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B. Kamins Lactic-10: A Miraculous Product & Happy New Beginnings! Review!

Press Sample
B. Kamins Lactic-10 is a, "hydrating alpha beta home peel to help improve skin texture and clarity. Ideal for more sensitive skin types."

A sophisticated exfoliating and hydrating alpha beta home peel that combines lactic and salicylic acid. Ideal for more sensitive skin types, this topical treatment will help increase cellular renewal for a smoother, brighter skin tone. The Lactic-10 also controls unwanted sebum and calms skin with anti-inflammatory Vitamin B5. A combination of nourishing and moisturizing ingredients will help replenish skin while AHAs and BHAs help diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and acne scars.

Skin Types:  
All skin types, particularly sun and environmentally-damaged skin. Should be avoided on extremely hyper-sensitive skin.

Primary Purpose
To help increase cellular renewal for a smoother, brighter skin tone and to diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and acne scars. 

Key Features & Benefits:
-Alcohol, color and fragrance-free.
-A combination of lactic and salicylic acid make this topical exfoliant an extremely effective alpha beta home peel.
-Moisturizing and anti-inflammatory ingredients help make this peel ideal for sensitive skin types, including mild acne and rosacea.  
-Increases the rate of cell renewal to brighten and restore clarity to uneven complexions.
-Helps stimulate the production of collagen and elastin to help skin become thicker, tighter and more firm. 
-Helps diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and scars.
-Helps improve skin texture – leaves skin softer and healthier-looking.
-Buffered to pH 4.0.
B. Kamins suggests,  

Before use evaluate skin texture and inquire about client's history of glycolic or lactic acid use.

Apply morning and/or night to cleansed skin using the applicator to target specific problem areas on the face and neck, avoiding eye area.  DO NOT RINSE.  Start by one application every other night, increase to one application daily, then up to two times daily for best results. May be used in conjunction with Renewal Serum. (i.e. Morning: Renewal Serum, Night: Lactic-10).

Warnings and suggestions from B. Kamins: The tingling sensation that may be felt is a sign that the product is active on the skin. The sensation tends to diminish with repeated use. Should it persist or should signs of irritation appear discontinue use. For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of children’s reach.

According to B. Kamins,

-Lactic Acid can increase sun sensitivity. Sunbar SPF 48 is recommended for use during Lactic treatments.   
-It is a good idea to start out slowly, and gradually increase use with Lactic Acid. 
Lactic Acid should not be applied on lesions or around the eyes.
-For use on entire face and neck, application period must be controlled. Apply for a period of 8 weeks, then discontinue use for the following 8 weeks (8 weeks on, 8 weeks off).
My experience: This is a very effective lactic acid-based peel. One of the things that I am very intrigued by is the ingenious packaging and applicator. Rather than a pump applicator, the thick round tip is applied directly to the skin and delivers precisely the right amount of product. It is actually very pleasant and easy to use, and the packaging itself is nothing short of brilliant. There is neither too much product dispensed, nor any spillage-- making this product very convenient and easy to use. 

While the packaging is superb, it is the contents of the bottle that will win the hearts of everyone who loves to use Lactic Acid based peels. When I first began using Lactic-10, I definitely noticed a tingling sensation as it got to work on my skin. However, as B. Kamins suggested, this tingling sensation did diminish with use. At this point I no longer experience tingling after having used Lactic-10 once a day for nearly a month. I have used numerous Lactic Acid based products, but none more effective than this one. Dead skin beware, Lactic-10 really means business. My skin is very smooth, it has a pronounced clarity, my fine lines are softened, and I have markedly brighter skin. While this is a very potent peel it did not ever irritate, dehydrate, or dry out my combination skin.

It is, however, important that I remind you that my skin is accustomed to the use of Lactic Acid based products, and as such it tends not to be hyper-reactive to peels. I am among the people who react to such products quite favorably, but that is not to say that you will have the same type of reaction. People with sensitive to very sensitive skin may find this product too active, and/or irritating- and should exercise caution with this type of product.

Furthermore, any product that causes skin cell turnover at a more rapid rate exposes new skin to environmental assaults- therefore it very important to exercise due diligence and slather your skin with a high SPF sunscreen on a daily basis when using this type of product. 
Overall assessment: Excellent job, B. Kamins- you have made yet another superb product! This is an amazingly effective peel that delivers real results. Bravo!

$40.00 for 1 fl. oz from B. Kamins and Dermstore (Affiliate link).
Press Sample. All views expressed are categorically my own.


  1. This looks very promising...fantastic review! I am impressed by the Lactic Acid concentration and packaging...definitely going to try this product!

