliated link).

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