Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lola's Secret Beauty Blog Partners with SpaceNK Exclusive Gift With Purchase for Subscribers!

It is with glee that I was able to partner with SpaceNK for the launch of the By Terry Spring Collection. I am even more thrilled that SpaceNK has created a very special Gift With Purchase exclusively for Lola's Secret Beauty Blog Subscribers, but quantities are limited so you will need to act fast.
With your purchase of $150.00 you will receive a very special By Terry makeup bag and it will contain a full size By Terry product. Once those supplies have sold out they will be gone for good.

Some of the divine products from By Terry:
Some of the gorgeous products from Hourglass that will be used during the makeovers on 3/2/13:
Some of the Elemental Herbology Products that will be used for the facials on 3/2/13:
The Gift With Purchase- I'm thrilled that this is an exclusive gift for Lola's Secret Beauty Blog!!! It includes a gorgeous raspberry By Terry makeup bag, a full size eyeshadow, and By Terry samples!
Among my current top picks are the brand new By Terry Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge Lipsticks! There are 10 colors, and I swatched all of them for you!
#1- Nudissimo, #2- Mango Tango, #3- Baby Bloom, #4 Princess in Rose, #5- Dragon Pink

#6- Party Girl, #7- Bang Bang, #8- Hot Spot. #9- Dare to Bare, #10- Berry Bloom
Details: This offer is not available online- you must call SpaceNK at (310) 985-6305 at the Santa Monica location ONLY!

1) You must spend $150.00, and at least one item must be from By Terry or Hourglass (or both, if you so choose). At least one item has to be makeup (lipsticks, eyeshadows etc.). You may spend the balance on anything else at SpaceNK.

2) The actual event will take place on Saturday, March 2nd. I will update will all of the details after my meeting tomorrow. Pre-selling is strongly encouraged because of limited number of gifts available.

3) You must be a Lola's Secret Beauty Blog subscriber.

4) You do not need to go to SpaceNK in order to partake. They can send you your purchases and GWP, and once you make the GWP minimum the shipping will be free (for the US Only- they are checking whether they can extend this to Canada).

5) You should consider becoming an N.dulge Member (it is free of charge, and the rewards are fantastic). Click here to read about membership.

On Saturday March 2:

1) There will be an Hourglass makeup artist at SpaceNK giving lovely makeovers. Make an appointment in advance! It will be booking up fast!

2) There will be Elemental Herbology Facials given all day in the Spa room by an aesthetician- it will be the ultimate in pampering. There is a $50.00 pre-booking fee that is redeemable in products (any products from SpaceNK!).

To pre-order and/or book an appointment call SpaceNK at (310) 985-6305 and tell them that I sent you.  Be sure to tell them that you are a Lola's Secret Beauty Blog subscriber.

A very special thank you to Lisa from GWP Addict for including this special Gift With Purchase on her phenomenal blog. If you aren't a subscriber of her blog- then I urge you to become one!!


  1. Congratulations on being recognized by Space NK & By Terry! I'm excited for your success. ūüėė

    1. Thanks, my beloved Boo!! I'm excited, but I'm even more excited that they made a special GWP for you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  2. Replies
    1. I'm so happy! I think that you will really love the gift!

  3. I agree with BooBooNinja,great to get noticed :) what a fab offer, if that was for the UK site you know I'd be all over it, I have a few of their new sheer rouge lipsticks on my wish list ;)

    1. Hi Replica! It is open to everyone everywhere, but it is only redeemable at the one location (and not online). You would have to call them and they will send it to you. I am having a meeting with the manager today, and I need to verify that shipping will be free internationally. She had mentioned that it was possible, but I need to make sure that they can actually do that. I have a few of those sheer lipsticks on my list as well. I am going to swatch them all and post them today.

  4. I am planning on pre-ordering but I am a webbie noob... when I call, I give them my email address and tell them I am a subscriber? Or do I give them my "name" used on this forum and email address?

    I am confused, lolololol.

    This is terrifice, Lola. So happy you could arrange this: pure Kudos to you and the fact that they realize how wonderful your site is!

    Have you seen any of these shades in person yet? I would love to order that quad (I've NEVER seen a By Terry quad on her site or Barneys!) but am loathe to order shades from a picture.... it's usually not what I expected.

    1. Hi 3bDiva,

      In order to make it easier on everyone- just tell them you are a subscriber (forger the email address- unless you want to give it to them in order to be on their mailing list for special offers. I want to keep it as easy for everyone as possible.

      Thank you for your very kind words! I am just so thrilled that they are offering such a wonderful gift all of you! I haven't seen the collection yet, but will photograph it today. The displays contain more than By Terry products, and I am not sure whether or not that quad is By Terry or not. I will post pictures today.

    2. You know, I zoomed in on the picture and the first and last group truly look like all By Terry products.... the blue boxes, her logos as well as the shape of the items so I really wasn't sure. I checked her site and saw the lipsticks and polishes plus the e/s and the match what is on the displays. If it is a quad... oh me, lol : )

      Glad you will be taking photos... your swatches are just about on the mark as I believe your camera and my monitor play nicely together. I am REALLY loving that red lipstick on the model in the middle picture; it looks just as lush as a real rose petal.

      So many pretties; how do you not choose them all?! Oh yes, my bank account screaming NOOOOOOOOOOO. : )

    3. It was a combination of brands. The palette that you were looking at is from Hourglass. I just posted swatches of all of the new By Terry Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge Lipstick, and will add a link to it in this post-- they are EXTRAORDINARY!! I bought one, but already want more! LOL!!! I'm so glad that my camera and your monitor play nicely together! Trust me, my bank account is also screaming!!!!!!!! :-)

  5. I agree!!! How amazing and wonderful...your own GWP!!! That is just the coolest thing :-) Congratulations!!!! Sending big hugs your way!!!!

    1. Thanks, sweetie!! It is pretty cool- I'm just so happy that you guys will be able to get a cool gift!

    2. Ok, I have a picture of the GWP, and swatches of the awesome new By Terry Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge Lipsticks (all 10 swatches up). They are awesome! I bought one and want more-- they may be my new favorite lipstick!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 They included a FULL size eye shadow in the GWP-- it costs $40.00 all by itself!!!!!!!!!!

    3. OMG the bag itself is sooooo cute!!! I love pink!!! And I've been super curious about the eyeshadow formula!!! I just finished placing my order!!! YAY!!! Here's what I got:

      Terribly Mascara in black
      Nail Strengthener base coat
      Ombre Blackstar in bronze moon
      Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge in baby bloom
      Gloss Terribly Shine in pink lover

      She said it'll be here by the end of the week :-)

    4. Hi love!

      What a LOVELY selection- congratulations! The eye shadow formula is creamy and lovely! I'm sold!!!!!!! I want Baby Bloom too! I only purchased #4 Princess in Rose, but definitely want more. The bag itself is super cute-- I keep gazing at mine lovingly! Please send me pictures of you purchases- or post it on your blog-- I'm dying to see what you got!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for yours to arrive!!!!!!! I', so excited for you! :-)

  6. That is very cool! Congratulations!

    1. Thank you!!! I'm quite excited, but truth be told I'm even more excited that they provided a lovely gift for all of you!

  7. yaya ! I guess I will ordering more by terry haha

    1. If you are interested call soon because the GWP is lovely and there aren't too many left! I can't wait to hear what you get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3


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