Thursday, August 22, 2013

Shannon's Soaps: New Tropical Coconut Sugar Scrub Review

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Shannon's Soaps makes gorgeous products for the face, body and soul- and their latest addition is a scrumptiously good Tropical Coconut Sugar Scrub

According to Shannon's Soaps, "Dull-looking skin?  Not on my watch, sister.  When you need to scrub away those dead skin cells, grab a tub of sugar scrub or an exfoliating bar and gently buff your way to brighter skin."

This delightful body scrub strikes the perfect balance in texture between the amount of oil used, and the small sized sugar grains chosen. The result is a perfect exfoliation every time, and without an oily mess to contend with (as often happens when too much oil is used). The luxurious scrub smells so good that you might be tempted to eat it (don't), and the scent lingers on the skin and in the air for long enough to transport you to a tropical island. Everything about this scrub is fantastic, and it is affordable!
Choose from a natural essential oil scent (Peppermint) or a fragrance oil scents (Tropical Coconut).

Overall assessment: Fabulously effective body scrub, and the scent will make you deliriously happy!

4.5 oz. for $8.50 Available from Shannon's Soaps. (Unaffiliated Links provided for your convenience)
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  1. This sounds amazing and affordable! I adore tropical smelling scrubs although I am not a lover of the tropics myself, strangely enough. Is this for both body and face?
    Have you tried the Elemis body scrub, Helen? I think you will love it. It smells of coconut and frangipani but instead of sugar it has salt in it. It smells of paradise and love!
    Thanks for this review. I need to try this.

    1. It smells and feels so good. I think that it is intended for the body alone-- it doesn't specify but I edited my post to indicate it for the body. I only use sugar scrubs suspended in oils on my body, and something a touch more gentle for the face.

      I have not tried the Elemis body scrub!! It sounds amazing- I will have to try a sample! It's funny that you love tropical smells, but not the tropics! Have a lovely weekend!


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