Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Coastal Classic Creations- Coastal Evenings Eyeshadow/Liner Review

Coastal Classic Creations is an environmentally friendly company that makes cruelty-free products that are as lovely as they are safe. Coastal Classic Creations "is committed to the development of cosmetics and personal care products made without any ingredient which is known or which is suspected of causing harm to all forms of life." This company has great integrity, and is very serious about their commitment to the health of the consumer and the environment. I came to know about this fantastic company because my mom, who no longer uses any chemical-laden beauty products,  gave me a lovely selection of their makeup for my birthday (thanks, mom!!).

Coastal Evenings Eyeshadow/Liner is a very deep dark matte black mineral powder shadow/liner that can be used wet or dry. Because it is a loose mineral powder there is a tendency toward fall out when applied dry- so I suggest either a wet or damp brush to avoid the potential mess. This is a tremendously pigmented loose powder- so only the smallest amount is needed to achieve the desired look, and once it sets it provides very long lasting wear.

According to the company, their "eye shadows are created with high purity cosmetic pigments. They are beautiful, unique, custom blended colors. These shadows are highly concentrated, therefore, only a small amount of the product should be used."
The top swatch was applied wet, and the bottom swatch was applied dry. As you can see this is a deeply saturated matte black which makes it perfect as a liner. I am very fond of a strong winged liner, and this little beauty is perfect for that application.

Coastal Classic Creations suggests to use this product in the following way:

To use as a dry shadow: Dip an eye shadow brush into the product, and apply a small amount of the shadow onto your brush. Tap off the excess back into the container and apply onto the eyelid area with eye closed blending around the eyelid area. Add more eye shadow to darken, if desired. Also, blending with a dark and light color, the lighter toward the eyebrow, the darker on the lid can give the eye shadow a more diverse look. To use as a dry eyeliner: Dip an angled eye liner brush into the shadow and bring the color underneath the lid. To use as a wet eyeliner: Do not mix water directly into your product, since you may wish to use your product dry. Place a few drops of water into a tiny bowl. Then, take a detailed liner brush and wet it thoroughly. Pick up one or two granules of the eye shadows from your container and a little more water from the bowl. Using more water than eye shadow, line the rim of the eye with the liner sweeping outward toward the temple for a more dramatic effect.

This product is vegan, gluten free, cruelty free & chemical free. It also has an EWG rating of only 1!

Ingredients: Black Iron Oxide (CI 77499) (Filtered synthetic iron oxide black).

Overall assessment: I really like this a great deal- it makes for one amazingly long wearing dark black matte eyeliner! It is also nice to know that I am using something that is safe and chemical free. Click here for my review of their lovely lipsticks and blushes.

.11 oz $27.00 from www.coastalclassiccreations.com


  1. I have had an extremely negative interaction with Coastal Classic Creations. I purchased three shampoo products from them, all left my hair sticky/tacky/nasty! Their company policy is to remove all negative reviews and not allow returns/refunds. I would avoid Coastal Classic Creations.

    1. Wow, that's horrible!! I am so sorry to hear that! Thank you so much for sharing that. I never dealt with them directly because the only products that I have of theirs were a birthday gift from my mom. I will certainly tell my mom of your horrifying experience. What you have described is unacceptable customer service and censorship!! Their products are not inexpensive either-- one would expect that they would stand behind their products to keep their customers happy!


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