Wednesday, January 4, 2012

MAC Amazon Princess Blush Duo from the Wonder Woman Collection- Did You Miss Out? If So...

Believe it or not Bloomingdale's still has some Amazon Princess blush duos in stock (click here to see). I passed on this blush when Wonder Woman launched, but later grabbed one. I LOVE this blush- it is richly pigmented and absolutely gorgeous. I know some people hated the campy packaging, but it's what's inside that counts. At $24.00 for a 0.38 oz. container it's a great deal (that is the size of MAC Beauty Powders- so it is HUGE!). The large side is a bright pink while the smaller side is is a deep burgundy, and they are lovely when blended together or used individually.

Don't be put off by the picture shown on the Bloomingdale's website- they show a stock photo of the Mighty Aphrodite Duo, but rest assured that they are selling Amazon Princess (because I got mine from them online).

Overall assessment:  A great deal for a great blush, and it is much better to pick it up from Bloomingdale's than risk buying a fake on Ebay!

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