    Happy weekend...xoxo,

    --The Beauty Professor

    1. Thanks, sweetie! I'm glad you like the review. This product definitely gives all of the other Lactic Acid-based products a run for their money-- a higher concentration at a fraction of the price is impressive, and a great find! It's well worth trying! <3

  2. Hi,
    I just found your blog and love it. I have a question ... would you pick this product over the Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment?
    I see so many great review about Good Genes but if there is something that is better and cheaper that would be great of course.
    Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Vanessa,

      Welcome to my little blog!! Thanks for saying such nice things! Good Genes is a very nice product, but I find that since B. Kamins has a higher concentration of Lactic Acid that it is more effective/efficient at removing dead skin and revealing a gorgeous glow. I also really like the applicator a great deal- it makes it very easy to use, and it makes targeted application so efficient. The price difference is also $75.00- so that is definitely something to consider. Of course it is ultimately a matter of personal preference, but I will definitely be buying a bottle of the B. Kamins when I finish this one! Keep me posted! :-)

  3. Lola, thank you so much for getting back with me so quick! I think I will get the B. Kamins and the Sponge Skin Care Gel Katharistiko for mornings and the Tatcha Cleansing Oil for night time.
    Also, I have some other questions ...

    1. What eye cream would you recommend for hydration and dark circles?
    2. Have you ever tried the BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE P50 V "1970" toner?
    3. Have you tried Alpha-H liquid Gold products?

    Thanks so much again, Vanessa

    1. You are VERY welcome, Vanessa! I hope that you love the B. Kamins Lactic-10. I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed by their products. OMG, the Sponge Gel Katharistiko remains my very favorite cleanser--it is so amazing- it leaves my skin thoroughly cleaned but softer than I have ever imagined possible from a cleanser. It isn't stripping, it is amazing alone or with a Clarisonic, and it makes my skin feel as though I have applied a serum before I have! It really is great stuff in my opinion. The TATCHA Camillia Cleansing Oil is amazing! They have a remarkable line!

      1. As you know, I also have the problem of dark circles- and as a result I am always on the hunt for something to address that issue. The time before last when I went to Costco I saw that they has Dr. Brandt Dark Circles Away Collagen Eye Serum- so I quickly checked the reviews and grabbed it because they were favorable, and because it was something like $15.00 cheaper than at Sephora (I think I paid $30 something). I haven't used it long enough to review it, but I have used it long enough to say that I like it and that my dark circles are definitely lighter. It can be worn alone, or under another eye cream if you want more moisture. I find that the moisture that it offers is adequate, but when I want more moisture these days I have been reaching for my B. Kamins Nia-Stem Eye Cream Kx-- I only use the tiniest little bit and get great moisture from it.

      2. I have not tried the BIOLOGIQUE RECHERECHE P50 V "1970" toner. Is this a phenomenal product that I need to look into? :-)

      3) I haven't tried Alpha-H Liquid Gold products, but have wondered about them for a while now. I haven't looked into it further largely because I have been using Retin A based products as well as Lactic Acid based products-- so until I use up what I have there is little need to add another type of exfoliating/resurfacing product to my stash. Have you tried their products?

      Keep me posted!!! Have a lovely day! :-)

  4. Hi. I'm a new reader and am loving your blog! I' m just wondering if you could help me, please? I have Good Genes on my wish list as I've heard it really helps with enlarged pores. Do you think this would do as good a job? I don't know if it is purely down to the lactic acid or if it is a combination of ingredients in the Good Genes. Thanks so much :)

    1. Hi Gillian-- Welcome to my blog!!! Thank you so much for your kind words! It's absolutely my pleasure to help you in any way that I can! I have some enlarged pores near my nose and Good Genes has never done anything to reduce their size (at all)- nor has the B. Kamins Lactic-10. For me, both products do more in terms of removing dead skin and revealing glowing fresh skin, and they soften fine lines. Both work well, but I find that the B. Kamins Lactic-10 is more potent. After using Good Genes for a long period of time I find that I hit a plateau with respect to the removal of dead skin. With the Lactic-10 I have yet to hit that plateau--it seems to be a more "active" product, and as such I feel that I am getting better and more visible results. The methods of application are very different as well: Good Genes has a liquid/lotion consistency that you apply directly to the skin- whereas the Lactic-10 is a liquid with a novel dispenser that you rub directly onto your face. It took a moment for me to get the hang of- especially since I had been using Good Genes for so many years, but I was completely blown away by the results. The applicator also adds a touch of friction that whisks away all of the dead skin immediately revealing gorgeous skin.

