Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sunday Riley Skincare for Face & Body- Overview, Reviews & Choosing the Right Products

I thought that it would be helpful to do a post that included all of the Sunday Riley face and body products with a breakdown for each of their targeted concerns. I organized it so that everything would be at your fingertips to save you the time of having to search for each individual product. I hope that you find this useful!

Products for the face (from left to right):
1) Stimulant I Perfecting Stem Cell Serum (reviewed here): an intense corrective serum for expression lines and wrinkles.
2) Stimulant II Perfecting Stem Cell Serum (reviewed here): a serum that fights UV damage, all forms of redness (including laser treatment), offers post-sun relief, and addresses Rosacea.
3) Stimulant III Perfecting Stem Cell Serum (reviewed here): a serum that targets hyperpigmentation, loss of elasticity, enlarged pores.
4) Bionic Anti-Aging Cream (reviewed here): a rich, yet lightweight, anti-aging cream.
5) Cashmere SPF 30+ Advanced Sun Defense (reviewed here): a physical mineral sunscreen.
6) Skin Adrenaline Anti-Aging Concentrate (reviewed here): an anti-aging concentrate and light moisturizer.
7) Good Genes Treatment (reviewed here): an exfoliating treatment product that plumps fine lines, reduces hyperpigmentation and damage, improves circulation, and creates a glowing complexion.
8) Juno Transformative Lipid Serum (reviewed here): a rare dry oil that moisturizes deeply and creates a glowing complexion.
9) Start Over Active Eye Cream (reviewed here): a lightweight anti-oxidant rich eye cream that nourishes, moisturizes, deflates puffy eyes, addresses dark circles, and plumps fine lines.
10) Charisma Crème Cleanser (reviewed here): a skin softening cream cleanser for normal skin to dry skin.
11) Ceramic Slip Cleanser (reviewed here): a foaming cleanser for normal to combination skin.
12) Gray Exposé Cleanser (reviewed here): a non-foaming clarifying cleanser for oily, congested, or combination skin.

Skincare Needs for the Face & Corresponding Corrective Products:
I) Anti-Aging: Expression Lines, Crow's Feet, Deep Wrinkles, Thinning Skin, Sagging Skin, Loss of Firmness, Loss of Volume,  Loss of Elasticity, & Loss of Collagen.
Products: Skin Adrenaline Anti-Aging Concentrate (#6), Bionic Anti-Aging Cream (#4)

II) Radiance & Brightening: Radiance, Glowing Skin, Hydration, Smoothness, & Boosting the Complexion.
Products: Juno Transformative Lipid Serum (#8), Good Genes Treatment (#7)

III) Corrective Measures: Blemishes and Congested Skin, Dark Under Eye Circles,  Dull Lackluster Skin, Enlarged Pores, Hyperpigmentation, Oily Skin, Puffy Under Eye Area, Redness, & Rosacea
Products: Stimulant I Perfecting Stem Cell Serum (#1), Stimulant II Perfecting Stem Cell Serum (#2), Stimulant III Perfecting Stem Cell Serum (#3), Start Over Eye Cream (#9)

IV) Sun Protection: Cashmere SPF 30+ Advanced Sun Defense (#5)
Products for the body (from left to right):
1) Liquid Diet (reviewed here): a body treatment for water weight reduction.
2) Disrobe Body Lotion (reviewed here): an exfoliating and moisturizing body lotion.
3) Juno Body Transformative Lipid Serum (reviewed here): a rich and moisturizing body oil.

About NV-5 Ageless Complex
NV-5 Ageless Complex is Sunday Riley's own formula which consists of 5 Native American Botanicals that were specifically chosen to detoxify the skin, to fight cellular inflammation, to provide long-lasting radiance, to rejuvenate damaged skin,  and to combat the effects of air pollution, and to protect the skin against solar radiation. NV-5 intensively detoxifies the skin, while simultaneously having powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

According to Sunday Riley,
NV-5 consists of 5 Great American botanicals for youthful. smooth, healthy skin. This unique formula is made with Blue Agave, Biofermented Aloe+Yeast Extract, Prickly Pear, Lady's Slipper Orchid,  Cactus, and Night Blooming Cactus. These five phytoactives contain a unique blend of naturally occurring beta sitosterol, live yeast cell derivative (LYCD), allantoin, unique polysaccarides, and a multitude of uncommon bioactives.

*A Simple Guide For an Easy to Follow AM/PM Routine

I. Wash face with desired cleanser. I rotate between Charisma Crème, Ceramic Slip & Gray Exposé depending on the needs of my skin at that moment.  I use my Clarisonic in the mornings, and use all three cleansers with it- depending on the needs of my skin each day.

II. Apply Stimulant I to clean face. I sometimes apply Stimulant II as well, when needed.

III. Apply Start Over Eye Cream.

IV. Apply Juno Transformative Lipid Serum to face and neck. I like to warm it up in my palms a bit and then massage it into my face and neck-- it feels AMAZING!

V. Apply Skin Adrenaline, and/or Bionic. If you have combination or oily skin you will likely find that Skin Adrenaline is enough. If you need more moisture then use Bionic instead. However, lots of people use both together. I generally use Skin Adrenaline during the day.

VI. Apply Cashmere SPF 30+ to face, neck and décolleté. I mix Cashmere with a pump of Juno- it bolsters the SPF factor, and it feels AMAZING!

