Wednesday, March 28, 2012

If Happiness Could Come in a Box, This is What it Would Look Like: Part II

Yesterday was a day filled with surprises that came in lovely boxes. My husband surprised me by bringing home dinner from El Metate in Pasadena.  He often goes there for lunch and thought that their delectable Camarones del Diablo would be perfect for dinner. HE WAS RIGHT!! To make things even better, he found a Zuneta box sitting on the front porch. WOO HOO! This girl is on sensory overload!


  1. My mouth is WATERING. That even looks healthy. Are those wee little shrimps?

    1. It was so tasty! I love shrimp, and those were especially good. It was reasonably healthy too. It was cold by the time that he brought it home, but it was divine nonetheless! I don't know if you will be notified about my response in the Erno Laszlo post because I found two glaring typos that I didn't catch so I deleted and re-responded to you.


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