      As to the issue of enlarged pores- I find that peels and masks keep them clean-- which in turn makes them look better. Sadly, pore size is genetically determined- so the best that we can do is to keep them clean and clear of gunk- and in so doing it will make the pores APPEAR smaller, but it won't actually reduce their size. Beyond that using a good primer and light diffusing foundation or tinted moisturizer will go a long way to reduce they appearance!

      There are more drastic ways to reduce pore size, but it can't be achieved by using over-the-counter cosmetic products. It requires a trip to the dermatologist instead. Here's an interesting article where a well-known dermatologist discusses the options:

      Keep me posted!!! Have a lovely weekend! :-)

    2. Thanks so much for replying. That was an interesting, and rather disappointing, read!

      I have actually gone ahead and ordered the Lactic-10 and I have my fingers-crossed for good results. I use a lactic acid lotion on my body and it feels amazing, so I'm hoping I will achieve the same for my face with this.

      I am interested to see it says you use for eight weeks and then eight weeks off. Will the effects last for those eight weeks off, or will I spend two months looking amazing, and then the next two months looking dull? Or is there something else I could use for the eight weeks off?

      Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it :)

    3. Sorry, just had another thought - if I were to only use this every two or three days do you think it would be necessary to have a break from it, or could I use it continuously? Sorry for all the questions, and thanks so much for your help :)

    4. I know what you mean-- I was pretty bummed out when I learned that as well-- however, at least it means that we can have realistic expectations from the products that we buy rather than being disappointed that our pores don't magically permanently shrink in size.

      I have found Lactic-10 to be very powerful and potent- so I would see how your skin reacts to it before varying from their recommended use. My skin can sometimes be pretty finicky and sensitive-- even though it is combination skin-- so with peel type exfoliating products I tend to use them as directed at least until I understand how they work for my skin. Then I generally consult with the Company Rep or SA to see if it is okay to use more often. If it were me, I would see how your skin does with it- then I would send an email to B. Kamins to ask whether or not it is okay to use it perhaps every other night-- rather than 8 weeks on/ 8 weeks off. I tend to be pretty conservative in the way I use heavy hitting peels for fear of thinning the skin.

      I didn't find that my skin became dull in the off time, but I also use and test lots of other products that stave off dead skin. This is definitely one of the very best that I have tried in terms of efficacy though-- no question.

      Your question is such a good one, that you might email or call B. Kamins before you begin using it to see whether it is safe to use with more frequency-- they will be able to answer all of your questions. You might want to discuss your skin with them in greater detail, and they may offer you a modified way to use it if this is going to be your only exfoliating product.

      For me personally, at this point I use it as needed-- not 8 weeks on 8 weeks off. If I feel my skin is a touch dull- then I use it and generally at nighttime. When I wake up my skin looks fantastic. Another thing to consider is that the 8 weeks on might be way too much for your skin, and it will need to be modified to every other night.I would definitely consult with B. Kamins to see what they suggest. I also would avoid putting it anywhere near or under the eyes.

      I hope that this was helpful! Keep me posted! I can't wait to hear what you think about it! :-)

    5. I hope that I am making sense-- let me know if you need any clarification. One thing that I should say, is that I definitely avoided using Retinol (Retin A) type of products at the same time that I use Lactic-10-- because that is just too much exfoliation that leaves the skin far too vulnerable. I also avoid physical scrub/exfoliants when I am using it as well. I also really load up on sunscreen to keep the more vulnerable exfoliated skin protected so that I don't end up with hyper pigmentation as a result. :)

  5. Thank you so much for your help. I'm afraid I have a bit of a wait for it to arrive as I am in the UK and have had to order from the US. I'll try emailing them as you suggest and I'll let you know what they say. Thanks again for your help :) x

    1. It is absolutely my pleasure, Gillian! Please do keep me posted- I am very interested to hear what you think of it! I hope that you see the results that I have! I have actually found that I need to use exfoliating products far less often since I began using several of the products from The Organic Pharmacy-- have you tried anything from their line? It's a UK company- so you should have fairly easy access to get your hands on some samples. I am smitten with their products and have noted a greater change in my skin since I have been using the line. :-)

  6. It's funny you should say that - I found your blog while looking for reviews of Sunday Riley, but then I read about your love of The Organic Pharmacy and several things have shot to the top of my wish list. I have just ordered the Flower Petal mask (trying to help with those pesky pores), and I was gifted the Carrot Butter cleanser and Herbal Toner. The things right at the top of my list for when payday comes around though is the Rose Marine Collagen Complex and the Antioxidant Face Firming Serum.