I. Wash face with desired cleanser. I rotate between Charisma Crème, Ceramic Slip & Gray Exposé depending on the needs of my skin at that moment. 

II. Apply Stimulant I and/or Stimulant III.  I use both nightly.

III. Apply Start Over Eye Cream.

IV. Apply Good Genes ( I use this every morning on my face and neck- before I apply Juno), but this WILL NOT WORK for people with sensitive skin. Many people only use this at night and not every day. If you use this during the day be sure to use a high SPF sunscreen. See my review here for more details. This product is highly active and it effectively exfoliates dead skin. It may make your skin tingle, but if it burns you should NOT use it. Get a sample and try it before purchasing it. For many people it should be used at night only.

IV. Apply Juno Transformative Lipid Serum to face and neck.

V. Apply Skin Adrenaline, and/or Bionic. I use Bionic at night.

*The use of Sunday Riley skincare products can be personalized and tailored to meet your specific needs. This is what works best for me, but that is after using the line for a few years and making adjustments along the way. I included this guide because I have been getting lots of questions from people looking for more guidance on setting up a Sunday Riley skincare routine. Please feel free to ask questions- you can post them or email them, but I suspect posting them will help out lots of people who have similar questions.


  1. wow, this is very helpful!! I am not sure which item I will purchase next. The SA used the Juno Body on my face instead of the serum for the face, she said it should be okay. I am thinking of either getting the Stimulant III or Juno...have any suggestions? The SA told me the Stimulant would make the most difference.

    1. Hi Nicolle!

      I am so glad that this was helpful to you!

      I would definitely get Juno before Stimulant III. Juno is such a great nourishing dry oil- I use it in the morning and the evening-- it really accounts for so much of the healthy glow that comes from this line. It is in my opinion one of the key products in the whole SR skincare lineup. I would let my skin adapt to the line and then add in Stim III if you think that you need it (but at night only). I think that if you are planning on using a good portion of the line that you should really start out with the core products first and then work your way into the Stimulants. Stim III It's a really active product (with 1% pure fresh retinol)- so that's probably why you were told that it would make the most difference.

      While I use and love both Juno & Stim III I can't imagine not using Juno 2x every single day. So for me, if I had to choose only one of them right now then I would get Juno and pick up Stimulant III later. In fact, since you just started using Good Genes I would hold off on Stimulant III so that you can really see what a difference Good Genes will make-- if you added in Stim III you wouldn't really be able to tell which is doing what. You might see such tremendous results with Good Genes that you won't feel the need to add in Stimulant III for a while.

      You can totally use the Juno Body on the face, and I often do mix it in with my Cashmere SPF 30+ after I have already applied the regular Juno (which I apply as a serum right before Skin Adrenaline in the morning, and before Bionic in the evening). Juno Body is a little lighter than Juno for the face-- but I love and use both.

    2. Thanks so much. I am going to ask for a sample first tomorrow during my lunch. I think I will get Stimulant III after Juno Body. I have a couple of acne scars on my cheeks :( I was about to use Obagi but found out about Sunday. I was a little worried starting Obagi because I hear how harsh it is...everyone told me how my skin would get worse at first...great, the last thing I want! I have been using the ceramic slip, Good Genes, and the Skin Adrenaline almost since this whole week and when I looked at my skin today without make up I was impressed. It's always soft now and doesn't feel dry. My pores are not as noticeable too. I am so happy! :) I'll follow your directions for Juno. I subscribed!

    3. You are so welcome, Nicolle- totally my pleasure! Getting samples is a great idea. I think that you might prefer the Juno formulated for the face to the one for the body- I find it to be a bit more luxurious and moisturizing. You should have them make you samples of each so that you can really try them both to see which one feels and works better for your skin.

      Good Genes will really help you with your acne scars. I started by using it a couple of nights a week to every night, and then switched it to the day because it makes my skin glow,and exfoliates the dead skin (but I use lots of Cashmere and Juno to keep my skin super protected). Stimulant III will definitely help with your acne scars and any sun damage-- it's a really good serum.

      I'm not even a little surprised that your skin looks and feels great after a week of Ceramic Slip, Good Genes, and Skin Adrenaline. I'm so glad that your skin is so soft, and not dry-- you will see continued improvements. I'm so happy for you! I think that you will be REALLY happy with Juno Oil. I like to pump a small amount in my hands and rub my hands together to warm up the oil and then massage it into my face and neck-- my skin feels like velvet and glows after doing this. I will be so surprised if you don't fall madly in love with Juno! Keep me posted! I'm so excited for you and can't wait to get an update!

    4. Well I tried to get a sample but I will have to go again tomorrow when someone else is there. The SA, one I have never seen before wouldn't give me any space to play around w/the products. I told her I already purchased 2 of the items already. I asked for a sample of both Juno Body and the one for the face. But she said "we don't have any sample bottles" I told I got samples earlier in the week of Grey Expose. Then she said "As I just said, we don't have any sample bottles" She apolgized but she didn't mean it. So I just left. I have run into these types of SAs before where they are so stingy to give you a tiny little sample! How are cutomers supposed to test it out then? Don't treate me like I was born yesterday. How can you now have any sample containers/bottles?!! Oh well...Sorry for the rant.

