Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hakuhodo 210 Blush Brush Review

The extent to which the Hakuhodo 210 Blush Brush is a versatile workhorse simply cannot be overstated. This must-have brush does far far more than simply apply blush. Hakuhodo says that it is a blush/highlight brush, but it is also phenomenal for the application of foundation as well. It can be used for both powder and liquid/cream formulas alike, and it is for that reason that I keep two on hand-- one for each type of formula.

It is made of super soft Goat hair (Sokoho),  has a small densely packed round head, and a very comfortable black wooden handle with a nickel/brass/silver ferrule. It is soft to the touch, but don't be fooled into thinking that soft=ineffective.  This brush can handle any task you throw at it, and with grace and precision!

The head size is perfect for applying cream or powder blush to the apples of the cheeks, for contouring because of the tightly packed small head, for applying liquid or powder highlighter, and for applying and blending foundation. Whatever medium you choose to work in- you are guaranteed a flawless finish.

The 210 is repeatedly compared to the MAC 109 brush, but I don't have the MAC 109 in my stash to do a side by side comparison. For an excellent comparison between the Hakuhodo 210 & the MAC 109 see Delicate Hummingbird's side by side comparison where she determines that the 210 is "a much much better version of the MAC 109."

Delicate Hummingbird has had no shedding issues with this brush, but The Non-Blonde found that her 210 "shed two hairs after the initial washing" and a few here and there. Like The Non-Blonde, I noticed that a few hairs shed after the initial washing on one of my two 210 brushes, but none since. Therefore, even if there is some shedding it is negligible at best and shouldn't cause you any concern.

The versatility of this brush, coupled with the high quality that is a hallmark of all Hakuhodo brushes, makes this one of my most reached for brushes. I literally use one, if not both, of my 210 brushes every single day.

If you are new to the world of Hakuhodo brushes, and are just thinking about becoming one of the initiated- then the 210 should be at the top of your wish list without question.

210 frontal view of head

The stock photo of the MAC 109 beneath the Hakuhodo 210 gives you an idea of their similarities and differences. Bear in mind that the Hakuhodo has been washed and used and therefore the head is much more full than when it is new and unused- as is the case with this MAC 109. After use the MAC 109 is much more full and fluffy.

In the two multi-brush photographs above you will see a visual comparison of the Hakuhodo 210 with the Hakuhodo S110 (review forthcoming), the Hakuhodo G506 (review forthcoming), and the Hakuhodo G503 (reviewed here). This is to give you a sense of the size and shape of the 210 in relation to other Hakuhodo blush brushes. Click on photos to enlarge.

Overall assessment: Another extraordinary brush from Hakuhodo. A must-have brush for me that I use on a daily basis. A steal at $36.00!

$36.00 from Hakuhodo


  1. how do u wash your brushes with

    1. Hi bebe_tc

      I use the Hakuhodo brush cleaner. I put some of it in the palm of my hand and swirl the brush in it and then rinse it out until it is clear. How do you wash your brushes?


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