    I, like you, have combination skin, so I'm hoping those are going to work as well for me as they have for you.

    I love your blog, but I can sense an extremely depleted bank balance coming on!!

    Thanks again, and I will keep in touch and let you know how I get on :)

    1. The Organic Pharmacy is by far the most effective line that I have tried with respect to anti-aging benefits. The Rose Marine Collagen Complex and the Antioxidant Face Firming Serum are utterly amazing-- and that combination has done more for my skin than anything that I have tried in years. I also use their Antioxidant Face Gel (I will review it soon) in conjunction with the Rose Marine Collagen Complex and the Antioxidant Face Firming Serum. I used up my samples of their Flower Petal Mask and am going to buy that soon-- it acted like a vacuum sucking stuff out of my pores far better than any of the clay masks that i have tried. It's kind of crazy the way that it purges the pores (and a touch gross, but tinged by the morbid curiosity of seeing so much stuff come out of the pores). I think that this product will do wonders for your skin-- you can use it as a physical exfoliant as well as a mask to draw debris out of the pores. It's pretty mind blowing. One of my readers told me that I should try their sunscreen as well- she said that it is phenomenal. Those are both at the top of my list.

      I have to say, since I have been using the products that I have from The Organic Pharmacy that my skin is so luminous and clear that I have not found the need to use either my Retinol based night products or my Lactic Acid based products with any real regularity. This is new territory for me since I had been heavily reliant on them before I added The Organic Pharmacy into regular rotation. I think that you may find yourself in a similar situation if your skin responds to these products like mine has. The main thing that I do with my skin is just pay close attention to what it appears to need in a given day-- therefore if it doesn't look like it needs any exfoliating (either manual scrubs or Lactic Acid, Retinol types of products)-- then I simply don't use it. The two things I am ALWAYS consistent about using on a daily basis are my nourishing face oils and sunscreen-- but other treatment based products are only reached for when it is clear that my skin will benefit from them.

      Oh Gillian, I know just what you mean about a depleted bank balance-- I get tempted by so many little pretties-- and sometimes I simply lose my mind on my shopping sprees-- mostly with skincare products though.

      I can't wait to hear what you think about everything that you are trying out! You will have to let me know what you think about the Carrot Butter Cleanser and Herbal Toner-- I may have to add those to my list as well! :D

      Enjoy the rest of your weekend! xo

    2. Hi Lola. I just wanted to report back with my findings so far. I was lucky enough to receive samples of the Antioxidant serum and gel and they are amazing! I'm totally smitten and am ordering the full sizes right away. They were 2.5ml samples of each and lasted me a week and the difference in my skin was incredible. I often suffer with some blocked pores - tiny bumps - on my chin, and within a couple of days of using those samples they were all gone - completely smooth skin!

      My Lactic-10 arrived yesterday and I used it for the first time last night. I was really lucky because that coincided with my samples running out. Again, lovely smooth, bright skin this morning.

      The Carrot Butter cleanser is lovely. It feels really luxurious, but it is really quite thick and it doesn't emulsify so I have to be really careful to remove it well with a washcloth. I think this may be better for me as we get into winter when my skin is a little more dry.

      I really want to thank you so much for your fantastic blog. You have introduced me to an incredible brand and I can't wait to get my hands on more from The Organic Pharmacy! :) x

    3. Hi Gillian!!! I am soooooo happy that you were able to get samples first, and I am simply thrilled that you love The Organic Pharmacy products-- aren't they utterly amazing-- now you know just why I effusively gush over their products every chance that I get! It's perfect that you are in the UK and that it is a UK company-- that will ensure easy access to their products. I'm really so thrilled that you are smitten- as am I! How is the Flower Petal Deep Cleanser and Exfoliating Mask working for you?

      I'm so glad that your Lactic-10 arrived-- what perfect timing that it arrived just as you had run out of your other samples! I'm so glad that it made your skin smooth and bright-- I really love that product a lot!

      The Carrot Butter cleanser sounds lovely-- I will have to try a sample to see how it works for me-- however, since it is from The Organic Pharmacy I imagine that it will be true love! Thanks for the tips on how to use it. If you wait to use it in the winter-- be sure to seal the lid tightly to keep the air out (natural products can have a tendency to turn faster when they are stuffed full of preservatives- as you know). Like you, I can't wait to get my hands on more products at The Organic Pharmacy!!!!

      Oh Gillian, it is absolutely my pleasure that I could introduce you to fabulous products that I love. Thank you for your very meaningful kind words! Please stay in touch!!! :-) xoxox


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