Thursday, December 8, 2011

Shoe Bling, Anyone? Jimmy Choo's Crystal Mesh Sandals are the Crown Jewels for a Lucky Pair of Feet

When I clicked on my Saks Fifth Avenue email this morning I was greeted by "Jimmy Choo Cruise Collection has Arrived." Being that it's the dead of winter it's hard to fathom warm weather collections. But fashion is a hungry monster never satisfied with the present-- always living in some beautifully accessorized future- and promising its ravenous little fashionistas warm weather Cruise Collections while they are wearing their Jimmy Choo UGG Boots and dreaming of the warmer skin flashing days ahead.

I, myself am neither a fashionista, nor am I personally prone to drool excessively over shoes that are equivalent to a mortgage payment- largely because I would rather live in a house than in a shoe. That is not to say, however, that I do not appreciate the aesthetics of a beautifully made luxurious shoe. As I scrolled through the pages of shoes I saw these beautiful babies that can only be described as Crown Jewels for the feet. Franky, these are such statement shoes I think that wearing anything else would run the risk of being overdressed. What self-respecting fashion fanatic with a shoe fetish wouldn't want to gaze lovingly at these? I suspect that the $2095.00 price tag will deter many admirers from actually buying these Crystal Mesh Sandals, but I would wager a bet that it will become the unsuspecting screen saver in a few fashion magpie's nests.

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