Saturday, July 28, 2012

Swatch Art: A Postmodern Indulgence Part II

Untitled (Rouge Bunny Rouge Cherry Clafoutis) (2012)
As noted in my first installment of my Swatch Art Series, sometimes while editing huge high resolution files happy mistakes come about. The resultant images clearly aren't suitable for the purposes of featuring or reviewing products, but their capacity to morph into what looks like Postmodern art is something that I would naturally find interesting. I now embrace them as happy accidents- rather than frustrating events that slow down the editing process. This is what became of the tube of Rouge Bunny Rouge Sweet Excesses Glassy Gloss in Cherry Clafoutis- it seems to be the Deconstruction of the lip gloss-- though I'm sure that Jacques Derrida would not have thought it worthy of contemplation (nor the use of his complex philosophical model to describe a scrambled image of a lip gloss)!


  1. LOL another awesome installment Lola. And PS--still longing for this gloss!!! Or ANY RBR gloss for that matter...

    1. Thanks, Becca!! Wait until you see the beautiful mistake that my Tweezerman eyelash curler turned into!! I will post it in the next few days-- the colors turned out GORGEOUS!! I wish I hadn't tossed out so many of the cooler images-- back when they were more frustrating than anything!! Now I get totally excited when these occur! You will lose your mind when you try RBR. Now that it is more accessible through Beautyhabit it is especially convenient-- side they are located in Westlake Village (so it only takes a day to get to us in LA!!). Just beware that once you fall down the RBR rabbit hole there is no going back, and you will be adding another luxury brand into rotation!!! :-)


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