Friday, April 27, 2012

MAC Blushes: Pink Cult, Pink Tea, Lovecloud & Peony Petal Swatches & Review

MAC has been having blush fever lately given the number of new limited edition blushes launched in their most recent collections. In fact, one of the collections featured here is dedicated solely to blushes, and thankfully the pieces that I picked up from these launches were uniformly of high quality.

Pink Cult From Reel Sexy (Repromote from Jeanius) is described as a Midtone dirty neutral pink with a matte finish. MAC is sold out of Pink Cult online, but you should still be able to find it in some of the stores that sell MAC. MAC restocked the remaining blushes shown in this review online- so they are all available, and I've seen plenty at Nordstrom, Macy's & Bloomingdale's. Pink Tea, Lovecloud, and Peony Petal are all part of the Très Cheek Collection which consists of 6 blushes total. Pink Tea is described as a neutral beige pink with a Satin finish; Lovecloud is described as a mid-tone pink with a Satin finish; and Peony Petal is described as a bright blue pink with a Satin finish. I do find the color descriptions to be accurate, but the textures don't necessarily behave the way one might expect.
All four blushes have excellent pigmentation and are lovely on the cheeks. I did, however, find that Peony Petal was a little dry and stiff to the touch- though it did apply and wear beautifully on the cheeks. In this way Peony Petal behaves more like a Matte than a Satin, but it is richly pigmented and should be applied with a very light hand. Pink Cult, on the other hand, is a Matte that behaves more like a Satin in that it is soft and smooth. Lovecloud and Pink Tea have the soft and smooth texture that one expects from a Satin finish.

I really like all four blushes, but if you have similar things in your stash you could easily pass on all of these. My biggest surprise was how flattering Pink Tea is on my cheeks because it looks so muted in the pan. It turns into the prettiest soft pink shade on- offering the perfect flush of color. I have heard many people compare Pink Cult to Pink Tea, but I think that they are quite different from one another. I also initially thought that Peony Petal might be a good dupe for NARS Gaiety- so I swatched them side by side only to learn that they weren't quite as close as I had originally thought- click here to see the comparison.

Overall assessment: I didn't plan on getting any of the blushes from either collection, but I am glad that I did. I will definitely get use out of all of them. That said, I have a ridiculously large collection of pink blushes, and I certainly did not need any of them!

$20.00 each where MAC is sold


  1. Wow! All of those look beautiful! I'm sure I have dupes but maybe I should just take a look:) I've been a huge MAC lover forever but their constant LE collections are frustrating!

    1. Hi yessie! I am quite pleased with all of these. If you have dupes-- I would say that these definitely aren't necessary-- or at least a big haul isn't necessary, but they are nice. I totally agree with you about all of the MAC LE collections being frustrating-- especially since the quality isn't even close to consistent. Sometimes I find it pretty discouraging, but I'm now being far more selective about what I buy-- whereas I used to do huge hauls with each collection.

    2. I totally agree with you Lola, I am trying to stop picking up so much stuff bc it looks pretty in the packaging! more quality not quantity!

    3. completely agree, yessie! There have been far too many MAC LE disappointments. They release way way way too many collections, and there are far too many subpar products as a result. They need to slow down and think about going back to basics, and high quality products. I wish there were fewer LE products and repromotes. In fact they repromote popular items so often that they should use some common sense and add those items to their permanent range. I also think it is ridiculous how they falsely stimulate the "hurry and haul before it sells out" mentality. People staying up until wee hours of the night to be able to get LE stuff before it sell out creates market hysteria and a mad scramble. But what they don't tell us is that the whole thing is manufactured by their marketing department-- because they only release a very small amount the first time around to really stimulate interest when they "restock." I went to the Pro Store on Robertson for one of the more recent launches and was told that they only got 6 units of one of the things in-- so if I wanted one I had better get it because it would be sold out in no time. Well, of course it will sell out in no time-- there were only ever 6 of them in stock!!!!!!!!!!! They have lost so many MAC loyalists as a result of this way of promoting product and doing business!


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