Sunday, January 6, 2013

...And the Winner of the Susan Thompson Cosmetics Mim's The Word Giveaway is...

BooBooNinja! Congratulations! Now we are expecting pictures of your unsuspecting sleeping fiancé covered in Mim's The Word. Check your email, Ms. Bluth!
Thank you so much to everyone for participating. Worry not, I will cook up another giveaway for you soon!


  1. Thank you, Princess Lola and Susan Thompson!

    Lola, I'm glad you got a kick out of my entry comment. I wasn't going to tell my fiancé what I wrote, but I simply couldn't resist reading it to him when I discovered I (scratch that, I mean: WE) won. He got a kick out of the part where I said he was allergic to a lot of stuff. Poor fella. I don't think the makeup application part registered in his mind, so any photos may have to be for your eyes only. My apologies to Lola's Secret Beauty Blog readers!

    As you saw in my tweet, I've been busy.
    I'm happy to disclose my most recent venture: kitty adoption!
    We're rescuing the most darling sweetheart. I'm so excited. I can't wait to email you photos.

    Oh, and email you my adddresssssss for Mim's the Word!!


    * I wish I had a magic wand so I could take away the eczema, formaldehyde allergy, blisters, and painfully peeling skin that plagues him. He works a lot with his hands and is exposed to irritants when he's otherwise happily machining metal/plastics, tinkering on old motorbikes and cars, welding, engineering, designing, etc. Anyway...

    1. You are so welcome, Boo! Your comment was loved by all! Poor fiancé for not realizing his role in winning this! I promise not to post the picture of him fashionably pink in Mim's the Word while sleeping, but I will certainly enjoy it tremendously!! Poor fella, indeed- LOL!

      I can't begin to tell you how happy I am that you adopted a kitty!! Rescuing is such a noble thing to do-- all of our 4 legged housemates/inmates are rescues as well. I will be eagerly awaiting your photos!!

      Congratulations again on winning Mim's The Word-- I think that you will really love it it's my most beloved blush! I will forward your contact information on to Susan so that she can send it out to you.

      Your poor fiancé- it sounds as though his skin goes through a tremendous amount. :( I'm sure that you have researched topical ointments to treat his skin conditions, but do you want me to do some research for you as well?

      xoxoxox, Helen

  2. Mim's The Word arrived on Friday! Susan also generously included one of her lipsticks. It's my first lipstick! :) It's nude, so I have to work up the courage to wear it. (Man, I sound like such a wimp.) I've been saving the blush for an evening when I have time to play with it. I'm so excited. It's utterly gorgeous. Thank you, Susan & Helen!

    1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm, so glad that you finally received it! Suzi and I were concerned that it got stuck in Customs for a long long time! Suzi told me that she also gave you a tube of True Love Creamy Lipstick!! I'm so glad that you love Mim's the Word-- now you know why I gush about it all of the time-- I agree it is utterly gorgeous! You can also use it on your lips, or even mix it with True Love to customize your lip/cheek shade! I can't wait to hear your thoughts once you wear them. You know, you can also just barely blot your lips with True Love and then put a gloss or one of your favorite lip balms on top-- it will be absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does the kitty have a name yet?


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