Monday, April 15, 2013

Susan Thompson Cosmetics Liquid Blush in Just Peachy: Swatches & Review

Press Sample
Susan Thompson Cosmetics knows a thing or two about how to create the perfect liquid blush. In fact, I can honestly say that I believe that her Liquid Blush is by far the best on the market.
Susan Thompson Cosmetics has created the best liquid blushes to end all liquid blushes, period end of subject. These gorgeous and complex shades can be worn separately, mixed together to customize the color, worn on the lips and eyes, or used on the body.
I have even found that mixing the smallest amount of Just Peachy in with a tinted moisturizer or foundation adds an extra pop of color and depth. In addition to being a fantastic blush, Just Peachy is an amazing contour shade and a phenomenal non-oxidizing bronzer. This beauty is tremendously versatile whether you are using it for everyday wear, HD or Red Camera Projects, or on the Runway. This formula was developed to effectively be applied in seconds which is crucial for the fast-paced makeup and wardrobe changes that are necessary backstage at fashion shows, for TV & Film, and for all other forms of production work. Mom's on the go, students, and everyone fighting the clock to get out the door and head to work will appreciate that this blush formula can be applied in no time at all, and that it can change an entire look with nearly no effort.
As a makeup artist, it has always been Susan's goal to never have production waiting for makeup- so if there is a delay it will not be because of her! This made her really stop to think about how busy our lives have become- therefore a chief concern of hers is that the entire line is geared toward optimal results in no time at all, but with unbelievable results and quality!
Susan's Liquid Blushes are far more natural looking than powder blushes- which is of great importance for HD and Red Camera Projects, but also more flattering for everyday wear. One of the most astounding characteristics of this formula is that it reactivates itself throughout the day through the warmth of the touch. All you need to do is rub the area with warm clean fingers- therefore reapplication is rendered unnecessary! One of the most remarkable things that I noticed is that these blushes do not settle into pores or fine lines- which I find often find happens with liquid and cream blushes.  It is for this very reason that I have generally tended to prefer the texture and finish of powder blushes instead. In this respect, Susan's Liquid Blushes have been a real eye-opening game changer for me! Did I mention that the texture is simply divine and silky smooth?
Key Features:
High Definition Make Up
Paraben Free
No Animal Testing
Recycled packaging
10% goes to charity (The ASPCA and The American Red Cross)
Made in the USA

Overall assessment: Just Peachy is an extraordinarily high quality buildable blush, bronzer and contour. As I said before, this blush formula has caused a real paradigm shift in my view of what makes an excellent blush. I was decidedly a fan of powder blushes, but Susan Thompson Cosmetics has changed my opinion! I cannot recommend it highly enough! This is unquestionably a luxury product at an unbelievably reasonable price. A+

$20.00 from Susan Thompson Cosmetics. (Unaffiliated link).
Press Sample. All views expressed are categorically my own.

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  1. I've never used a non-powder blush before, but I recently saw it in a tutorial on 77Looks and now your blog and I'm really thinking about it.

    Did you find that it was easy to get too heavy handed with?

    1. Hi Sandy!

      I was the same way- in fact I would go so far as to say that I had an aversion to liquid and cream blushes before I started using Susan Thompson Cosmetics Liquid Blushes (my VERY favorite is Mim's the Word) Here are the swatches of all of her blushes:

      The formula is so smooth and it is very effortless to apply. I find it rather natural and organic to use when I apply it with my finger tips. The formula is buildable, but I find it very easy to control coverage by pumping a SMALL amount onto the back of my hand and using my hand as a palette. I only pick up a small amount with my fingers and repeat until I achieve the level of coverage that I desire. It is so easy, and it requires no tools at all! I have never found a product that I like better, and actually stopped looking altogether because I love STC Liquid Blushes that much! It's pretty amazing stuff! If you get any- please let me know what you think! :D


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