      So once, I do get it, I will update you! :)

    5. I'm so sorry that you had an unpleasant experience! There's no excuse for that behavior-- especially when they are making commission on your purchases, and you are paying premium luxury prices!! Please feel free to call Suzi(Sunday Riley) at Barneys in Beverly Hills (310) 276-4400 Ext. 5613 or Ext. 5598. She's so awesome and she really takes great care of everyone (and will give you extra treats when you tell her that I sent you). You will only ever get EXCELLENT service and she will treat you with great respect and kindness. When I was at Barneys today Suzi was putting together these cute little gift bags-- and told me that these were exclusives for my readers-- so she will DEFINITELY hook you up. I would suggest that you make your next purchases with her (she will definitely give you more stuff and without the grief that woman gave you today!). The kind of customer service (or lack there of) that you received today really pisses me off- there is simply no excuse for it, and no justification for poor manners like that.

      Keep me posted! Have a great weekend!

    6. I'll do that! Thanks Lola! :) I'll let you know.

    7. My pleasure. You will definitely be happy with Suzi-- it's definitely worth building a relationship with her. She will take excellent care of you! Definitely keep me posted!

  2. I am amazed at your collection!! I will start calling you the Sunday Riley guru:) I like your review on the sunscreen, now I am tempted to get it too. I always prefer mineral sunscreen over chemical sunscreen.

    1. What's scary is how much I have spent!! It definitely took some time to collect her entire skincare/bodycare line! I'm glad that you liked my review on Cashmere SPF 30+ review. I really really like it a lot. Like you I prefer mineral sunscreens over chemical ones. I freak out at the thought of putting those chemicals on (and into) my body!

      I just saw you are having your first blog giveaway-- congratulations on your 6 month anniversary!! I'm so excited for you! I'm going to hop on over and check it out!

  3. I'm also a little confused as to where to start. Could you maybe let us know which product you use in am/pm and in what order? Thanks!

    1. Hi JessL,

      I just added in a simple guide for an easy to follow Sunday Riley skincare routine at the bottom of this post. If you don't see it yet hit refresh and you will find it. I hope that you find it helpful. Please feel free to ask as many questions as you want! :)


  4. Uh oh! When I called last night, Vessela answered; Suzi wasn't there. I told her I'd call back, but she told me she could take care of my order. I mentioned your blog and she seemed to recognize it...thought the reps were working together, but since you mentioned commission in another post, I'm concerned that this was a situation created by competition, and am now even a bit disappointed. My order has already arrived (lightning quick!), but the gift bag you mentioned isn't here. Hmmmm. Are you aware of what Suzi was including?

    I'd love to try the Bionic product. I'm worried as I ordered Stimulant III thinking I could start it right away since my skin is already acclimated to retinol and not overly sensitive.

    Any suggestions?

    And thanks for that amazing guide to all the products for those of us who can't get to a Barneys counter in person!


    1. Hi Lori,
      Suzi isn't on commission (nor are any of the Sunday Riley reps), and she doesn't work for Barneys- she works for Sunday Riley so there is absolutely no competition whatsoever. What you read in another post was an entirely different situation where one of the blog readers went into another Barneys (not sure where, but definitely not in Beverly Hills). She got a different salesperson than the one that she had dealt with a few days earlier, and she asked for some samples of Juno Oil and the salesperson was rude to her. She told her that she had just purchased a few products the day before and the woman said she didn't have containers and couldn't give her samples. She was very put off because she felt like she was treated rudely and as though she was a child. The issue of commission was with respect to the fact that this Barneys employee was working on commission and should have treated the customer with more respect since the way that she was treated didn't exactly inspire a desire to buy from this person! So I told her to call Suzi- because Suzi would take care of her. I'm, not sure who Vessela is, but none of the Sunday Riley Representatives work for Barneys (so they don't ring up sales or receive any commissions etc. from Barneys).

      So don't be concerned about a situation created by competition. I'm not sure if Vessela is someone that Suzi told about the blog followers special, but she's not one of the Sunday Riley Reps (to my knowledge).

      I'm so happy that your stuff came so quickly. If you want to try Bionic you should call back and speak to Suzi again. You can also tell her about your perception of what happened. Suzi is one of the most lovely people that I know (literally)-so she can help you with anything that has do to with Sunday Riley products.

      From what I saw, Suzi was putting together samples of lots of different Sunday Riley products for my blog readers. If you didn't receive any samples let Suzi know-- she will absolutely take care of you.

      I'm so glad that the guide that I put together was helpful to you-- I thought that it would prove helpful!

      Let me know how things go, and if you have any issues let me know (and I will call Suzi as well).

      I hope this helps-- let me know if there is anything that I can do to help you!

      Have a lovely weekend!! Lola

  5. Whoops, I meant to say Juno, not Bionic! lol.

    1. Hi Lori,
      Juno is a FANTASTIC product-- truthfully one of my very favorite Sunday Riley products-- I use it day and night on my face and neck, and even on my lips when they are chapped. I also mix it in with my sunscreen, with my foundation, and often with my lotions! It's probably my most used product. Did you receive samples of different Sunday Riley products in your order? If not, it is worth it to call Suzi- plus you could ask her for a sample of Juno Oil to see if you like it.

