Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Marcia from Beauty Info Zone's MUST SEE Review of Sunday Riley Lady Godiva and Burnt Eggplant Eye Shadows

Marcia from Beauty Info Zone always knocks her reviews out-of-the-park, and as one of my all-time favorite bloggers I tend to hang on her every word! In fact, she is largely responsible for my continually growing list of "must-have" products. Her new review of Sunday Riley eye shadows in Burnt Eggplant and Lady Godiva is no exception, and if it doesn't have you scrambling to place an order- nothing will! In her infinite kindness she has credited me with continually fueling her Sunday Riley obsession- I would definitely say that we enable each other in our respective quests to find the best makeup out there! If you don't subscribe to her blog take a second to do so- you won't regret it!! Be forewarned, there is no turning back once you have entered the Beauty Info Zone!
Burnt Eggplant

Lady Godiva
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  1. Big thanks! It's called a "mutual admiration society"!

    1. Absolutely my pleasure. I was so touched by the lovely things that you said about me and my blog! Definitely a "mutual admiration society" of the highest order!


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