Friday, April 5, 2013

Susan Thompson Cosmetics New Creamy Lipsticks in GORGEOUS Shades!

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Susan Thompson Cosmetics has just launched a stunning Spring/Summer Collection that includes 5 new stunning Creamy Lipsticks! As you already know from my effusively gushing post yesterday, among the new lipstick shades is Lola's Secret that was specifically created in my honor. And what an honor it is for me! All 5 shades boast superior pigmentation, highly saturated colors, opaque coverage (though they can be blotted down and worn as lip stains), and comfortable wear. Four of the new shades are Mattes, but not the drying mattes of yesteryear that are inherently drying. Even hours and hours after application a beautiful stain remains. If you are prone to severely dry lips, I would still add a touch of lip balm beneath- but I must say that the formula is very comfortable and creamy, and my lips are not left feeling dry. 
Cuban Nights (Matte): Fabulous on-trend vibrant and highly saturated orange. Opaque coverage. Can be blotted as a stain.
Wide Awake (Matte): A stunning peachy coral.
Romance (Matte): The ultimate nude peachy pink.
Fun is Free (Pearl Creme): Breathtaking fuchsia.
Lola's Secret (Matte) (Reviewed here): A complex grown-up pink that has a modulating chameleon-like quality. Truly spectacular, and even more so in that it was created for me!
Lola's Secret is swatched twice on the far right- because once is just not enough!
Ingredients for Matte Lipsticks:
 Ingredients for Pearl Creme Lipstick:
Overall assessment: Amazing formula and gorgeous highly saturated colors. Not only is each color perfectly on-trend, but they are also very long-wearing and extremely comfortable on the lips. The quality of these beauties exemplifies everything that one expects in even the most exorbitantly priced luxury lipsticks, but they are instead housed in a modest and unassuming little tube. Simply amazing quality.

4 grams $21.00 each Available from Susan Thompson Cosmetics (not an affiliate link). Susan Thompson Cosmetics is a Cruelty Free Company and all products are Made in the USA.


  1. So cool that the shade was created in your honor! By the way, I have tagged you in the Liebster award, and the details are on my blog if you would like to partake!

    1. Thank you, Kadie Lee! That is so kind of you to say. I am tremendously honored indeed!!! Thank you for your thoughtful Liebster nomination!! Have a lovely weekend! :D

  2. Oh! Silly facebook! I saw the preview for this and didn't check to see the date or that you already had the swatches up. The ones that caught my eye were Lola's Secret and Romance, but now that I saw the swatches I find them all gorgeous. Sure winners! Thank you!

    1. Lola's Secret and Romance are both amazing, and I actually really like mixing them together! A touch of Fun is Free also makes for a gorgeous custom blend! I find them all gorgeous as well, and am over the moon about this whole collection! <3

  3. Wow! That's amazing that they created one in your honor! :) The shade is beautiful, too!

    1. Thanks, Arielle! I can hardly believe it!! The honor is tremendous, and the color is stupendous!! :D


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