    2. Hi Again Lori,

      I just realized that I didn't respond to your question:

      "I'd love to try the (Juno) product. I'm worried as I ordered Stimulant III thinking I could start it right away since my skin is already acclimated to retinol and not overly sensitive. Any suggestions?"

      I need clarification on your question. Are you worried about trying Stimulant III before trying other products from the Sunday Riley line? Or are you concerned because you read Nicolle's comments in this post about whether she should try Stimulant III or Juno Oil next? If your skin is already acclimated to retinol I would guess that you wouldn't have a problem with Stimulant III (though one can never know how their skin will react to a product until they try it)especially since you said that you don't have overly sensitive skin. My skin can kind of sensitive at times, and I was surprised to find that I didn't have any negative reactions to Stimulant III (and I was quite worried that it would be too strong for me.)

      Is your concern that you need to have been using all of the Sunday Riley line before using the Stimulant III? There are lots of people who use the Stimulants, but not the entire skincare line. In fact, one day when I was at the Sunday Riley counter buying a few things one of the Sunday Riley Reps introduced me to another customer who was buying Stimulant III- we chatted for quite a while and she told me that she had been using Stimulant I and had such great results that she was back to try Stimulant III, but that those were the only products from the line that she used. She told me that she was happy with the other stuff that she was using (I can't remember which line), but that she was crazy about the Stimulants in the line. At that point I was only using the core products from the line and hadn't ventured into the Stimulants, but she did the opposite and had no intention of using the core products like Juno, Good Genes etc. You can pick and choose what you like from the line, and don't have to use all of her products before using any of the Stimulants.

      If your concern stemmed from Nicolle's question about wondering whether it was a better idea to try Juno Oil or Stimulant III next- I said that if it were me that i would do Juno next because she had just started using Good Genes (which is very a active product that exfoliates the skin) and one of the cleansers and was planning on using the whole line. For her Juno Oil was the next logical step-- it's one of the core products in the line, and getting her skin acclimated to the core line (especially since she's using Good Genes) was a good idea since she would really be able to see the improvements in her skin, and could then determine whether she even needed Stimulant III. Good Genes is so active and powerful that some people don't even need to try Stimulant III.

      I hope that helps!

  6. I'm sorry I confused you earlier. I was looking for suggestions on the skincare rather than the transaction.

    I'm happy to hear that there was no underhandedness going on with someone else taking the order. Vessela was nice, so I had no problem with service, and she did include some samples. Four types, but no Juno unfortunately.

    As I mentioned, I ordered the Stimulant III. Not knowing the line very well, it seemed the best for me. Do you think I should send that back and begin with Juno?

    1. Oh no worries! I just wanted to make sure that I understood and responded accordingly!

      I am really happy that you were treated nicely. I can't imagine anyone being underhanded who works with Suzi, and nobody can try to steal her sales because she isn't a salesperson. I actually really like that arrangement a lot-- it's sort of a nice separation of Church & State in a way. You can get honest assessments about your skin's needs without feeling as though you are being pressured to buy things that you may not want and/or need. I don't tend to be easily swayed, but I know that there have been a few times that I have gone to a make-up counter and ended coming home with WAY more than I wanted because I felt pushed into it by an aggressive salesperson. I have actually had the opposite experience at the Sunday Riley counter-- I am so enthusiastic about the line that I have at times been told by one of my favorite reps, "you don't need to get that right now!" I really appreciate that so much.

      So, about your skin... If it were me I would definitely be inclined to keep Stimulant III-- it's an AMAZING product, and you have been using retinol so you are used to that kind of super active product. However, tell me more about your skin care routine. What type of skin do you have? What products are you using? Are you happy with them? What are you looking for in a skincare line? What are your chief concerns? Are you looking to replace what you are currently using? Are you trying to migrate over to the entire Sunday Riley line, or are you content with most of what you are using (and only looking for a few new products to add into your routine)?

      I would call back and ask Suzi if she can send you a sample of Juno Oil, and then I would try it out and see if you like it. I fell madly in love with it the first time that I used it, but not everybody loves using oil on their face (though this is no ordinary oil). Plus in truth one can't really compare Juno with Stimulant III since they are very different products.

      Tell me more :-)

  7. Wow, thank you for the thorough response! I hope it helps your other readers too. :)

    1. Absolutely my pleasure, Lori. I sure hope so-- that's really what forums like this are for!! :)

  8. WOW, you have the entire skincare line. Your posts about the line are so knowledgeable. Are you affliated with Sunday Riley?

    1. Hi Anonymous, Yes, crazy as it seems I have the entire skincare line from Sunday Riley (face and body). Thank you for such kind words about my posts! I am not affiliated with Sunday Riley- I just use the entire line because I love it so much. It scares me to think how much I have spent = LOL!! Do you use anything from the line?

  9. Lola, thank you for your thorough review on SR facial products. You have no idea how much your knowledge and step by step routine/guide helped when I visited Barney's today.

    I have used many high end products but could never commit or stay loyal to one brand because their quality fails to be consistent. Juno is what I started to use (I am currently 8 months proganant) but I can't wait to try others after I give birth. And although it's only been a day, I love how my skin stays moisturized and soft for hours. I also bought Start over, Juno, Good Genes, Stimulant I, and Bionic for my mother for Mother's Day! Hopefully, we finally found the HG skincare that works for us. I will let you know how it turns out, Lola!

