Sunday, May 6, 2012

Maximus, The Wonderful Sinking Cat


  1. Adorable! In the last picture, Maximus looks like my Hannibal. Not one of my cats, in all of my cat history, has one of them been a sink sleeper.

    My mom's cat poops in the sink.

    1. He's a really sweet boy-- he was the last one that we adopted, and he's still trying to find his place in our family. He's funny in the way that he expresses affection. He stands up on his hind legs and puts one paw on each side of your neck and demands to be held and carried like a human baby. I was so surprised the first time that he did it!

      That's hysterical that your mom's cat poops in the sink. Jasper likes to pee in the sink that Maximus is lounging in! Needless to say we go through a great deal of spray cleaner!


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