Friday, January 27, 2012


I Really love wedges- I always have and always will. Outside of my penchant for wearing flip-flops my all-time favorite shoe type is without question the wedge. After receiving my Wedge Shoes at Nordstrom email, I wasted no time looking at their recent offerings, and man did I like what I saw!
Chloé Cut Out Wedge Sandal

The Chloé Cut Out Wedge Sandals seriously make my heart go pitter patter, and if I had them you would definitely know it because I would wear them so often that my feet would be tanned with scalloped edges and triangles!
Pedro Garcia 'Tamesis' Velour Sandal

Pedro Garcia's 'Tamesis' Velour Sandals are so cute, and they look very comfortable! I can no longer wear shoes if they aren't very comfortable-- it's just not worth it to me to have sore feet in the name of cute shoes.
Fendi 'Dancing Days' Cork Wedge Sandal

If I could design a super cute strappy cork wedge it would look like the Fendi 'Dancing Days' Cork Wedge Sandal, without question!
Prada Braided Wedge Sandal

I LOVE Prada wedges, and still mourn the pair that got away last year at Barneys' clearance sale. They were a little big so I decided against them, and have regretted it ever since. I do really like these Prada Braided Wedge Sandals, though nothing in reality measures up to my romanticized idealizing of that lost pair (let's just all be clear that I don't even really remember exactly what they looked like)!
Yves Saint Laurent Patent Leather Sandal

Oh la la, do I ever dig on these retro YSL Patent Leather Sandals. These beauties evoke some of the shoe styles à la 1970s disco era at its best! This criss cross strappy wedge with the Famolare inspired wave sole is truly L O V E L Y (though Famolare shoes were never this chic, sophisticated, or attractive)!

Jimmy Choo 'Poplar' Platform Espadrille

I'm loving these Jimmy Choo 'Poplar' Platform Espadrilles, but I am hard on shoes, and therefore don't really trust myself with gleaming patent leather. I could see these on my sister though!

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