Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hakuhodo S110 Blush Brush Review

The Hakuhodo S110 Blush Brush is from their flagship series of brushes that are made with gorgeous vermilion painted wooden handles with brass ferrules rolled in 24-karat gold. This series bespeaks an unprecedented level of luxury on every level. It has a perfectly sized round and flat head made of Sokoho goat hair that is unbelievably soft to the touch. Sokoho is one of the very softest varieties of goat hair- so this brush is not in the least bit scratchy or rough on your skin.
While this brush is soft it is likewise very effective at lifting and depositing pigment. The head is firm enough that it offers precisely the right amount of resistance to be suitable for use with a wide variety of blushes from those that are unpigmented and harder to those that are very pigmented and softer (and everything in-between). That it offers some resistance both in the pan and on the face means that you have to use a lighter hand when applying highly pigmented blushes. It is also a great multi-tasker in that it also works well for blending out and diffusing highly pigmented blushes as one might expect, but it also works well for blending face powders. I have even used it for applying highlighters.
Therefore the versatility of the S110 makes this a brush that I reach for very often. There really isn't much that this beauty can't do, truly! There is something particularly satisfying about using brushes from Hakuhodo's S Series- they are simply so gorgeous, so perfectly balanced, so perfectly constructed, so comfortable to hold, and so soft and effective. Simply put: using this brush and all of my brushes from the S Series makes me gleefully happy!
Overall assessment: The S110 is an amazingly versatile blush brush. It is of the highest quality, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.
$68.00 from Hakuhodo


  1. I'm hoping to make it back to IMATS in June and Hakuhodo is my main target! They don't really discount the brushes there but at least I'd be able to play to my heart's content. I just wish they'd label the brushes since I have 4 and can't remember the numbers.
    Your collection is to be envied my friend! You have me drooling on my keyboard.

    1. I wish they would label the brushes as well. The only ones that seem to be are from the S Series. I have been thinking about IMATS in June as well, but am afraid of the trouble that I could get myself into at the Hakuhodo booth-- especially if the two of us were there together. Can you imagine the enabling we could do?! I can't even imagine being able to play with all of their brushes at the same time!! The only real savings is on shipping as I understand it.

      I have to avoid the Hakuhodo website right now- otherwise I will likely place an order!

  2. They didn't give a break on the brushes at IMATS though I think there was no tax. I bought two eyebrushes. They don't label the prices either at the show and it was one of my late stops and I was tapped out!

    1. Too bad that they don't give a discount on the brushes, but I guess no tax is a break. It's also nice to save on shipping. I wonder why they don't label the prices-- how are we supposed to know if we are staying within our budget? I guess you could always print our all of the prices of the brushes that you are considering from their website first and bring it. I fear the type of trouble that I would get myself into at IMATS-- and most of it would be at Hakuhodo!!

  3. Lola,

    This is so lovely. Is S110 your favorite luxury blush brush? How do you like the G506?:)


    1. Hi Grace! I really love the S110 a great deal, and use it all of the time. I don't know if I can say that it is my favorite luxury blush brush. I actually consider all of my Hakuhodo brushes to be luxurious- from the least to the most expensive. I will say that I reach for it without thinking about it all of the time-- which tells me that I really love it! I love the G506 as well-- it's a really lovely brush that works well for so many different types of blush- I will have to get around to reviewing that one before too long!

      I do think that you will be super happy with the 210- if that ends up being in your shopping basket when all is said and done! It's a really great brush, and one of my most beloved (fairly obvious statement since I have two of them!)! :D


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