    I never left a comment on a blog before but I really wanted to thank you for the time and effort you put into your work... Your honesty shows through and I am encouraged to try out many products that are recommended by you.

    1. You are very welcome, Ellie! I am so glad that I was helpful to you. Don't hesitate to ask any questions-- I know the line very intimately since I have been using it for a long time now, and I haven't wavered in my love of it one little bit! I'm glad that it made your trip to Barneys more streamlined and less overwhelming! It's hard not to go into sensory overload at the counter of a new line-- and that can be exacerbated by sales people (even the best intentioned ones). It's so good to go with a plan- otherwise you can end up going home with expensive things that you don't need and ultimately won't use.

      I know just what you mean about using high end products, but never committing or staying loyal because of inconsistency in quality.

      Juno is a great place for you to start- given that you are pregnant (CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!). You can afely use most of the line during pregnancy, but I would avoid the Stimulants (especially Stimulant III) until after you give birth. Juno is amazing- it was one of my very first Sunday Riley purchases several years ago, and I love it more today than I did then!! It's a definite HG product for me!

      What a truly lovely and generous Mother's Day gift-- your mom should love everything that you got her! What a good daughter you are!

      I'm so unbelievably touched that the first comment that you have ever made on a blog was on mine. You seriously just made my day- you have no idea! I'm glad that you see me as trustworthy- I am not paid by anyone to do my reviews, and am always completely honest in my assessments of the products that I review and swatch. In this day and age people seem to be less trustful of salespeople who are often perceived as interested only in the sale, and more trustful of someone objective who is more interested in assessing the good and the bad aspects of products and things. So it would seem that blogs are the new forum to try to get closer to the truth. Of course that is not always the case for either-- and I have friends who are sales people who will tell me that I don't need this or that (which I truly appreciate). So thank you Ellie- for saying such lovely things!

      I hope that you come back!! Please do keep me posted. If you don't already subscribe to my blog- you might consider it. I am going to be having a few Sunday Riley surprises for subscribers to my blog (I'm working out the details with the powers that be at Sunday Riley)!

  10. Hi, I'm so happy I came across your post on Sunday Riley. I'm interested in trying some products, but I have a few questions first. I have attempted 3 times to contact Sunday Riley (via email), but unfortunately no one responded back. I checked their website, and no customer service telephone # is listed. Have you experienced this before with Sunday Riley? Do you know how long it usually takes to receive a response??

    1. Hi there, Anonymous! I'm glad you came across my post as well. I never use the Sunday Riley website myself when I make purchases-- I always do it through my local Barneys instead. I can tell you that I have heard that the website is about to be redone as it hasn't been updated in quite a while. In fact, none of the makeup line that launched last November is even on the website.

      They have been expanding distribution-- Sunday Riley is now available at Dermstore, and is about to launch at Space NK-- so it will not only be available at Barneys.

      I think that you should contact Suzi (who is a Sunday RIley Rep) at the Barneys in Beverly Hills-- she can answer any and all questions that you may have as she works for Sunday RIley directly and not Barneys. Tell her that I sent you-- Barneys New York in Beverly Hills (310) 276-4400 Ext. 5613 or Ext. 5598. This will be the fastest way to get answers directly from Sunday Riley.

      If you have any specific product type questions I can try to answer them for you-- since I know the line very well and have been using it for some time.

      Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help you!

      I have a few upcoming Sunday Riley surprises for my blog subscribers, if you are interested- then you might want to subscribe so that you will be alerted when this takes place.

      Have a lovely weekend!

    2. Thank you for such a detailed response.
      Would I be able to email Suzi my questions, instead of calling? Email would be much more convenient for me.

      Thanks again for all your help!

    3. Hi, in addition to my previous post, the majority of my questions are about ingredients. I notice that on some of your previous blog posts, you had a picture of the ingredient lists from the boxes of the products. Is there any way, you could post the listing of ingredients for all the products you discuss in this blog post? Thanks again :)

    4. Hi,

      I think that your best bet is to call Suzi. If your question is about ingredients I can definitely help you out. Yes, I can post the ingredients. I know that a few of my boxes inadvertently got recycled before I was able to photograph them, but I will check through this post and see what is missing.


    5. I went through my boxes and bottles and shot pictures of all of the ingredients and posted them for you! :-)

  11. Thank you so much! I'm so happy I found your blog :)
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    1. I'm happy you found my blog too! You are so very very welcome. Please let me know if you have any other questions- I'm happy to help in any way that I can. If I don't have an answer to a Sunday Riley question- I an get it for you pretty quickly! I have been using the line exclusively for several years (aside from periodically trying out other products, but this is what I use on a daily basis.

      You have a lovely weekend as well!

  12. Lola,

    This review was amazing. I can't thank you enough for your time. I have subscribed and this is fast becoming one of my favorite beauty blogs. I am dying to give Sunday Riley a try. Which product do you think would best replace a Vitamin C serum?


    1. Hi Tracy! Thanks for stopping by! I'm so thrilled to hear that my blog is quickly becoming one of your favorites-- I'm grinning ear to ear becasue you just made my day! There isn't really a replacement product for a Vitamin C serum per se, but Juno Transformative Lipid Serum contains vitamin C and lots of other goodies- so that's the one that I would choose!
      Here's the link to my review:

      This is absolutely one of my personal Holy Grail products, and absolutely one of the top picks from the Sunday Riley line!!

