Thursday, June 7, 2012

Vincent Longo Now Available at Nordstrom!

Nordstrom is now carrying a nice selection of Vincent Longo!! It looks as though it is online only at this point, but you may want to check with your local stores about availability.


  1. Wow, I haven't seen VL sold at retail in over a decade, when I could buy it at Sephora or Barneys. His Water Canvas foundation was HG for me until I discovered Jane Iredale, and even then I'd finish his foundation with her powder.

    He disappeared for a while and then came back online only, where he regularly has up to 40% of sales. I guess his brand has been struggling, so it's nice to see Nordies help a fellow out.

    I bought a bunch from his Galaxy collection last spring. It was divine.

    1. I remembered that you had used his foundation for years-- I actually posted this because I knew that you had used many of his products years ago.

      I remember we talked about this ages ago, but I can't remember where, or on which blog-- but am I remembering correctly that you no longer love Code 6 Pearl X Eyeshadow as you did when you reviewed it? It is still available and your review was so fantastic- I find it tempting.

      I remember seeing VL at SpaceNK a few years ago- hopefully Nordies will really help make the company out!

    2. I loved it. The blended color was a beautiful silvery taupe, and the texture was incredible, but I let it go in my blog sale last summer because I was decluttering. There are some days when I feel that twinge of regret because it was SUCH a beautiful shadow, but the end result was like some of the other beautiful silvery taupe eyeshadows I have, such as by Chantecaille. ;)

      MarciaF bought Code 6, so you can ask what she thinks of it. Maybe she'll pop over when she sees this post.

    3. Thanks for the assessment! I assume that you prefer the Chantecaille equivalents since they remain in your stash and Code 6 does not. If you were me- would you skip Code 6 and go straight to Chatecaille instead? I still haven't been to a Chantecaille counter to swatch the those that you have suggested, but will be going next week. DROOLS!

    4. I do prefer Chantecaille. I hate to make recommendations, but I would lean toward Chante, partly because it's so portable. You can buy compacts or you can buy pans for Chante palettes or to go into your own, like UNII or Z-palette.

      I can't wait to hear your impression of Chantecaille!

      Damn, I need to log out of this test email and go back to my EDB persona!

    5. I think it is as though your alter has an alter!!

      That's all that I needed to hear!! I know that you don't like to make recommendations, but I trust your opinion so much that I knowing this has set my internal nav system for Chantecaille Counter coordinates!

      I will let you know what I think as soon as I visit the Chante counter!

    6. I'm considering a new blog. Not stopping EDB but I am experimenting with Dynamic views and might start a place to wax annoying about my gardens, design, food (because lord knows I need to start getting more creative with our same-old-same-old dining repertoire). You know, a place to exercise my rusty domestic goddess. ;)

      As for Chante, I don't see how it could steer you wrong. The line seems like it was made with a cool-toned person in mind (hello, Olivia!), though I have to admit I don't have tons of experience with lip product outside Lip Chic and Brilliant Gloss.

    7. I LOVE THAT IDEA-- consider me your first follower!! You could announce it on EDB-- you will have a so many followers from the very beginning! I started another blog before LSBB, and haven't done anything with it for a long time-- I started it about the time that Sebastian and Luca got sick, and about the time that they both died I crawled under a rock and abandoned the blog. I often think about revisiting it.

      I'm really excited about Chantecaille-- you have inspired me. I really wish that she would bring back your beloved Agate-- that would be one of the first that I would purchase!!

    8. It will be a while before I run out of Agate, but when I do,I will have Three Custom Colors duplicate it. I don't know if you have ever used their products, but their eyeshadows are excellent. The texture is silky, and most have a satin finish.

      I had them duplicate my beloved Prescriptives Rosemarine lipstick, and they did an excellent job. I might have them redo it for me in a sheer formulation next cuz I am kind of over mattes.


    9. I know what you mean about cats knocking the wind out of your sails when they get sick or die. I suspect next one is Maggie. She has kidney issues and gets frequent UTIs and/or kidney problems. Sometimes we have to give her sub-q fluids.

    10. Yup-- it's profoundly devastating. I still cry about Sebastian and Luca as I have told you before. I hope that Maggie hangs in there with the best health given her health issues. We are in precisely the same situation with Emma-- she's almost 15 and is diabetic and has thyroid disease. She was acting strange yesterday and wouldn't eat, but finally got her appetite back. Every time that she does anything out of her "new norm" I get panicky that we are close to losing her (again)-- she has certainly come close to exhausting her 9th life at this point!!

    11. Did you see that Three Custom Colors is currently on Hautelook?? As expected the savings is significant!!

      At least you have enough Agate to last a while. You should send Chatecaille an email requesting that they repromote Agate-- you never know, they may just listen!!

      I have never tried Three Custom Colors, but have been curious about them for a while!! I did thoroughly enjoy your post featuring their Nude Attitude launch!! Your take was awesome!!!!!!!!

