Friday, June 7, 2013

Scünci New No-Slip Grip Claw Clips Review

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While I do enjoy wearing my hair down, I often pull it back to keep it out of the way-- especially during the summer when it is so warm outside. One of my favorite ways to do so is with pretty Grip Clips because they are fun, convenient, easy to use, and they never pull the hair.
I have used a lovely assortment of Grip Clips over the years, and Scünci has repeatedly proven to make some of my very favorites to date. However, they have finally outdone themselves with their new No-Slip Grip Claw Clips- because they have employed a new technology:

This season, it’s all about spring bling and style trends at scünci Hair Accessories!  The exciting news is our second generation of scünci No-Slip Grip® technology with cushion hold delivers the best, proven combination of comfortable, secure, all-day hold for all hair types!
The new collection features all sorts of on-trend pretty clips to choose from!

According to Scünci,

It gets even better! Scünci has done it yet again by capturing the latest fashion trends into the new scünci 2013 trend collection! If you’re the girl who has that classic style with a bit of edge, the girl who loves feminine looks, lives by her own rules or who is high energy, then these were made for you!

So, get a grip and add some bling to your spring! Let scünci help you add great style for every day looks or special occasions like proms, weddings, graduations and more. Here’s what’s trendy from the scünci Hair Accessories line this season:

Scünci No-Slip Grip® Clips: The perfect solution to keep your hairstyle in place. Available in large, medium or small sizes, as well as shapes including cute butterfly designs, and beautiful sparkly, shiny finishes.

No-Slip Grip Jaw Clip with Galaxy finish
No-Slip Grip Circle Jaw Clip
No-Slip Grip Textured Metal Jaw Clip
No-Slip Grip Triangle Jaw Clip
No-Slip Grip Infiniti Barrette

 Available at drug and mass retailers for an average retail price of $2.99 - $4.99.
A close-up view of the internal grip mechanism that prevents hair from slipping out. This is a particularly fantastic feature for people with silky straight hair that tends to slip out of conventional grip clips, but it works wonders on my curly hair as well!

Overall assessment: These are as stylish as they are functional. They are simultaneously very high quality while remaining very affordable. The new internal grip mechanism is just a brilliant solution- it makes these clips far more effective at holding the hair in place than all of the previous grip clips that came before! It is especially convenient that they are easy to find since they are widely available at drugstores and mass retailers.

Available at drug and mass retailers for an average retail price of $2.99 - $4.99. Unaffiliated links provided for your convenience.

Press Samples. All views expressed are categorically my own. Stock image provided by Scünci


  1. Ok yeah, I will definitely be investing in some of these! :P My hair is really straight and slippery so EVERYTHING always slips off of it! I have the no-slip hair ties and love those so some of these clips would be perfect for me :)

    1. These will be perfect for you, Becca-- they are brilliantly clever-- and will keep your hair in place without letting it slip out. I have been using the big brown one every day since I pulled them off of the display card. I also love that they are so affordable! :-)

  2. Very Cool! These hair clips are definitely cool! Your blog is amazing!

    1. Thanks, Kara. These clips are definitely very cool.

  3. OMG!!! I need these hair clips. My hair is kinda thin and whenever I put on clips, it slips. This will be on my purchase list.

    1. Hi Alicia!! Yes, this is such a simple solution to such a big problem for so many people! I think that you will love these! I like them so much that I have been wearing the big brown one with the pretty sparkles every single day since getting them. I also love that they are so affordable and easy to find! I hope that you love them! :-)


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