Friday, June 1, 2012

Straight from the RBR Royal Herald: Rouge Bunny Rouge Mistral Look & Product Launch June 2012

Fresh as dew in early summer mornings our "Mistral" look presents a diaphanous, light breathing complexion and lips utterly soft and juicy like freshly washed ripe fruits. The lightly flushed cheeks and the subtle eye make-up with its gentle pastels in mauve taupe and pale powdered pink fit perfectly with the naturally balanced, slightly sun-kissed look. 

The "Mistral" look also features our fabulous natural finish Tinted Moisturiser with SPF15, perfect for the summer season. For a lightly shimmering day-long look we complemented the tan with our Bronzing Glow Powder and Highlighting Liquid and used the following products, too...

FACE: For the best make-up start to ensure an even, flawless canvas and to enhance the longevity of all the other products we recommend using our refreshing PRELUDE IN THE CLOUDS Aqua Primer.  

Use your fingers or our Foundation Brush 009 to apply SKETCHES ON WATER Tinted Moisturiser (we used the colour 'Sequoia') for a seamless, radiant appearance.

Our Glide Concealer NAKED DISGUISE is perfectly made to hide any imperfection. Dab directly on punctual or wider areas and blend the colour carefully with your fingertips.

For an elegant and sublime pearlescent luminosity smooth over the top of your cheekbones, your chin and bridge of the nose our 'Sea of Tranquility' or 'Sea of Showers' Highlighting Liquid SEAS OF ILLUMINATION. You can use your fingertips or RBR Foundation Brush 009 to ensure the most natural result.

If you like to use a powder for a more velvet finish we recommend our LOVES LIGHTS Highlighting Powder using Powder Brush 001 for a very soft, subtle golden glow and naturally even skin.

For an overall sun-kissed look we added with RBR Blusher Brush 002 hues of AS IF IT WERE SUMMER STILL… Bronzing Glow Powder (we used 'at Goldcombe Bay') over the temples, chin, cheekbones and forehead.

'Titian', CHEEKS IN BLOOM Blush Wand, adds with its beige-rose hues and the barest hint of peach, a light wash of colour and a very fresh radiance to the apples of your cheeks. Dab with the wand directly onto your cheekbones and smooth the colour outwards and up to the temples for a very natural-looking finish.

EYES: Your eyes can be perfectly framed by grooming your eyebrows with SMITHEREENS OF STARS Eye Gloss 'Angel's Play'. Apply the gloss with the included brush onto your brows and groom them into the perfect shape with the RBR Brows & Lashes Brush 007.

If you need a bit more definition before you use the gloss, apply the smoky Long-lasting Matt Eye Shadow 'Grey-Go Away Lourie' with our Brows Brush 006.

Our pale powder-pink WHEN BIRDS ARE SINGING… Long-lasting Matt Eye Shadow 'Bashful Flamingo' looks ultra natural and fresh on your eyes and can be applied easily with fingertips or the Large Shader 003 from the lash line up to the crease focusing on the movable eye lid. Blend carefully up and outwards for a gentle and balanced result.

For more definition we recommend using a slightly darker colour along the crease line of the eyes such as the matt and cool dusty mauve taupe 'Sweet Dust Seriema'. Dust the colour with the Large Shader 003 starting at the outer corner of the eyes and blend it along the crease and brow bone a bit to the inside and upwards.

Coat your lashes once with our WITCHERY Modelling Mascara in black 'Midnight' for length and definition and to finish the eye make-up.
LIPS: If your lips need an extra portion of moisture begin with our structured, full-bodied and creamy DAZZLING SIP Shimmering Luxe Balm 'Sip of Pink' which melts onto your lips.
You wish for a my-lips-but-better colour? Try our semi sheer coverage milky nude rosewood SWEET EXCESSES Glassy Gloss 'Rhubarb Custard' for an ultra glossy but natural result on your lips. Apply with the included applicator.

All information and images from Rouge Bunny Rouge, and of course the fantastic video from Zuneta!

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