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Susan Thompson Cosmetics- Liquid Blush in Mim's the Word- Review & Swatches Plus an Exclusive Offer for Lola's Subscribers!

Mim's the Word Liquid Blush from Susan Thompson Cosmetics is a gorgeous ballerina pink that rivals the best pink blushes that I have ever used, and pink blush is my thing! This is the most gorgeously stunning blue-based pink blush that I have ever seen, or imagined for that matter. This perfect pink blush is named after Susan's dear friend Mim- who is a celebrated makeup artist for Chanel as well as a guest correspondent on CNN. This stunning blush gives the most lovely natural flush, and I even prefer it to NARS Gaiety, and ironically to Chanel's Joues Contraste blushes in Narcisse and Pink Explosion (original European version)- all of which rank among my favorite pink blushes of all time!
Heavy opaque swatch
Susan Thompson Cosmetics has created the best Liquid Blush (click here to see all of the colors and swatches) to end all liquid blushes, period end of subject. This gorgeous and complex shade can be worn separately, mixed together with the other colors to customize the blush, worn on the lips and eyes, or used on the body. The point is that these little beauties are tremendously versatile whether you are using them for everyday wear, HD or Red Camera Projects, or on the Runway. They were developed to effectively be applied in seconds which is crucial for the fast-paced makeup and wardrobe changes that are necessary backstage at fashion shows,  for TV & Film, and for all other forms of production work. Mom's on the go, students, and everyone fighting the clock to get out the door and head to work will appreciate that these blushes can be applied in no time at all, and that they can change an entire look with nearly no effort. As a professional makeup artist, it has always been Susan's goal to never have production waiting for makeup- so if there is a delay it will not be because of her! This made her really stop to think about how busy our lives have become- therefore a chief concern of hers is that the entire line is geared toward optimal results in no time at all, but with unbelievable results and quality!

Left to right: Sheered-out swatch, medium application, and applied heavily
Susan's Liquid Blushes are far more natural looking than powder blushes- which is of great importance for HD and Red Camera Projects, but also more flattering for everyday wear. One of the most astounding characteristics of this formula is that it reactivates itself throughout the day through the warmth of the touch. All you need to do is rub the area with warm clean fingers- therefore reapplication is rendered unnecessary. 

Susan's Liquid Blush is an ultra-blendable blush that glides onto the skin with unprecedented smoothness- and it feels like velvet to the touch. It is housed in a sanitary pump dispenser that is convenient and easy to use. You need only press lightly because the formula is concentrated, therefore you will not need much product to achieve your desired look. 

Application: Liquid Blush can be applied with the fingertips or with a brush, but I have to say this product is so delightful to use that I have actually prefer applying it with my fingertips! There is just something so supremely satisfying about the tactile experience of this product that you will actually want to touch it. Susan suggests applying it is a circular motion- which I find works brilliantly.

One of the most remarkable things that I noticed is that this blush does not settle into pores or fine lines- which I often find happens with liquid and cream blushes.  It is for this very reason that I have generally tended to prefer the texture and finish of powder blushes instead. In this respect, Susan's Liquid Blush has caused a real paradigm shift in my perception of liquid blushes-- though truthfully there aren't any out there that come close to hers.

I was shocked by just how natural Mim's the Word appears on the skin- in fact it really does approximate the appearance of a second skin. There are no detectable lines of demarcation, and nothing that in any way suggests the presence of makeup-- just a natural flushed glow. Simply put it just makes your skin look healthy, youthful, and beautifully flushed in the most convincingly "natural-beautiful" kind of way. I find that my skin glows in a way that it never has before from any blush. Even my husband, who tends to be rather unobservant about such things, noted that my skin looked "flawless and glowing." Of course if one applies it with a heavy-hand it will appear less natural, but even a built-up application will not pool, flake, settle into pores and fine lines- or behave badly in any way.

Key Features:
High Definition Make Up
Paraben Free
No Animal Testing
Cruelty Free
Recycled packaging
10% goes to charity (The ASPCA and The American Red Cross)
Made in the USA


Overall assessment: This is the first blush that has blown my mind since NARS Gaiety, Chanel JC in Narcisse, and Chanel JC in Pink Explosion! I was never a very big fan of cream or liquid blushes, but the earth has shifted on its axis for me! 

0.33 fl. oz. $20.00 from Susan Thompson Cosmetics. This price includes tax, shipping, and handling in the US. Customers outside of the US pay for shipping.

*Susan Thompson Cosmetics is offering a special exclusively for lola's secret beauty blog readers! If you spend $100.00 or more you will receive a free full-sized Creamy Lipstick in True Love (a gorgeous soft pink with nude tones).  At checkout use CODE: "Lola's VIP" in the shipping request box.

In the spirit of full disclosure, Susan is my friend and she gave this to me as a gift. It is because I love  her products so much that I decided to review them, and had I not loved them I simply would have avoided reviewing them because of our friendship. As is the case with all of my reviews, I am not being paid, and as always the opinions that I express are 100% my own. I wildly love all of her products, and therefore wanted to let you in on this beauty & entertainment industry insider secret because I think these products are too good to remain so exclusive.

Meet Suzi (on the right) and Mim on the left (after whom this glorious blush was named)


  1. Gorgeous GORGEOUS color. I loved the video; they are both very beautiful women. She'll have to come up with a Lola lipstick soon.

    1. It really really is gorgeous!! I already asked Suzi to make a lipstick and Pout Popper in the same shade of pink, and she definitely agreed that it would be a great idea. I have been putting this on my lips as well-- it's just a luscious shade! I love the video as well! :-)

  2. I was really intrigued by these, because I love cream/liquid blushes, and your swatches look so amazing. But if there is carmine in it (listed in the "may contain" ingredients), it's not vegan. I'm assuming that at least one of the products must have carmine in it for it to appear in the "may contain" section, I just don't know which one, so for now I will have to pass on the whole line.

