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Eco-Armour Shave with Benefits Luxurious Botanical Shaving Foam- REVIEW

When I was approached by Eco-Armour to try out their Shave with Benefits Luxurious Botanical Shaving Foam I was very excited. I have always loved great shaving products, and thought that this would be a great way to find a new eco-friendly line of products to use, get my husband to use, and to introduce you to.
The Shaving Foam is made in three different delicious scents: Bergamot+Pink Grapefruit, Mint+Eucalyptus, and Pomegranate+Mango. Eco-Armour designed this product to be gentle enough to be "great for men and women with super sensitive skin," and I definitely find that claim to be true since my underarms are on the sensitive side. The lovely scent combinations really enliven the experience of shaving, and the delicious scents linger in the bathroom for a while- which is really lovely. It is truly an aromatherapy shaving experience that simply delights the senses and lifts the spirits. I feel good when I use these products, and an added benefit is that my skin feels silky smooth and hydrated afterward.

According to Eco-Armour:
  • For men and women of all skin types.
  • These light luxurious shaving and body wash foams will leave skin looking, feeling and smelling AMAZING.
  • The eco-armour plant-based patented formula acts as a first-aid to skin and razor blades.
  • Helps to reduce ingrown hairs, red bumps, razor burn, nicks, cuts and dull blades.
One of the first things that I noticed was the lovely texture of the foam- it is very creamy and emollient- yet it in terms of density and foaminess it resides somewhere between a pumping liquid soap and a traditional shaving foam. I prefer the lighter texture of this product to the density of more traditional shaving products. 

I enlisted the help of my husband for this review, and told him that I needed a detailed honest assessment of this Shaving Foam after using it for about a month, and under varied conditions. His first experiment was under less than optimal conditions because his razor blade had become dull and was in dire need of replacement. I actually suggested that he replace the blade first, but he insisted on trying it this way first. He reported that he still got a close shave and that his skin felt good (soft, clean and moisturized)- despite the fact that he was using a pretty dull blade. When he did finally replace his dull blade he said that he really loved the performance of the product, and the fact that his skin was left baby soft with a remarkably close shave (without any nicks!).

I wish that I could say that I preferred one scent to the others, but all three combinations are fantastic. The Pomegranate+Mango is very fresh and clean; Bergamot+Pink Grapefruit has a tantalizing light citrus scent; and the Mint+Eucalyptus is invigorating. We both really love all three.

Eco-Armour also makes an amazingly effective and highly unique Botanical Insect Repellent & Moisturizer, and while it is not something that I am using- it is the one product that my husband was the most excited about (by a long shot). My husband has a nightly game of ball with Delilah that became pretty uncomfortable because of all of the mosquitoes that have been coming out at night- he would usually come in fairly quickly because he was getting eaten alive outside. However, he told me that since using this product that all insects have kept far far away from him. Now the boy and his dog can play ball until the sun comes up, if they so choose. Not only is this repellent DEET free, but it smells delicious-- it has a very pleasant lemony scent that is delightful. Add to that the fact that it moisturizes your skin and is safe. It's really a win win.

  • safe and effective for adults and children
  • insect repellent
  • pH balanced
  • biodegradable
  • moisturizing + deodorizing
  • temporarily helps to reduce pain + swelling (sunburn)
  • refreshing scent
  • cleansing properties
Overall assessment: Amazing products from an amazing company with a real vision. CRUELTY FREE!

Shaving Foams: $24.00 each 5 oz. or $60.00 for all three scents. Botanical Insect Repellent: $9.00 2 oz, $15.00 4 oz, and $20.00 8 oz.

PR Samples provided for the purpose of review, but all views expressed are categorically my own.


  1. I've only got the shaving foam and it's terrific. My blog partner Lisa reviewed the Insect Repellant since she's the one with kids and I know she's loving it too.
    Great company with great values. Your review is terrific.

    1. The shaving foam really is terrific. My husband usually doesn't much care what he uses when it comes to bath/skincare/shaving products. However, he LOVES their products. He's over the moon about the Insect Repellant since he plays ball in the backyard with Delilah every night. He goes on and on about how good it smells, how the mosquitoes don't go near him now, and how moisturizing it is-- all from the guy who doesn't care about this kind of stuff!!! Now, that is a glowing review! I imagine that it is perfect for Lisa and her family-- she seemed pretty excited about it in your review. I agree completely that it's a great company with great values! Awe, thank Marcia-- that always means so much coming from you!!!!!

  2. The shaving cream sounds so nice and luxuriant--LOVE the natural ingredients and cruelty-free philosophy too! I'd love to try these...but I'm not sure I would want to order my shaving cream from online. I've always been very low maintenance about bath products and the drugstore is about as fancy as I get :P

    1. It really is fantastic, Becca. I agree- the natural ingredients and the cruelty free status is a huge plus in my book as well. If you usually do drugstore shaving cream-- you might want to check out the one that Trader Joe's makes-- it's called Moisturizing Cream Shave in honey mango (with aloe abd vitamin E-- and it is AWESOME and inexpensive (and paraben free and cruelty free)! We have been buying it for years. They also have an unscented one, but I love the honey mango!:-)

  3. Hi Lola :)
    These products sound great. I'm really interested in the insect repellent as I like to walk my dogs late in the evening since it's been so hot & humid these past few days. I will definitely give this a try :)
    xo Naomi

    PS In case you haven't seen it yet, Nordstrom's is now carrying Sunday Riley cosmetics & skincare online, but I thought it kind of odd about the skincare as I recalled you mentioned they plan on reformulating & repackaging it. My thinking is why introduce something that people may really like only to find out it will discontinued or change soon?

    1. i nominated you for the liebster award :) here's the post! cc

    2. Wow! Thank you so much blink.pout.glow-- I am flattered and honored! xx

    3. Hi Naomi!! :-)
      These products are wonderful, and while I have yet to use the insect repellent it's smells divine, and my husband swears by it- he basically thinks it's the next best thing to sliced bread! I think that you will find your dog walks to be free of bug attacks should you decide to try it!

      OMG- I can't believe that SR is available at Nordstrom online- I had no idea that the line was going to be carried Nordstrom! I had been hearing repeated rumors that the SR skincare line was being reformulated, based on a MUA review that a bunch of readers had seen and then lots of rumors from the far corners of the earth saying that they had heard and read that it was being reformulated as well. Sunday Riley actually sent me an email saying that all of the rumors were false and that the line isn't being reformulated at all. She saw my update on my skincare reviews stating that my reviews pertained to the original formulas- not any potential reformulated versions-- so she wanted to set the record straight that it was simply untrue! YAY!!!!!!


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