      Please don't ever hesitate to ask as many questions as you want!!
      Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
      xo, Lola

    2. Be sure to subscribe to the blog- because there are some upcoming Sunday Riley & Susan Thompson Cosmetics specials exclusively for my blog subscribers!

    3. Oops, I see that you said that you already subscribed! I just got your email as well. Will respond in a second, but here are my thoughts since I'm already writing to you here. Good Genes and Juno are the first two products that I would have suggested- in my opinion they are two f the most exceptional products from the Sunday Riley skincare range of products-- they are also a part of the core line-- so using them will give you a pretty good indication as to whether or not the line is a good match for you.

      First and foremost what are your skincare needs? Juno is a fantastic oil based serum that will work well for nearly all skin types-- unless of course one has problems/sensitivities/allergies to any of the ingredients. Good Genes might be too strong and active for those with very sensitive skin because the unneutralized lactic acid is a potent exfoliant. Be sure to read my review carefully about use:

      I really like the Sunday Riley cleansers-- particularly Ceramic Slip. However, if you are using something that really works well for you then there's no reason to switch unless you are less than satisfied. You can always request a sample of the Sunday Riley cleansers to see if any of them work well for you.

      I tend to be pretty conservative in my approach to trying out a new line of skincare. I like to test out a product or two first to see how it works for my skin, and then gradually add in a new product at a time. That way if any of them cause problems it's pretty easy to isolate and identify the offending product(s). If you let me know a little more about what you are looking for and a little bit more about your skin- I can try to tell you what might and might not work for you! :-) Lola

  13. Its been quite exhausting trying to get anyone to send my samples from this line. Since late June I've emailed and called several locations both on the west and east coast. I've had my eye on this line for awhile but put it off to try another line but after giving it a year I have seen no serious improvement worth making another pricey investment. I'm 38 years old with medium/dark complexion, oily combo skin. My current skin care program I'm rotating between 11 different products depending on how my skin is acting and I just want to streamline the process with products that are serious multi-taskers. I have my eye on the Juno, Ceramic Cleanser,Skin Adrenaline, and Good Genes. Super if only someone whould just respond to my request instead of giving me the run around.

  14. hello! i love reading your blog. i am very interested in the sunday riley line and all of your reviews have been incredibly helpful :) i picked up good genes and the ceramic slip cleanser a few weeks ago and am in love. i am interested in picking up more sunday riley products, but i have a few questions. i've emailed sunday riley customer service a few times asking for product suggestions and haven't heard back. i've also contacted my local barney's and never received a call back...i'm hoping that your product knowledge will be helpful!

    i have acne prone skin. good genes and ceramic slip have helped to clear and heal it tremendously, and i am hesitant to try anything new that could possibly counteract the success i've had thus far. i do have sun damage and some lines forming that i'm not too crazy about. i'm thinking of trying juno, bionic and skin adrenaline. i'm also interested in cashmere, but can't justify spending that much on a sunscreen unless it's amazing. do you think any of those products would be too heavy and clog pores or cause future breakouts? aside from your blog and beauty professor, there's not a ton of sunday riley info available!

    thanks! :)

    1. Hi lyndsayabbas,

      Thank you for saying such kind things about my blog-- I really appreciate it!

      I'm so glad that you are enjoying ceramic slip and good genes!! It is disappointing that nobody from the company or the store responded to you! Acne prone skin is pretty tricky (as you know), and it requires such great care to keep it in balance. I have two good friends who have acne prone skin and neither were able to use juno, bionic or skin adrenaline because they were presumably too rich for their skin, and/or had ingredients that triggered bad breakouts. I would definitely get samples before buying them.

      For sun damage I have used retinol-based products at night and find them tremendously helpful, but you might want to consult with a dermatologist first to see if your skin will tolerate it- plus they can prescribe prescription strength or suggest a type that would best be suited for your skin type etc. I have been using and loving the one by FutureDerm, and am going to test out the one by Dr. Brandt next. Cashmere SPF 30 is a nice sunscreen, but it is really expensive. After using mine up I decided to search for a less expensive mineral sunscreen with a higher SPF, and was introduced to Clarins Ecran Multi-Protection UV Plus SPF 40, and have to say that I love it more than anything that I have ever used. It is $38.00 for 1.7 oz and is widely available. It has a wonderful thin consistency and it doesn't interfere with makeup. You might want to try a sample of it and a sample of Cashmere to see which one you like. The Clarins is definitely my new Holy Grail sunscreen, and I will use it as long as they make it, or until I find something that I prefer.

      I think one of the biggest keys to acne prone skin is to introduce new products one at a time and use them long enough to determine whether they will trigger a break out. I also highly recommend getting samples whenever possible to see if the products work for you before spending lots of money-- particularly when you are talking about luxury price tags.,en_US,pd.html?start=1

      I hope that this was somewhat helpful to you. I would definitely try to get samples of all of the products that you are interested in though because that really is the only way to find u=out how your skin will react to them. :)

  15. Hello, I know this post is old but I just discovered Sunday Riley and am slowly building my facial regimen with her products. So I hope you see this! I see that a lot of her products have vitamin A or retinol. I'm looking to add more of her products but I also use the prescription retinol cream to treat adult acne (very mild, only during that time of the month) but use it every night anyways since I hear it's good for healthy, wrinkle-free skin. Do you have any thoughts if I were to continue its use with the Sunday Riley products that also have the same active ingredient?