    12. I did see. I temporarily thought about getting the Cool Peony single but then remembered that Prescriptives Rose Powder is almost identical and a touch more pigmented.

      Heh. What can I say, I don't like nude. My version of nude is Chanel RCS in Boy or Fetiche.

    13. Well, I would certainly say that Boy & Fetiche are gorgeous "nudes!" UNII palettes are on sale right now!

      427.00 each plus free US shipping if you buy 2!

    14. Oops, I meant for $27.00 each! quite a huge difference :D

    15. I was gonna say ... Buy THREE! lol.

      Interesting, look like they are just selling the new style, with the magnetized back. I have three in the original style (where you need to stick a magnet to the back) and two of the new ones. I preferred the colors in the old style, which were more saturated. The new ones are more pastel.

      In any case, I adore mine. They hold up really well and if, god forbid, you dropped one, anything that crumbled inside would stay inside (e.g. no messy purse) because of the tight seal.

    16. They also seem to have changed your super cute magnet thumb grip- so that it is smaller and only the flower logo-- I actually prefer the cute one you have, but apparently it was made smaller so that you have more room for products-- which makes sense!

      Whenever there is the option to buy refill pans- I do. It's cheaper and less wasteful, and palettes really are so much easier to use. I wouldn't ever likely carry a palette like that in my purse- unless I was traveling and didn't want to risk it getting banged around. I would have definitely prefered more saturated colors, but the lavender is cute, and so is the green one (but it's sold out). I actually like the white one as well.

    17. Totally digging your Warholesque thumb nail picture. I actually tried to do that with my picture, but the website that I tried was lame and it didn't turn out right!!

    18. The new thumb rest is smart--they probably redesigned based on customer feedback. I have to admit the square rest from the original palette takes up too much room, so the redesign fits better in a palette full of pans.

      I'm not into carrying a full palette with me, either, but you could. They aren't huge, so if you are used to carrying around a tote or large handbag, you could easily have face and brow powder, blush, a couple eyeshadows and an eyeliner ... if, for example, you were going out after work and wanted a complete redo.

      In the original style, white was my first. I loved it so much, I ordered a black and purple (deep violet). In the second batch, I ordered lavender and pink. The only reason I didn't get white or black was because I already had them. Will you get ome?

    19. hee, I made that Warholesque photo ages ago. I can't remember what I used to do it, maybe it was Picasa or Piknik, which has been shut down. I don't think I used the editing software with iPhoto which is crappy. To not be able to label pictures is LAME! It's possible I used Photo Booth. Whatever I used made it so easy.

    20. HA!! I am very very tempted-- it is such a lovely way to streamline all of the clutter, but of course this does mean one colossal depotting project!! LOL!

    21. The new design does certainly make sense-- better to have more space for your products than the cute thumb magnet thingymabob!

      Totally digging the Zuzu Warhol in a big way!! At some point I will try again-- I think that I tossed the one's that I made out of sheer frustration and disappointment!

    22. Do try again. It's a way of getting our faces out there, but still in a private way.

      As for depotting, more than a hassle it's a real commitment. You have to be OK with the possibility that you'll ruin the packaging. I certainly cannot use the NARS compacts anymore, though they do still close.

      I am a sucked for packaging, so it's sometimes really hard, but I can't say I love NARS packaging, which gets really grubby over time. I also know that by having a whole bunch of items in my view every morning, I'll use more of it up and won't get stuck in such a rut, even though my daily look is pretty much the same: ivory-pink eyeshadow all over the lid, Chanel Marine or Gris eyeliner on the upper lash line, and Laura Mercier Deep Night eyeshadow to smudge out the pencil, using the remnants from the brush under the lashes. Some black mascara, and LQ Jean Queen or Chanel RCS Bonheur lipstick, and I am ready for my closeup. ;)

    23. I will- though I did actually do a slight breaking of my anonymity by at a discretely placed photo rather hidden away on the blog (well, sort of hidden away) :-)

      Depotting really really is a colossal commitment. Not just ruining the packaging, but acknowledging that the entire endeavor may result in some damaged products! Depotting MAC eye shadows is super easy, and you don't even have to use a heating device or flat iron, but judging by what you and Modesty Brown explained-- RBR isn't quite as simple, and NARS seems rather like a nightmare! I am not at all a fan of the rubberized exterior packaging-- it gets kind of gross- but certainly less gross from regular wear than when one is using fire to depot it indoors :D

      I love the color palette of your staples!! You have me seriously lemming for RCS in Bonheur-- I actually was "studying" your pictures today for an unreasonably long period of time-- so it's safe to say that it's on the short list of upcoming purchases!!

      BTW-- I finally called Saks today, and the guy working the counter didn't seem too interested in trying to help me track down Antigone-- only told me that they had sold out. So I called their 800 number, and the lovely woman who helped me initially couldn't find it, but got more creative and tracked it down. So if you are looking for a backup they are still in the system and can be tracked down in-store or by calling the 800 number.


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