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Aftelier Perfumes Jasmine Face Elixir with Geranium and Ylang Ylang Review

I would be remiss if I treated anything that Mandy Aftel loving creates as belonging to the mainstream skincare and perfume paradigm. She is an artist and the byproduct of her magical enterprise is essentially a modern permutation of alchemy, but the fruits of her labor must be viewed as art- anything less does no service to her miraculous and ethereal concoctions. As I have said before, Mandy is a Postmodern Alchemist of sorts- and what she makes is unlike anything that you have ever experienced.

According to Mandy, "I create fragrances from my comprehensive collection of pure and natural essences that I have assembled through years of searching for the best and most beautiful varieties. I hand-blend and bottle the fragrances in small batches in my studio, and personally attend to every detail of the process in creating every product. I love adding a sense of luxury and well-being to people’s lives."
Press Sample
Aftelier Face Elixirs are,

Perfect for both men and women, these anti-oxidant rich face elixirs comfort your skin and promote cell regeneration. This lightweight formula absorbs easily, immediately moisturizing, softening, and conditioning. Use on your clean face before bed, and drift off to sleep in a light veil of fragrance that promotes relaxation. When you wake up, your skin will feel wonderfully nourished and revitalized. For men, use after shaving to nourish your face.

Mandy's Face Elixirs are beautiful highly concentrated serums that elicit an immediate visceral reaction, and in the most delightfully intoxicating way. Upon first experiencing Jasmine Face Elixir with Geranium and Ylang Ylang one is immediately struck by the sheer genius in the brilliant and unexpected juxtaposition of the Jasmine, Ylang Ylang and Geranium scents that lend themselves to the warm complexity of the scent. While each of the predominating scents modifies and tempers the next, one finds the top notes to be predominantly a commingling of the Jasmine and the Ylang Ylang. However, this amalgam of scents is perfectly balanced without one overpowering the other, and this combination of soothing scents can only be described as the perfect union. This elixir has a profoundly calming effect of the body and soul, and therefore is a perfect before bedtime treat for the senses, the spirit, and the skin. However, if you are finding yourself stressed or anxious at any time of the day-  then I implore you to apply this to your face, and breath it in slowly and continuously until your body responds- and trust me it will. There is nothing quite like the combination of Jasmine and Ylang Ylang to quiet the mind and spirit. If I had to choose a vice for calming my nerves when I am stressed- it would be this Jasmine Face Elixir! Indeed, this beautiful golden elixir awakens a glorious sensory experience in the person using this magical potion. I am so captivated and enraptured by the scent of this beautiful oil, but as of yet I haven't even addressed its effects on the skin- which are astounding.

According to Mandy, Jasmine Face Elixir with Geranium and Ylang Ylang is:

Wonderful for both men and women as a restorative treatment for the face: easy to use, non-greasy, and great for travel. This lightweight formula absorbs easily, immediately moisturizing, softening, and conditioning. Featuring jasmine, geranium, and ylang ylang, our face elixir is in a base of the following organic oils: rice bran, sweet almond, apricot kernel, camellia grapeseed, squalene, and rose hip seed oils. The oils are chosen for their ability to promote cell regeneration and for their beautiful aromas. Use on your clean face before bed and drift off to sleep in a light veil of fragrance that promotes relaxation. When you wake up, your skin will feel wonderfully nourished and revitalized. For men, use after shaving to nourish your face.

As Mandy suggests, this is a lightweight formula that absorbs easily. It leaves the skin immensely moisturized as well as incredibly soft and supple. It likewise gives the skin an unbelievable healthy glow that is praiseworthy, and trust me- people will comment on your skin when you use this, period.

The combination of oils is so nourishing to the skin that I have gotten away without using an additional moisturizer, and for me this is proof positive that this is an extraordinary oil. Mandy carefully selected the oils based upon their inherent properties as follows:

- Organic grapeseed and organic sweet almond, rich in vitamins and minerals, helps tone the skin
- Organic rice bran oil reduces the formation of wrinkles and slows down aging
- Organic squalene helps hydrate and protect the skin, encourages regeneration of healthy skin cells, and prevents premature aging of the skin
- Organic camellia oil, rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin E
- Organic rose hip oil improves elasticity and has a rejuvenating effect on the skin

Additionally, Jasmine oil is a very moisturizing, soothing and calming oil that does wonders on healing dry skin. Ylang Ylang is purported to be an aphrodisiac, and it also promotes relaxation, and is said to kill bacteria. Geranium is a wonder oil that treats a plethora of skin conditions including acne, eczema, dermatitis, and bruises. This combination creates a very potent and deeply moisturizing elixir that in my estimation would be the crowning achievement of its creator. Yet, Mandy is a magical alchemist with many crowns to wear since this is but one of her many masterpieces.

My favorite way to use this golden elixir is to warm up a couple of drops in my hands and then massage it into my warm slightly damp skin. This method creates an even greater sensory experience- not to mention that it absorbs deeper and faster this way.
Overall assessment: In this day and age finding true artisanal skincare products is an absolute rarity.  Mandy spares no expense in using the highest quality ingredients available in her lovingly made handcrafted luxury products. In the vast sea of luxury face oils available from luxury retailers-- you will find no parallel to the uncompromising quality and exacting standards at Aftelier Perfumes. To state that this is an amazing product from an amazing company, and that is handmade by an amazing woman is an understatement of the highest order. If you try one new company this whole year- it should be Aftelier Perfumes!

The creative and intuitive genius that is Mandy Aftel is far more significant and important than anything that I could say in a single product review. She is a former therapist turned Atelier perfumer, and a brilliant author. Mandy is known and respected far and wide, and this post doesn't do her justice. You will be hearing much more from me about this lovely woman and her gorgeous lovingly crafted products, and of that you can be assured.

$6.00 for 1 ml. &  $40.00 for 7 ml. from Aftelier Perfumes. (Unaffiliated link for your convenience).
Press Sample. All views expressed are categorically my own.

Artwork above is a modified frontispiece from the First Edition of Lazarus Ercker's Treatise on Ores and Assaying (1574).
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  1. Wow Lola - thank you so much! I love your blog, and what you said about my work is so meaningful & important to me, I feel deeply grateful & honored. Great pictures too - my products have never looked so good!
    xo Mandy

    1. No need to thank me, Mandy. The pleasure was all mine! Everything that I said was from the bottom of my heart. What you create is unlike anything that I have EVER experienced. You have the deft hands of a Michelangelo when you create your art. In my estimation you are peerless. I'm honored that you even thought me worthy to review your products! xoxox

  2. It sounds like sheer pleasure! What to do with all the amazing beauty oils and elixirs out there but to slather yourself with them all and feel like a goddess!

    1. This is beyond sheer pleasure- this product is so far beyond anything that I have ever imagined. It is so complex and bewitching! Exactly!!!!!!! :D


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