Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sunday Riley Dry Touch Creme to Powder Concealer Review


The quest for a really good concealer has been fraught with considerable disappointment for me in the last few years.  They are either too thick and cakey, too greasy and runny, too powdery and drying, they often crease like crazy, or they simply melt away in no time at all. I want a concealer that is lightweight, doesn't settle into fine lines, is somewhat moisturizing (or at the very least isn't drying), conceals dark circles, and stays put. I haven't found one that does all of these things, or that even comes close to Holy Grail status.

I was delighted to try Sunday Riley's new Dry Touch Creme to Powder Concealer because I have yet to be disappointed by anything that I use from this line. This creamy concealer has a unique creme to powder consistency that gives you enough time to apply and blend it before it dries to a smooth powder finish. It is a very buildable formula that stays put all day once it sets. It has an incredibly comfortable lightweight texture, and I have found that it doesn't settle into any fine lines. It was formulated to cover dark circles, blemishes, and to camouflage redness. While I don't have the need to camouflage redness, or to cover blemishes- I do periodically need to cover dark circles, and this concealer does a brilliant job at that. It also didn't give me the much dreaded raccoon eyes, or look in the least bit unnatural. It is neither drying, nor is it greasy. It isn't too thin or too thick- in fact I think that it has the perfect texture and consistency. It also gives a very nice natural finish, and has a definite brightening effect that I really like. Additionally, it is also water resistant- which in part accounts for its great staying power, and as such it also doubles as an amazing eye primer. I'm actually pretty smitten with Dry Touch Creme to Powder Concealer! It is also PARABEN FREE!

Key Ingredients:
1) Photostable Vitamin C: Supports healthy skin by increasing collagen levels (and improving circulation). It brightens dark circles and decreases hyperpigmentation from UV damage, and helps heal damaged skin (including scars from acne).
2) Beeswax: Soothes and heals irritated skin, and it has a mild antiseptic quality.
3) Mica: Natural mineral that is sheer and reflective which creates a more radiant finish.
4) Nylon 12: Reduces shine, gives a silky & smooth finish, and prevents the product from settling into lines.

How to choose the perfect shade for your skin tone:
Light Skin Tones use: 105 C
Medium Skin Tones use: 125 C
Dark Skin Tones use: 145 C

Light Skin Tones use: 105 W
Medium Skin Tones use: 125 W
Dark Skin Tones use: 145 W
Overall assessment: I'm really loving this concealer!

$28.00 available in 6 shades at Barneys New York


  1. I've never heard of this brand before. Sounds like a nice product.

    1. Hi Courtney, Sunday Riley is a wonderful brand that is exclusive to Barneys and through (though she still isn't offering her makeup line on her website. The company started out with an amazing skincare line, and only launched the makeup line last November. I am a huge fan of Sunday Riley products! I have reviewed the line extensively if you are interested to know more about the products offered. So far I am really loving this concealer.


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