    (Plus I'm sensitive to 3 of the other ingredients listed in the main ingredients section, sooooo...insert sad face here. But the products look amazing!)

    1. Hi Sarsie,

      Good catch on the "May Contain Carmine"- I will definitely ask her about that. I will see if she's able to have it narrowed down. However, if you are sensitive to 3 other ingredients- then it's not going to be worth the risk for you. It really is a very lovely line-- I wish that it didn't have the ingredients that don't work for you!

    2. Hi! Yes, I've had to become really eagle-eyed with cosmetics ingredient lists with my skin sensitivities, which definitely makes me yearn for the days when I could just blithely buy whatever I wanted and put it all over my skin without a second thought. :) I would still be interested to hear whatever you're able to find out from her about the carmine, though you are right about it probably not being worth the risk for me with the other ingredients. It's such a bummer, because I adore the swatches you've posted here and in your other post. These blushes look absolutely incredible!

    3. Hi Sarsie!
      I actually know just what you mean. I have also developed some skin sensitivities over the last few years. I think that it is a mixed blessing. It's a pain to have to be so vigilant on the one hand, but it is also nice that your body is telling you "no." It sort of takes the guess work out of it. I will definitely ask her about the carmine-- I'm having dinner with her the day after tomorrow so I will definitely ask, and then I will let you know. As much as i would love for you to enjoy these lovely blushes- I think that you should definitely pass because of your sensitivities. Please tell me what ingredients are problematic- then I will keep an eye out to see if I come across something fabulous that might just work for you. :-)

  3. Hi again! Thank you *so* much for your very sweet response! I do agree, it's a mixed blessing to have sensitive skin for exactly the reasons you mention. If you happen to think about the carmine issue, it would be great for you to ask her about it. Many people don't care (I didn't until a few months ago), but if it's in there, then it's not a vegan product.

    The ingredients that can be problematic for me (depending on the formulation and how my skin is feeling that day) are talc, lauroyl lysine, and bismuth oxychloride (though they are not very high up in the ingredients list on this, so maybe it would be ok). I've found one liquid blush that I like a lot by Hourglass, but the color isn't quite right; I also found a cream blush that I really like at Vapour Organics, but it has carmine. So, my search for the perfect liquid/cream blush continues! I just know it's out there... :)

    1. Hi Sarsie,

      Absolutely my pleasure! Thanks for your list of ingredients-- I will keep an eye out for you! In the meantime I have one product in my stash that meets your ingredient criteria! Suki's Luscious lips berry cream trio was formulated to be used on the lips and the cheeks. It has one darker berry color and one lighter pink-- they can also be mixed to create a mid-range shade. I have used it on my lips and cheeks and really like it. If you are interested, I will swatch them and post them for you-- just let me know.

      Here are the ingredients: sunflower seed oil, castor seed oil, non-gmo corn starch, candelilla wax, fair trade shea butter, beeswax, kaolin, rosehip seed oil, cetearyl alcohol, jojoba seed oil, carnauba wax, pure rose wax, mixed tocopherols, chamomile extract, tea tree leaf oil, aroma (made only from pure, steam-distilled essential oils) [may contain: mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxides

      and the link:

      As you can see, it does not contain carmine, but it does contain beeswax- so if you are looking for something strictly Vegan- then this is a pass as well. I like it, but it doesn't have the same level of refinement or luxury that you will find in Hourglass products.

      I didn't end up seeing Suzi last night because she has a bug, but I wrote myself a reminder note to ask her about the carmine when I see her next.

      xo, Lola

    2. Thank you so much for the link! The colors are lovely, and I've bookmarked the page for the future. But you've given me a great idea (and I'm mentally slapping my forehead and saying "duh") -- I could possibly use one or some of my already-vetted lip products as a cheek stain. I think Lisa Eldridge even mentions this as a use for lipstick in one of her videos. I'm going to experiment with this idea!

      So thank you for the inspiration, and I'm sorry for thread-jacking your comments -- I really just wanted to point out the carmine, :). I'm really enjoying your blog and have subscribed so I can keep up with it. Thank you again for all your help -- you've been so kind and helpful!

    3. You are so welcome, Sarsie. It truly is my pleasure. I also COMPLETELY forgot to mention a few wonderful lip/cheek products that Coastal Classic Creations makes. Also their EWG rating is an astonishing 0!! I'm not sure why I forgot to mention these beauties before!

      That's a great idea using already-vetted lip products as a cheek stains. I have heard Lisa Eldridge mention this before as well. The only concern that I would have is to make sure that the more moisturizing varieties of lip products don't cause you to break out or get blackheads in the cheek area. I'm not sure that is likely to happen, but you will find out pretty quickly if that is the case.

      I don't feel thread-jacked at all-- I'm thoroughly enjoying our conversation! I'm so glad that you subscribed-- that means more lovely interaction! :-)

    4. Hi Sarsie, So sorry to have taken so long to have gotten back to you about the issue of "may contain Carmine" and having thought to be a vegan product. Suzi was sick, and then I had the flu-- so I only just saw her today. I brought our conversation to her attention and she immediately got on the phone with her lab. All of her products are supposed to be completely vegan-- so she is in the process of getting to the bottom of this. In the meantime I have removed the assertion that it is vegan until which that it is as it was supposed to be. :-)

    5. Hi Sarsie!

      Thank you for bringing this to my attention. While developing the line, the lab ensured me they are Vegan! They are expert chemists so I assumed they are vegan. I contacted the lab and am looking forward to rectifying this issue. In the meantime they are paraben free. I will keep all of you posted. Stay tuned!




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