Monday, December 24, 2012

Fun Last-Minute Drugstore Beauty Finds for the Holidays

When I was walking through the drugstore (actually Walgreens & CVS) I found a few fun Maybelline items that are great to give or keep. If you find yourself short of a few stocking-stuffers- their beauty aisles are filled with all sorts of lovely little surprises that are affordable! You probably won't have to stand in line either!


  1. You got the "new Barely Beige"! If you also have BB, would you do a comparison? I was lucky to get my hands on BB. I have yet to open it; it's my 1st cream shadow so I've been worried it's going to dry out!

    1. Hi Boo!! I don't have Barely Beige to compare it to Barely Branded, but I will post swatches of Barely Branded and Electric Blue together. You are very lucky to have gotten your hands on Barely Beige!! I only managed to find one of the shades from that LE collection (that tarnished goldish one), but not BB. As I understand it- the new and old versions are quite close in color. Barely Branded is a shimmery champagne beige color. I have lots of cream shadows and liners and have never had a problem with them drying out. I screw the lids on very tight, and store them upside down-- and it really helps keep them creamy. :D


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