    1. Hi Esther!

      Thanks for stopping by! I would be very careful about adding too many active over the counter products when you are already on prescription retinol (even at a low dose). If you are using prescription retinol you really don't need retinol in other products, and prescription strength is generally more potent that what you can get in department store products-- which can be really great when used as directed. You don't want to over-process the skin- which can cause lots of problems (skin thinning, more breakouts, general irritation etc.). Retinol can also cause photo-sensitivity-- so be sure that you are using a good sunscreen. If it were me, and I was on prescription retinol I would avoid retinol in all other products and use a very well edited selection of products that you know work well for you- without using more products than you really need. I would also take the ingredient lists for all of the facial skincare products that you are using to your dermatologist to make sure that there aren't any contraindicated ingredients that might interact negatively with your prescription. Inflamed acne prone skin needs a simplified routine that eliminates as many known offenders as possible so that your skin isn't in a state of shock from everything. I would keep it as simple as possible and make sure that your doctor agrees with the ingredients in your skincare line with respect to the way that it may interact with your retinol. What I have found is that too many products just tends to either be redundant, or it confuses the skin and causes more problems. I know this may sound overly cautious, but I like to be very careful with my skin!! I would also introduce new products one at a time to see if they trigger a breakout. I would also ask for samples of the Sunday Riley products that you are thinking of adding into your skincare routine to make sure that they don't cause your skin to react. Any type of skin sensitivities or issues require extra care- especially when we are trying to fix the problems with over-the-counter products. I know people who have prescription retinol who use it every night just as you do because it is such an anti-aging powerhouse. Just be super careful what else you introduce. I hope that this was somewhat helpful!! :-)

    2. I'm so glad that was helpful to you! :-)

  16. Hey Lola ! I'm just wondering did the change the Sunday Riley bottles. I noticed that they didn't come with caps anymore.

    1. Hi! I have no idea. I haven't purchased any Sunday Riley items in a very long time. I looked at my stash and everything came with caps except the cleanser. My older bottles have black pumps and the labels have a black band around them. My newer bottles have clear pumps and a gold band around the label. But all of them had caps. I don't know if that has since changed but it's probably been about a year since I actually purchased anything. Did you buy something that didn't have a cap (that used to come with one)?

    2. They dont come with black caps anymore I guess... You can twist it and lock it, but I didnt know if they changed it and took out the black cap.

    3. I like the caps because when you are getting to the bottom of the bottle you can turn it upside down do get the last bit.

  17. Hi,

    I had been using Future Derms's Time Release Retinol for a few months. I recently took a break from it, so that I could try Good Genes - which I love. I'd now like to begin working the retinol back into by routine, along with Good Genes. Could you let me know in what order to apply the retinol and Good Genes? I love your blog - thanks so much!

    1. HI Jen!!

      I love FutureDerms Retinol-- I am actually just about to review it!! I definitely would not use your retinol at the same time as Good Genes, and I would make sure that your skin needs to be using these two products during the same period of time. You just want to make sure that you aren't over-processing your skin. Since this retinol should be used at night then I would only use Good Genes during the day as needed, and not without a high SPF. I never use FutureDerm Retinol and Good Genes together because there is no point to make my skin exfoliate that much. I find that retinol to be so effective that I just use Good Genes during the day when I need a little extra pick-me-up. I hope this is helpful. I have adopted the philosophy hat it does your skin no favors if you overload it with too many active exfoliants at the same time. :-) I'm so glad that you love my blog- that makes me VERY happy! xo

  18. Hi Lola,

    just wanted to say, you have the most in-depth blog on Sunday Riley and thank you!

    i've just purchased good genes and juno but was wondering if i can use it in conjunction with Alpha H liquid gold?

    1. You are so very welcome, Vatty. It was totally my pleasure, and I am so happy that you have found it useful and helpful.

      Because Good Genes actively exfoliates the skin with unneutralized Lactic Acid I would not use it in conjunction with Alpha H Liquid Gold since that contains a 5% solution of Glycolic Acid. I think that it should be more of an either/or proposition so that you don't over-process and over-exfoliate the skin. Too much exfoliation can cause more problems than good so much of the time. It can lead to thinning, sensitivities, and cause the skin to become more vulnerable. For me personally, I take a less is more approach- and I avoid too many exfoliants. Juno shouldn't present a problem, but I would probably spot test it along with the whatever else you are using to make sure that you have no reaction. I would be SUPER careful not to overdo it- so for me I definitely would not use Good Genes and Alpha H Liquid Gold at the same time-- no question. You could always bring both to your doctor to carefully peruse the ingredients in both, but my instincts would prevent me from using them simultaneously.

      I hope that this is somewhat helpful. I always tend to err on the side of caution on these things because skin is more sensitive and vulnerable than we assume-- so I baby mine and avoid over-processing it at all costs! :-) Keep me posted!

  19. Hi Lola,

    just wanted to say thank you for such an in-depth blog on Sunday Riley!

    i just purchased good genes and juno and was wondering if i can use these products in conjunction with Alpha H's liquid gold?

