Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Gold Sakura Hinoki Deitanseki Facial Cleansing Foam with Charcoal and Hinoki Oil- Review

Gold Sakura Facial Cleansing Foam from the Hinoki Deitanseki Line is a lovely creamy foam cleanser that deeply cleans the skin, but leaves it soft and supple--not stripped or taut. Facial Cleansing Foam gently absorbs impurities which helps to improve the complexion, and the result is clean and sumptuously soft skin.

Product features:
-Light and silky consistency
-Creamy foam
-Beautiful silver color
-Natural Hinoki cypress scent
-Wood charcoal micro particles
-Softening benefits of Glycerin and Olive fruit oil
-Economical – a small amount needed to create rich lather.
-Daily use – great for everyday cleansing and light make-up removal.
-Great Travel Companion – perfect size and convenient packaging.

According to Gold Sakura, "Charcoal works like a magnet, drawing out and absorbing impurities to leave your skin clean and rejuvenated. Vegetable Glycerin helps to maintain skin’s moisture balance and makes skin soft. Silky, rich lather forms a cushion between your skin and hands to avoid unnecessary rubbing. Refreshing and soothing scent of Hinoki cypress oil reminds of walks in the forest and can boost your mood."

This is a very concentrated cleanser- it really only takes the smallest amount in order to build a lovely rich lather. This cleanser is also a fantastic companion to my beloved Clarisonic- this combination really means business when it comes to removing all traces of makeup and grime buildup from being out and about. My combination skin really feels fantastic and unbelievably clean when I use this cleanser. The Kaolin clay really does wonders for drawing out the impurities, but it remains remarkably gentle. However, the Kaolin may cause this cleanser to be a bit too active for people with dry and very dry skin to use it twice daily.
Directions: Using lukewarm water, work into a rich lather in your palms. Wash face with this luxurious rich lather and then rinse thoroughly.
Ingredients: Myristic acid, water, glycerin, potassium hydroxide, stearic acid, PEG-30, sodium methyl cocoyl taurate, palm kernel amide DEA, glyceryl stearate, polysorbate 60, maltitol, lauric acid, oliea europaea fruit oil, charcoal powder, fragrance (Hinoki oil), BHT, pentasodium pentetate, methylparaben, propylparaben, kaolin (white clay), bentonite.
Overall assessment: What a wonderful surprise! This is a really lovely cleanser that is fantastic used alone or with a Clarisonic. Gold Sakura makes fantastic products, and I can hardly wait to introduce you to more of their treasures! 
Special price: $13.50 (regularly $16.50) from Gold Sakura. Made in Japan.
PR Sample sent for consideration, all views expressed are categorically my own.


  1. This sounds really great, you made me want to try this now!

    1. It really is quite lovely, J! It's an excellent value-- even more so now that it is on sale. It is so concentrated that I anticipate that this tube will last me at least a year with constant use! Wait until you see some of their other products that I will be reviewing! Thanks for stopping by! :-)

  2. This looks mighty familiar to me. I think I have tried their line when I was in Japan. Glad to see it here. By the way, I have tried nightingale poop too, my mum grew up using the poop and it never cost as ridiculous as it does now and never touted as some magical skincare cleanser. How times have changed.

    Sorry to get off the subject. Happy Holidays!!

    1. I'm not surprised that you came across the line when you were in Japan. They make really lovely products. I recall reading that Nightingale poop is excellent for acne-- it does seem to have become a coveted luxury item with a price tag to match. Did your skin feel ultra soft afterward?

      Happy Holidays to you as well! <3

  3. I love that they have a full ingredients list on their website. It's shocking how many skincare companies don't!

    1. I wholeheartedly agree with you, Toby! It's not only shocking, but I think kind of sketchy how so many companies basically conceal the ingredients. With so many it takes going to the counter to read the box only to find that it is filled with lots of chemicals that you probably don't really want to slather all over your skin to begin with! I find myself distrustful of companies who aren't upfront about their products.

  4. Oooh this looks interesting!! I think my oily skin would love something with charcoal in it! :D

    1. It's awesome, Becca! It's perfect for oily skin because of the charcoal! I am really loving everything that I have tried from their line! :D


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