Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Beauty Blogazons Weekly Roundup February 3, 2013


  1. Hello Lola, how are you? these links are really helpfull!!

    I need to ask some help: I bought the RODIN OIL LUSSO BODY OIL but due of some problems with royal mail Naturisimo is going to give me back my money. Before I purchase it i didnt read that smell like jasmin, may i ask you if the oil only smell of that ingredient? since i do not like a lot the pure jasmin i was thinking that maybe is not a very good idea!
    Letme know :)

    I sendlot of hugs

    1. Hi Bambi!!

      The Rodin Olio Lusso Body Oil scent is less potent than the face oil. Rather than having the Jasmine Oil as the first ingredient the body oil have Jojoba Oil as the first ingredient- then Jasmine afterward. It doesn't smell like pure Jasmine because you can also detect the Rose oil and the Orange Flower Oil-- so it smells a bit more floral citrus. I applied it this morning to test how long the scent lasted, and I found the it died down to only the faintest scent after less than 30 minutes. That said, your nose may still detect notes of Jasmine. I wish there was a way for you to smell it to know whether you will like or dislike the scent. Jasmine definitely is not the only smell that comes through, and it does fade rather quickly-- too quickly for me, but perhaps not quickly enough for you! The scent may actually differ somewhat on you as your body chemistry reacts to it. I hope that this is helpful! <3

    2. Dear Lola
      This is really helpfull and means a lot for me!! You talk about it really well and I feel i can smell it from here :). Unfortunately here in Italy there is no testers or online stores who offers samples, either european shops.
      I really love the rose and orange and i like also that the smell is doesn't linger for sooo long. I want to use it most of all as a night treatment before bed and i want something relaxing but calming at the same time.

      Now I'm waiting that Naturisimo (an Uk eco shop) gives me back my money..i will place the order and let you know what i think ^_^


      oh ny the way did you try something from MAY LINDSTROM? I looked at her body oil but 100 ml for 90£ is a bit too much!

    3. Hi Bambi,

      You are so welcome. I still worry that you may not like the scent because the Jasmine is definitely detectable- though it is mixed in with the other scents, and as I said, the scent does fade. I would hate for you to spend all of that money on it and hate the smell. I love using it at night as well, and when I wake up my skin is so soft and hydrated.

      I have not tried anything from May Lindstrom-- that's is definitely an expensive body oil though! Have you tried Caudalie Divine Oil? It is also amazing, and so much more affordable than Olio Lusso. I even use it in my hair!!


    4. No, I didn't try anything from Caudalie, I have some mixed feelings about that brand, i don't know why!
      I tried in the past body oils from Babybearshop (an american brand for babies and mums, even if im not a mommy, i really like it) and spiezia, trevarno organics body oils which are also expensive but the quality pays most of all!
      I also would hate to pay that money to discover that i don't like the smell (It's a pity here in EU there are no testers but i saw that some ladies in other blogs from USA where using samples in small bottles, perhaps Barney have them?)
      I defo think that the M.Lindstrom is a nice body oil but with those ingredients i can make it at home paying less!
      Anyways...many thanks for your words, you're really nice and gentle!!

      I send lot of kisses from Italy

    5. The only product that I use from Caudalie is the Divine Oil, but it really is quite lovely!! It is worth smelling and testing if you have a Caudalie counter near you.

      It sounds as though you have definitely tried lots of different oils, and I agree it would be a shame to spend a great deal on an oil only to discover that you can't stand the smell!

      Yes, I actually received small samples of Olio Lusso (the body oil and the face oil) from Barneys because I wanted to make sure that I liked the products, and that the smell wasn't overpowering before spending that much money.

      You have me very curious about the M. Lindstrom Oil!!! However if it can easily be made at home for much less- it might just be worth doing it!

      My pleasure, Bambi- that is a lovely thing for you to say!
      xoxox, Helen


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