Wednesday, February 27, 2013

B. Kamins Nia-Stem Eye Cream Kx- Review

B. Kamins Nia-Stem Eye Cream Kx is a lovely and deeply hydrating eye cream that is as effective as it is pleasant to use. The texture is light, creamy, and emollient- and yet it absorbs into the delicate skin around the eyes quickly leaving behind soft, supple, and hydrated skin. It has a lifting and brightening effect that diminishes the appearance of fine lines, and leaves the skin silky smooth. Any under eye puffiness is radically reduced, and dark circles are considerably diminished. While I rarely suffer from under eye puffiness (unless I am sick, profoundly sleep deprived, or very stressed), I am prone to dark circles. I was delighted to see that this eye cream reduced the appearance of my dark circles, and I was elated that it did not give me any milia. Richer eye creams most often give me milia, but this cream is neither too rich, nor does it produce the much-dreaded milia in my under eye area. It is also very concentrated- therefore only the smallest amount is needed.

This moisturizing eye cream formulated with niacin and plant stem cells increases the skin’s aging defences to prevent future fine lines and wrinkles. This formulation is also designed to help minimize the appearance of under eye puffiness, dark circles and existing lines and wrinkles. The eye area immediately becomes tighter, lighter, and brighter. 

B. Kamins Nia-Stem Eye Cream KX tightens, tones and hydrates the skin around the eyes. Hyaluronic acid fills in fine lines and crow's feet for smoother, younger-looking eyes. Bio-Maple Compound helps diminish puffiness and dark circles while wheat germ oil moisturizes.
• Niacin and plant stem cell stimulate cell metabolism
• Initiates repair and reduces skin reactivity
• Detoxifies the skin cells to exude bright, even-toned, young-looking skin
Overall assessment: Eye creams are quite often problematic for me- either they are too light and do nothing, or they are too rich- which is generally a recipe for disaster since more often than not they end up giving me milia. Nia-Stem Eye Cream Kx diminishes fine lines, reduces the appearance of dark circles and under eye puffiness, and leaves the skin hydrated, lifted, and luminous. Not only does this delightful eye cream deliver on the promises made, but it does so effectively and efficiently. This is an excellent eye cream, and it earns an A+ in my book!

0.5 fl.oz  $90.00 from B. Kamins and Dermstore. (Affiliate link)
PR sample sent for consideration, but all views expressed are categorically my own.


  1. This sounds great! I am VERY prone to milia too, so good to hear that this one doesn't cause it! I also am really liking the ingredients list--might have to try this one for myself!! :D

    1. I really love this eye cream! I was so relieved that it didn't give me any milia! Plus it is very concentrated- so a little goes a very long way! I think that you might really like this! :D

  2. Ok, something happened as I was typing my last comment! Sorry! But this eye cream looks wonderful!!! I've been interested in B. Kamins line for awhile...maybe this needs to be my first adventure into the brand! Have you tried anything else from them?

    1. Hi Gummy- Yes, this is definitely a lovely eye cream. I am also using their BB Cream- which is also lovely, as well as a serum and face cream (both fabulous-- I will be reviewing them shortly). I am very impressed by B. Kamins!


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