Tuesday, March 13, 2012

MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Creams Review & Swatches

MAKE UP FOR EVER is one of my go-to brands because of the great quality and versatility of their products. While MUFE features many bold color choices there are also many neutral and classic shades available. One of my favorite products from MUFE is the AQUA CREAM Waterproof Cream Color. There are 22 shades available, of which 21 are offered at Sephora. The mythologized Purple #19 is not offered in the US, but as you can see I have it and swatched it for you! According to MUFE, "The Aqua Cream is an ultra-pigmented, long-lasting waterproof cream. Highly concentrated in mother-of-pearl pigments, it provides an immediate color intensity with a luminous finish. Its long-lasting formula will not crease or smudge under the most extreme conditions."

Available in 22 shades, the multipurpose Aqua Cream can be applied on your lips, cheeks and eyes. 
Shades #5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 are formulated for the Lips & Cheeks. 
Shades #1, 2, 3, 4, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, and 22 are formulated for the Eyes & Cheeks.

I use these in the same way that one would use a MAC Paint Pot- as a stand alone cream eye shadow, or as a base for eye shadows, but I also use them as eyeliners. Aqua Creams are tremendously pigmented with great color payoff, and once they set they do not budge, smudge, bleed, fade, or crease. In fact, Aqua Creams have a fairly fast dry down time so you need to work more quickly than you would with a MAC Paint Pot. The texture is silky smooth and very comfortable to wear. The formula is buildable- so it is easy to sheer them out for a subtle look or build them up for a bold and vibrant look. The versatility of the Aqua Cream is one of the great strengths of this product, but this formula does include a fair amount of shimmer (read: metallic), so if you prefer a matte finish you may not love these. While I LOVE Aqua Creams I do wish that they would add a few matte shades to the lineup. I find them very comfortable to wear on the eyes and cheeks, but find them drying on the lips (however, applying them over a lip balm does help). Click on photos to enlarge.
Left to Right: Anthracite (1)- silvery charcoal shimmer; Steel (2)- silver gray shimmer; Silver (3)- true silver shimmer; Fresh Pink (6)- bright pink; Fuchsia (7)- hot pink with gold flecks.
Left to Right: Gold (11)- yellow gold shimmer; Golden Copper (12)- soft copper shimmer; Warm Beige (13)- champagne shimmer; Satin Brown (14)- warm brown shimmer; Taupe (15)- taupe brown shimmer; Pink Beige (16)- pinky beige shimmer.

Left to Right: Plum (17)- burgundy plum shimmer; Purple (18)- light lilac shimmer; Purple (19)- vibrant mid-tone purple shimmer.

Overall assessment: MUFE Aqua Creams are one of my all-time favorite products from the line. I love using them on my eyes and face, but find them a bit too drying for my lips. While I am impressed by the full range of Aqua Creams I do wish that they would add some matte shades.

0.21 oz. $22.00 each at Sephora or MAKE UP FOR EVER Boutiques


  1. Nice! Steel looks almost brown next to the others. It and #16 are the only ones I have. I really wish MUFE would offer at least a satin (if not matte) finish. They are a bit too much for my eyelids.

    1. It's funny that steel does almost appear brown next to the others! On my skin it ends up being almost a cool taupe-- which I like since cool-toned colors look best on me (though I often do break the "rules" and wear warm colors on my eyes). Like you, I had my colors done years ago, and turned out to be a "True Winter" so I have to be careful how far I go outside of my color range before looking tired or ruddy.

      I also wish that MUFE would offer satin (if not matte)-- preferably both. I generally tend to sheer out the MUFE aqua creams because there's too much sparkle on me if I apply it heavily. I don't like to appear as though a glitter bomb exploded on my eyelids.

  2. I too am a big fan of MUFE Aqua creams and use them all the time. I have #17, 12 and 15 and want to get Steel.

    1. Hi Beauty and the Scientist! Aren't they just wonderful?! You certainly have selected some of my favorite shades. If I had to pick my very favorite- it would definitely be Steel-- it is so versatile and gorgeous!

  3. hahaha o my , i didnt understand whaT MUFE was. i thought about it for like 10 seconds..what the hell is that? which brand..but then its..makeup for ever..haha..oops.

    i want these soo bad, too, ive never had cream shadows. love to have them real soon..!

    oh yea..i didnt know if you could wear this on your lips?!



    1. These are really awesome! Some are made for the eyes, and there are others that are made for the lips and cheeks. I find the one's that are made for the cheeks and lips to be far too drying on my lips. I prefer the formula for the eyes instead. You will have to check these out when you go to Sephora! They dry down very quickly and then don't budge once they dry!

  4. très bel article j'adore ;)

    1. Merci beaucoup, Elizabeth! Est-ce que vous aimez MAKE UP FOR EVER? Les Aqua Cream sont vraiment incroyable!! ;)


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