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Anastasia Beverly Hills Want You To Want Me Eyeshadow Palette: Swatches & Review

Anastasia Beverly Hills has released a GORGEOUS limited edition eyeshadow palette aptly named Want You To Want Me. This wonderful set is a "kit within a clutch. A nod to the glam and decadence of the 1970’s. Kit styled like a clutch and features a removable eye shadow palette for a takeaway touch-up wherever your night takes you. Nine long-wearing eye shadows create a range of looks from neutral to dramatic to smokey."
According to Anastasia Beverly Hills, the features and benefits are the following:
- Velvety smooth matte and hydrating Illumin8 shimmer shades keep eyes looking glam and crease-free.
- High-pigment shadows can be worn dry for a sheer wash of color. Wear wet to transform shadow into liner or for a bold metallic finish.
- Dual-sided eye shadow brush included.
- Jet black liquid eye liner creates the perfect thin line for a dramatic eye.
- Mini Clear Brow Gel sets brows in place all day and night.
Top Left to Right: Platform Wedge, Front Row Center, Ziggy
Middle Left to Right: Members Only, Power Ballad, Jellies
Bottom Row Left to Right: Graphic T's, Brass in Pocket, Iron On
Left to right: Platform Wedge, Front Row Center, Ziggy

Platform Wedge is a very pale vanilla matte. You can barely see it on my skin.
Front Row Center is a pale golden shimmer. It's light but buildable.
Ziggy is beautiful plum with golden sparkle. GORGEOUS!
Left to right: Members Only, Power Ballad, Jellies

Members Only is a mid-tone matte tan/camel.
Power Ballad is a taupe-mauve with shimmer. It's lovely!!
Jellies is a medium sparkly pink.
                                          Left to right: Graphic T's, Brass in Pocket, Iron On

Graphic T’s is a deep rich sparkly chocolate brown. Very buildable pigmentation.
Brass In Pocket is a golden orange brown with shimmer.
Iron On is a deep dark purple with shimmer. Very buildable rich color.

Also included:
Jet is a jet black shiny liquid eyeliner
Clear brow Gel
Mini double-ended brush

All nine of the eye shadows are buttery soft and glide on effortlessly. They are comfortable to wear and feature very wearable neutrals with a splash of purple. The shades are infinitely wearable, and are gorgeous when blended together in combinations that are only limited by your imagination. All of the shadows can be used wet or dry- so if you are looking for added drama you will love using them wet! The shadows range from mattes to satins to shimmers and all of the textures, finishes, and colors work beautifully together.

This lovely set also comes with a lovely liquid eye liner in Jet, a brow tamer, and a very usable dual-ended brush. It has everything you need for a gorgeous look on the go!

The names alone will delight because they vividly evoke the 1970s in a visceral way. Whether you were there, or are simply enamored of the decadent decade- the references are sure to make you smile.

To complete the look, see the Anastasia Beverly Hills Kisses On My List Vol. 2 Lip Gloss Set from this collection here.

Key ingredients:
Youthful SynergyTM Complex in Shimmer shades.
Brown Algae - A key ingredient that smoothes, firms, hydrates, and revitalizes the appearance of skin.
Diamond Core Powder - Diffuses light for a soft focus effect.
Sea Whip Extract - Soothes the skin.
Macadamia derivative - A natural hydrator capable of holding up to 300% more water in the skin.
Powerful antioxidants of Vitamins A, B, C, E, and F. Balkan Botanical Infusion®.

Overall assessment: Amazing value for a fantastic quality palette. Worth every last cent!

$34.00 ($90.00 value) Available from Anastasia Beverly Hills, Nordstrom and Sephora. Anastasia Beverly Hills is Cruelty Free!

PR Sample sent for the purposes of review. All opinions expressed are categorically my own.

Behind the scenes Anastasia Beverly Hills Want You To Want Me Photo Shoot


  1. Thats a lovely little set, what a nice range of shades. Thanks for the great review Lola :) x

    1. Thanks, Replica! It really is a lovely set-- the range of shades are infinitely wearable and flattering! xx

  2. LOVE every single shade in this palette. And I've been hearing so many good things about Anastasia's shadows. Must definitely try this one out! :D

    1. Hi Becca!! There really isn't a single dud in the bunch (either in terms of quality or the colors chosen). This is one of the very few eyeshadow that I know I will use every color. Palettes are so hit and miss with me because I generally don't like or wear several shades-- which makes purchasing them particularly wasteful--NOT SO HERE!! You should swatch it and feel the silky smooth texture!! xoxox

  3. As usual you have the best pictures of this amazing set. Mine didn't come close.

    1. Thank you for such high praise, Marcia!! I thought your pictures and review were EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  4. Loooove this song! I have been eyeing up this product (pun intended), good to see it reviewed. I may wait because I possibly want the Lorac Pro palette more... your thoughts?

    1. Hey Christine!! I've been meaning to pop on over and check in on you!! Are you happily settled in Hawaii?? Oh, that's a tough either or choice!! I love Anastasia and LORAC. I saw the LORAC Pro Palette at Sephora the other day, and really meant to swatch it, but I was in the midst of Sephora V.I.B. sale induced A.D.D. (pun also intended!)-= so I forgot to go back and check. 16 shadows for $42.00 is certainly a great deal, and the shadows are supposed to be silky smooth, but I can't validate the claim since I haven't tested it. I am over the moon about the Anastasia palette, and think that it is sure to please you. I would try to swatch both side by side, if possible so that you can see which one really speaks to you. Or you could go nuts and get both!! :-)

    2. BTW- I love the song too!!!!!!!!!!! xoxox


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