Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rouge Bunny Rouge Large Eye Shader Brush 003- Review & Pictures

I am thrilled with every single Rouge Bunny Rouge product in my stash- which is precisely what gave me the confidence to try out their brushes. Given my proclivity for Hakuhodo brushes it takes a great deal for other brushes to turn my head, but this is RBR- so I had to try at least one! I was torn between an eyeshadow brush or a blush brush, but since I have far more blush brushes than cheeks I went with an eyeshadow brush (but frankly I also have far more eyeshadow brushes than eyes as well!!). I found myself very attracted to the Large Eye Shader Brush 003- so after much deliberation that was the one that I chose. 
According to Rouge Bunny Rouge, "this professional brush helps you to apply and blend eyeshadows seamlessly and without spilling loose powder onto your cheeks. The thickness of the brush and its flat shape allow you to focus on individual areas of your eyelids, brow bone and crease smoothly and effortlessly."
This brush is comfortable in the hand, has a perfectly balanced wooden handle, and is made of the softest
natural pony hair imaginable. It has a very densely packed head with a perfectly shaped paddle that is on the larger side as the name suggests. It has a wonderful dome shaped head that makes picking up and depositing the right amount of eyeshadow absolutely fool-proof.
RBR even suggests dampening the brush to intensify the effect of their eyeshadows. I don't tend to foil my eyeshadows, but I did give it a try with this brush to test their claims, and it works fantastically well!
I, myself, find this brush to be perfect for depositing large sweeps of color over the whole lid, but I have also found that the beveled tip fits perfectly into my crease- making this a great multitasking brush.
Overall assessment: And so the fairytale continues! This is a fantastic brush, and I am so glad that I was open-minded enough to try something outside of the Hakuhodo fold!! I now must acknowledge that there are other worthy brushes in the world!!!!!! Hmm, that RBR blush brush is looking mighty good to me now!

Available at Zuneta & Beautyhabit


  1. Dang, I'm such a brush ho too. You devil woman. :)

    1. I know- we share so many of the same afflictions! :-)

  2. I too am addicted to RBR and brushes. I've been meaning to try their brushes but never think about it when I'm deciding what product to play with next. <3

    1. Hi Laura! This is a really worthwhile brush. I think that every beauty blogger should have this brush in her stash! Like you- I was curious about their brushes, but was always so distracted by other RBR products. So I finally decided to try one brush, and now I think that I would like to try another :-) I hope that you try one-- and would love to see your review!


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