Thursday, January 26, 2012

Clare Vivier Pink & Orange Clutch

I am a HUGE sucker for the pairing of bright orange and pink (shocker given the blog color scheme, I know).  This is no new fetish either, I painted my childhood desk BRIGHT orange with magenta accents. So it's safe to say that this juxtaposition of oddly compatible colors has resonated with me my entire life. I love it in clothing, makeup, household accessories, and fashion accessories. I'd be tempted to buy a car with this color scheme too-- can you imagine a magenta Prius with a bright orange interior--but will have to refrain since they aren't (to my knowledge) available! You might look eccentric or über artsy driving it, but I think you could actually get away with it in LA. 

For now I will have to dream of this combination on a smaller scale- so with that in mind, I was delighted when my sister introduced me to Clare Vivier's gorgeous Pink & Orange Foldover Clutch. I love that this is a local Los Angeles company, but her products are widely available (click here for a list of retailers). I want to get my paws on one of her makeup bags in this color combination!!!!!

Clare Vivier also has a very cool blog worth checking out!

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