  20. hey there love your post! I have a quick question! I am planning on buy the ceramic slip cleanser ( i have oily combination skin) i was thinking juno and skin adrenalin would be a good choice for me , do these products help with break outs our minimize them? would this be a good skin care routine? as i cant afford the whole line, i also see there is no toner does juno take the place of one also do i use all three at the same time! thanks so much! i have emailed Sunday Riley and gotten no response.

    1. Hi Shelby,

      I'm so glad that you like this post and find it useful! Since you have oily/combo skin- I would try to get samples of each before spending the money- to make sure that none of the products cause you to break out. Ceramic Slip shouldn't cause you to break out, but I have a friend who can't use it and breaks out when she does, but I think her issue might be because she has sensitive combination skin, and may be allergic to some of the ingredients. I have never had a breakout from Ceramic Slip, or Juno, but my last bottle of Skin Adrenaline made me break out like crazy-- no idea why-- so I had to stop using it. It's hard to know how your skin will react, and I always try samples before purchasing new skincare because you never know until you try if they are going to cause you to break out. Sadly, I have learned this the hard way!!! I would ask for samples of all of the products that you want to try from the line (it's a great way to save lots of money on products that don't work for you, and spend it one products that do!!). Keep me posted! :)

  21. Thanks for your Advice Lola!

    i just tried juno and good genes for the past 3 days and i must say, the stubbon dry patches on my cheek are pretty much already gone thanks to Juno! i had already tried for weeks with exfoliating and moisturising which didn't work!
    thank goodness for Sunday Riley!
    Although my face is still red due to my sensitive skin, anything you suggest i try from Sunday Riley's range for a relaxing kind of cream?

    1. My pleasure, Vatty! I suspect that the Good Genes might be responsible for reducing your stubborn dry patches since the Lactic Acid is an exfoliant. Interestingly, Juno didn't get rid of my two little dry patches (one on my chin and one on the side of my nose), and Rodin Olio Lusso has been the only luxury oil that literally banished my dry patches. I thought that Juno or Sponge Ladi Avokanto would, but neither did. Olio Lusso has been my magical secret weapon ever since!

      Sunday Riley discontinued the product that was good for sensitive skin that is prone to redness (Stimulant II), but I use a lovely calming and soothing cream from Sponge that does wonders for redness and sensitive skin. This is one of my VERY favorite creams! If you live anywhere near a Barneys- I would ask for a sample to see if it works for you- I love it. I know someone with serious Rosacea who swears that this cream is her very favorite product because it calms her skin unlike anything else that she has tried! My skin feels so soothed and pampered after using the Krema Triantafillo!

      Where to find:

      Keep me posted! :D

    2. ah that all makes sense now!

      I live in Australia, so getting my hands on Sunday Riley products have been quite difficult except for Space NK which ships to Australia, which has been a godsend. But you're right, I noticed they didn't sell Stimulant II on their website after I did more research on your Sunday Riley products for sensitive skin.

      i'll check out sponge skin care and see if i can find a store which will ship to Australia.

      Thanks again!

    3. Hi Vatty!

      That is quite a bit of trouble that you are going through to get SR products!! A while ago a Sunday Riley Rep told me that Stimulants II and III were discontinued, but that they were coming out with a couple of other serums at some point. He seems to have left the company and I didn't follow up since I have been using other products instead. I don't know whether or not The Organic Pharmacy products are available in Australia, but I am absolutely dumbfounded by their products that I have tried. Their serums exceed anything that I have tried and they have far fewer harmful chemicals than most of the luxury lines that I have tried. They are out of the UK:

      The other line that has some amazing products for calming the skin is Suki- they also focus on healthy ingredients, and their line is extremely effective.

      Their Nourishing Cream would probably do wonders for you:

      Their products appear to be available in Australia (in Perth and in Sydney)

      I hope that this is helpful!

  22. So glad i found Your blog. A lot of useful information. I know these are old posts but i am knew sunday Riley. I cannot seem to Find any of the stimulants online. Did they discontinue them .
    I am on a budget but i bought slip cleanser and the good gene. I still need a moisturizer for day and night. .I have combination skin, do you recommend bionic or adrenaline?
    Thank you such impressive and detailed explanation. Love that!

    1. Thank you for your kind words-- I'm so glad that you find my blog useful. I haven't really used the line in a while, and I ran out of the Stimulants long long ago, but they discontinued Stimulants II & III quite a while ago as I recall. I remember talking to one of their reps and he said that II & III had been discontinued. I looked at the Sunday Riley website and it didn't show any of the Stimulants- so I don't know whether the company discontinued Stimulant I or is out of stock. I haven't used Bionic or Skin Adrenaline in quite a long while, but Bionic is definitely richer and thicker, whereas Adrenaline is lighter. Since you have combination skin you might prefer Skin Adrenaline. However, I would try to get your hands on samples of both to see which one you prefer, and which one works better for your skin. Have a lovely weekend!

  23. hello again!it is me the same one who asked you in the last post about sunday riley products and thank you very much for such a prompt reply... you are so wonderful.. i bought skin adrenaline plus good genes.. whenever i used skin adrenaline i feel my face is kind of tight, i need to ask you if i will be better of trying the bionic instead or buy juno and add it to my skin? if you tell me juno, do i mix it with the adrenaline or just put it on my face before the adrenaline? thank you for much for the lovely work you do... have a nice time


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